All Meeting Minutes

2008.06.22 - Excom

Sunday June 22, 2008
At the Cal Sailing Club, 6:30 pm

Excomm Members Present:


  • Allan Champion, Commodore
  • Heidi Kearsley, Co-Vice Commodore
  • Carl Caven, Co-1st Vice Commodore
  • Rob Miller, 2nd Vice Commodore
  • Brian Buchanan, Co-3rd Vice Commodore
  • David Fraser, Rear Commodore
  • Peter Kuhn, Treasurer (taking minutes)

Other members present:

  • Matthias Roschke
  • Paul Kamen
  • Aaron Gutierrez
  • Lilly Chavez

Allan called the meeting to order at 6:40 pm

Officer Reports

Allan: I'm putting a new motor mount on Donald. I attended the Berkeley Waterfront Commission meeting last Wednesday and heard from Ann Hardinger, the harbormaster, about the status of the repair for the east dock in the South Sailing Basin. Ann said that the insurance company has agreed, after being contacted by the city attorney, that the repair can go forward without jeopardizing the claim for replacement. The goal now is to have the dock repaired and in service by July 4. I also met the new Waterfront Manager, John Mann, and let him know that if CSC and Cal Adventures are going to continue where they are, we're going to need some dredging to get us out to deep water. Right now there is no timetable for even dredging inside the marina which is apparently sorely needed as well. My hope is that we can keep our desires in front of the Waterfront Commission so that we can piggyback on the dredging that takes place inside the marina.

Heidi: I'm assembling ideas and volunteers for the July 4th Open House rides, which are our biggest event of the year. I've already heard from several members with great ideas and plan to put together a fantastic team to coordinate rides and tasty treats. Parking is going to be a major problem, and we'll need help making sure the skippers can all get in with their gear.

Carl: We have 4 Bahias assembled, and the 5th will be up this coming week. We just had several boats damaged today during the Fast Track, but I expect the skippers will be down right away to make repairs. I appreciate everyone's efforts to make sure the skippers understand what caused the damage, so they don't do it again.

Rob: Thanks to Daniel B. we have a lot more room for sails, so we rigged an additional 7 or 8 sails last week. We had our first waterstart clinic of the year last weekend (thanks Eli!), with two of the three participants were able to waterstart at least once! We also had a Freestyle Clinic with Wyatt Miller last weekend. Wyatt demonstrated in detail, how to Jibe, Tack, Jump and Forward Loop. Thanks Wyatt! Today we had our first Sherman Island Field trip of the year. Matt Harvey organized the dawn patrol trip. Thanks Matt! Five hardy windsurfers showed up at the club at 6:15, loaded a whole bunch of sails and boards into Vice Commodore Heidi's brother Bill's Truck and headed to Sherman for four hours of warm water windsurfing! Much fun was had by all! We have also had a bit of breakage lately, mostly noses, from catapults or slamming into the dock. Windsurfers are reminded that if they do not report the breakage and work the equivalent number of hours it takes someone to repair their damage, they will face the possibility of suspension.

Brian: Pomodoro's almost fixed, thanks to the magic of CSC, and we're $5,204 ahead, thanks to Michael Scalet's handling of the insurance company for the boat owner who hit Pomodoro. I want to fix the cockpits of our Commanders and Ensigns, and clean off/paint the topsides to make them look prettier for our riders.

Port Captain's report (by email from Michael): We have three new dayleaders for the summer. Nancy Perez, Lilly Chavez, and Kris Li. Please make them feel welcome and assist them as much as you can as they learn the ropes. Thanks to all the Volunteer Dayleaders, Havala, Karl, Jim P., David H., Vi, Tom T., Onur, Pinar, Peter K., Craig, and the rest that have helped keep the club open through out finals and into June. The dayleaders have reported we have have many sailors, whether they sit or stand, who fail to sign out equipment. There has also been a rash of folks failing to put their equipment away properly. Don't forget if you break something, write it in the log and report it to the proper excomm member.

Peter: here's my report:

Treasurer’s Report

We have $16,714 in the main accounts, up $10,174 from 6/8/08 when we had $6,541. We also have $500 in the CSC Xtras account.

Income in the last two weeks
Regular memberships $5,635.00
insurance settlement for Pomodoro (thanks Michael Scalet!) $5,204.00
Windsurf Locker memberships $280.00
UC workstudy reimbursement $158.00
BBQ donations 6/15/08 $107.00
wetsuit $100.00
booklets, escrip credit card rebate $15.00
Total $11,499.00
Expenses in the last two weeks
insurance--workers comp premium for 3 months $505.00
Clubhouse: portapottie service $146.00
more Sr keys (get that rating!) $143.00
Payroll processing, employer taxes $140.00
credit card fees $137.00
OH BBQ 6/15--part of food for BBQ (thanks Pinar!) $127.00
stamps for Treasurer $84.00
gas for skiff $43.00
Total $1,325.00



  • Approval of Expenditures
  • Purchase Windsurf Masts and Booms
  • Sale of Capri 14.2 Dinghy Sailboat and Excess Dinghy Dollies

Peter moved to accept all of the expenditures in the Treasurer's reports for the 6/8 meeting (already posted as minutes) and for this meeting (already distributed to ExComm members by email), Carl seconded, approved unanimously.

Rob moved to spend $12,130 on windsurf gear, consisting of 10 all carbon skinny masts and 10 windsurf boards. Peter said that we have plenty of money coming in because of record numbers of members, Rob said the gear is critically needed to meet the demand from all the windsurfing members. Carl seconded, approved unanimously.

Peter moved to sell the Capri 14.2 dinghy sailboat and its road trailer and our unneeded dinghy dollies, of which we have at least 3, Rob seconded, approved by vote of 5 in favor, Carl voting against so it wouldn't be unanimous.

Allan moved to adjourn, Carl seconded, passed unanimously, meeting adjourned at 7:20 pm.