All Meeting Minutes

2008.07.20 - Excom

Sunday July 20, 2008
At the Cal Sailing Club, 6:30 pm

Excomm Members Present:


  • Heidi Kearsley, Co-Vice Commodore
  • Rob Miller, 2nd Vice Commodore (running meeting)
  • Michael Scalet, Port Captain
  • David Fraser, Co-Rear Commodore
  • Mike Luo, Co-Rear Commodore
  • Jennifer Kroon, Secretary
  • Peter Kuhn, Treasurer (taking minutes)

Other members present:

  • Sam Seder
  • Lilly Chavez
  • Adriana, Antonia, and Fito Vera
  • Boswell, Dog of Mystery

Rob called the meeting to order at 6:42 pm

Officer Reports

Rob: An action packed couple of weeks for Windsurfing at CSC since the last report.

NEW BOARDS! - We received 10 new boards. Thanks to Isabelle Fortier, John Mankey, Mike Uchima and Peter Kuhn for getting the boards ready for sailing! Come down to the club and try one out!

Saturday morning lessons are continuing to happen. Thanks to all the people that have been making it happen, including Barbara Kochan, Mike Uchima, Peter Kuhn, Andreas Nguyen, Ardaan Locht, Javier Arce and anyone I may have forgotten! If you haven't taught lately, come on down and lend a hand. Teaching windsurfing will help you solidify your skills while you help new members learn the funnest sport around!

We had a great board repair class by Ricardo Custodio and Roberto Gastelumendi yesterday. Look for a detailed web page soon with step-by-step instructions. Thanks Ricardo and Roberto! The seminar was followed by a fantastic BBQ! Also, see:

Congratulations to Sofien Seheri! Sofien placed second in the Masters Class (older than 35) at the Gorge Freestyle Frenzy. Additionally, in the finals, Sofien broke his board and won the SH*T Happens Award.

On a Sad Note: Long time member and former 2nd Vice Commodore Isabelle Fortier is leaving the Bay Area for Quebec City. Bye Isabelle!

Treasurer’s Report for 7/20/08 meeting

We have $11,886 in the main accounts, up $1,013 from 7/6/08 when we had $10,873. We also have $153 in the CSC Xtras account after paying $378 for 2 wetsuits and 1 pr hike pants to be sold to members.

Income in the last two weeks
Regular memberships $7,612.00
UC workstudy reimbursement for dayleader wages $1,777.00
sale of Capri 14.2 $1,400.00
wetsuit sale $100.00
booklets, escrip credit card rebate $42.00
Total $10,931.00
Expenses in the last two weeks
windsurfing--10 Fanatic boards, particle masks, spray paint, silicone sealant, paint sticks $8,045.00
DMV registration for 4 Bahias and green Lazer (will get refund for excess fees paid) $500.00
dinghies--Bahia anchor bag supplies & autorelease cleats, aluminum tubing for H146 diamond spreaders $438.00
keelboats--used jib, ply for bulkhead, spreader tips, thruhull hose clamps, motor gas tank cap $327.00
Clubhouse: DSL service, credit card processing fee, sunscreen, wetsuit glue $216.00
gas for skiff, gas can caps, rubrail caps $196.00
OH BBQ July 4th--ice and propane $63.00
dayleaders--payroll processing fee $44.00
Sat am teachers snax 6/28 $39.00
tools--rope cutter blades, drills $39.00
credit card fee $10.00
Total $9,917.00

Senior Projects

Peter moved to approve the following members' Senior Projects, Heidi seconded:

  • Mike Luo, organize Intensive Keelboat 4 day Clinic
  • Mark O'Brien, repairs on the windsurfing lockers, give open house rides and teach sailing
  • Jackie Philpotts, guide for Hunter 146
  • Joshua Leihe, rewrite Jr. Skipper written test

all passed unanimously


David moved as follows, and Rob seconded:

  • Spend $377 for spare Hunter 146 mast extrusion
  • Spend $800 on two 4.7 windsurf sails from Sofien
  • Give spare dinghy dollies, previously used for Lidos, to Cal Adventures,rather than selling them (motion in 7/6/08 meeting)
  • General membership meeting agenda: no speeches at the meeting, or items to vote on, officer reports to be posted in writing at club and electronically at club website
  • Consent to appointment of Bill Harness as BBQ chair

all passed unanimously

Michael moved to adjourn, and Jennifer seconded, passed unanimously.

Meeting adjourned 6:48 pm.