All Meeting Minutes

2008.08.17 - Excom

Sunday August 17, 2008
ExComm Meeting after General Membership Meeting, CSC Clubhouse 1:30 pm

Excomm Members Present:


  • Heidi Kearsley, Vice Commodore
  • Rob Miller, Co-Second Vice Commodore (running meeting)
  • Brian Buchanan, Co-Third Vice Commodore
  • Michael Scalet, Port Captain
  • Jennifer Kroon, Secretary
  • Peter Kuhn, Treasurer (taking minutes)

Rob called the meeting to order at 1:30 pm

Officer Reports

Treasurer’s Report for 8/17/08 ExComm meeting

We have $15,966 in the main accounts, up $4,079 from 7/20/08 when we had $11,886. We also have $153 in the CSC Xtras account.

Income in the last four weeks
Regular memberships $12,408.00
DBW grant reimbursement--National Safe Boating Week $1,940.00
donations--Garcia Associates, John McBride, Chi Dang, escrip $458.00
Open House BBQ donations 7/27 and 8/10 $310.00
booklets, wetsuit $102.00
Total $15,218.00
Expenses in the last four weeks
dayleaders $3,480.00
windsurfing--3 used sails, sail repair, fiberglass repair supplies $1,611.00
Clubhouse: garbage, portapottie ( 2 months), credit card processing fee, DSL service, PFDs, 1st aid supplies $1,070.00
keelboats--radio, portapottie, spinny pole, paddles, hatch dogs, flashlight, scrub brushes, sail repairs $897.00
dinghies--spare H146 mast, line, shackles, bolts, cleats $843.00
Teaching expenses and Activities: Sat am teachers snax, windsurf board repair clinic food, windsurf clinic pizza, teachers clinic pizza, flip chart for Adv Dinghy clinic, food for 2 bottom paint parties, pizza for 6/27 windsurf clinic $768.00
property taxes on boats, possessory interest $760.00
OH BBQ 7/27 and 8/10 $556.00
Lease $462.00
Cal Copy--green cards, white cards (9/07 & 3/08) $337.00
gas for skiff, motor parts, painting supplies for skiff $320.00
tools--grinder and cable snips $35.00
Total $11,139.00

Senior Projects

Jared Brockway, Keelboat Cleanup and Stowage Cards

Heidi Kearsley, CSC 2009 Calendar

Mike Kelley, Advanced Fast Track

Joshua Leihe, new Jr. Skipper Test

Jill Marshall, Women's Sailing Clinic

Nando Oberle, Windsurf sail rack re-roofing

Seamus Vanecko, revision of Intro Sailing Handbook

Peter moved to approve all of the Sr projects, Rob seconded, passed unanimously

Agenda Items

Approval of Expenditures: Peter moved to approve all of the expenditures listed in the Treasurer's report, Heidi seconded, passed unanimously.

Laser Donation: Peter moved to accept a damaged Laser, to be repaired by Jamie Lubell, at no cost to the club, Heidi seconded, passed 5 to 1 (Michael against)

Donate Bytes to Cal Adventures: Peter moved to donate CSC's Bytes, which have sat unused for almost every day of the last two years, to Cal Adventures, which has smaller sailors, Jennifer seconded, passed unanimously.

Rob moved to adjourn, Heidi seconded, passed unanimously, meeting adjourned at 1:32 pm.