All Meeting Minutes

2008.08.17 - General

Sunday August 17, 2008
At the Cal Sailing Club, 1 pm

Excomm Members Present

  • Heidi Kearsley, Vice-Commodore
  • Rob Miller, 2nd Vice
  • Brian Buchanan, Co-3rd Vice
  • Michael Scalet, Port Captain
  • Jennifer Kroon, Secretary
  • Peter Kuhn, Treasurer

The Treasurer (acting on behalf of the Vice-Commodore) brought the meeting to order at 1pm and declared the official part of the meeting adjourned since there was no official business to conduct, and because the officers' reports were already presented in written form. Pizza, salad, and dessert were served.

Officer Reports (written)

The following Officer Reports were prepared in advance of the meeting for members who wished to read them. They were posted on the Official bulletin board in the clubhouse, on the Cal Sailing Announce list, and on the club website.

Allan Champion (Commodore)

I dare say our club has never been stronger and the last 3 months have been incredible. We gave rides to loads of kids in our youth programs. Thanks to Humberto Reyes for organizing, and to all the skippers and crew for taking the kids out, everyone has had a great time. We’ve also given an enormous number of rides at our Open Houses, including over 400 at the July 4th event alone. Thanks to all the skippers, helpers, and BBQ’ers for serving up treats. We gave and got tons of sailing and windsurfing lessons, including three fantastic Fast Tracks, and a whole lot of people got their ratings. Big thanks to all the teachers and organizers. It's been a great summer so far, and there's still more to come.

PS The East Dock is now in place and useable!

Heidi Kearsley (Vice Commodore)

This club rocks! Without spending a cent on advertising, our membership levels are way up compared to previous years. It's all because of word of mouth, our great website, our free ads on craigslist, those little flyers, and the incredible effort people are putting in to making this a great club with lots of fantastic equipment, great teachers, friendly faces, and tasty treats at our parties. This is truly a great place, and I want to thank everyone for all the effort they've put in to making it that way.

Carl Caven and Auric Horneman (co-1st Vice Commodores)

Our dinghy fleet has undergone an exciting change: in one word, Bahias. People tell us that these boats have come into the fleet with less problems and more user enthusiasm than any other new boat that the club has acquired. While we're still on the learning curve, it's a great boat and we think it's working out great for the club. And our other boats -- 6 JY's, 2 P15's, 2 Hunter 146's, and 4 Lasers-- are doing just fine. We've gotten through most of the summer with fewer "Do Not Sail" signs than have been seen at the club in any past summer. We want to shout out big thanks to a whole lot of very skillful folks who've helped out in the yard, and made our dinghy fleet so successful this summer. Also, anyone who wants to help with our fleets email us at

Rob Miller and Clayton Seward (co-2nd Vice Commodores)

Thanks to our windsurfing instructors who come out and do such a great job teaching our new members (or old members that want to try stand-up sailing!). Thanks to all the people who have spent hours keeping our gear in top notch shape. Thanks to all the senior rated windsurfers that have continued to step up and give seminars, ad hoc lessons and tests to novices and juniors (even when you really wanted to get on the water!).

CSC's windsurfing program continues to plane faster and faster, thanks to fantastic new equipment and a growing cadre of devoted teachers. We've got new boards, new sails, new masts, and new members who are excited about using this new equipment. Every Saturday, we get new teachers assisting our regular teachers, and going out on the water with our new members to help them learn to windsurf. We've had great seminars and clinics, including rigging and waterstarting and Junior Fasttracks and board and sail repairs, and we've seen a fantastic increase in the number of people rated at all levels to take out our great new equipment.

Edward Anelli and Brian Buchanan (co-3rd Vice Commodores)

Five keelboats sail, and that's a major accomplishment. Pomodoro was T-boned in April, but is back on its feet, and our Commanders and Ensigns continue to serve faithfully. We want to thank every one of the very skillful and devoted group of club members who have spent hours fixing them up and making sure they are safe to use in our lessons, rides, and recreational programs.

David Fraser and Mai Luo (co-Rear Commodores)

Rear Commodores’ report Summer 2008 by David Fraser

First I want to welcome my co-Rear Commodore, Mr. Mai Luo. His given name is Mai, pronounced “my”. You can call him Mai, or Mr. Rear Commodore. Mai has been very helpful in galvanizing the teaching program and I’m grateful to him for sharing the workload. Education is the Cal Sailing Club’s main goal and every one of you who has helped others learn deserves our best thanks.

The club’s spirit of volunteerism is readily seen in the teaching program. Many members at all levels come down to help CSCers advance from unrated to Junior and from Junior on the way to Senior. From the simulators to the waterstarts, the windsurfing program has been a model of generous efforts by experienced hands, and they have trained hundreds of newbies this year. Thanks to everyone who has donated their time and expertise.

Sailors have been equally fortunate. Kudos to the Monday and Thursday instructors who keep us going! The Saturday dinghy lessons have been remarkably consistent thanks to the many instructors who come down when they could be sleeping or mowing their lawn. I especially want to thank Todd Price, who has faithfully showed up Saturday after Saturday wearing his Greek fisherman’s lead instructor cap to keep students engaged on the water and off. Todd and his fellow teachers have made it possible for the dinghy program to serve our growing membership.

I’m very grateful to Humberto Reyes, who has not only taught numerous weekday lessons but has also been the pivot in 2008 of our youth outreach program, which serves scores of youngsters every year who otherwise would probaby never sail. It’s a tough job corralling Seniors and Cruising skippers for weekday rides and Humberto has worked very hard to keep this program going. Thanks also to the keelboat skippers and crew who have given up their time (perhaps without their boss knowing?) during the week to handle this crucial component of the club. It is a major part of why we continue to keep our nonprofit status and reputation for helping kids who are disadvantaged or at risk.

Wednesday night keelboat lessons continue to prove popular thanks to the teaching skills of many top skippers, including Michael Faw, Caryl Woulfe, Scott McLean, Sheldon Coad, and several other dedicated folks.

We’ve also offered a number of Fast Tracks to speed students around the learning curve. Humberto Reyes got things rolling with one in May and several new Juniors emerged from it. Matthias Roschke organized a novel weekend Fast Track in June to accommodate students who can’t make it during the week. Gautam Patil created an Advanced Dinghy Fast Track in July for advanced Juniors and Senior Wannabes (thanks also to Geoff!) And the Rear Commodore Ministry's own Mai Luo was down at the club every day last week recruiting Seniors to join his four-day Keelboat Fast Track starting August 4. We already have a full house of eight advanced students, and a distinguished crew of instructors: thanks in advance!

Caryl Woulfe, the Women’s Sailing chair, and Jill Marshall have kickstarted the women’s sailing program despite much noise on the email list: thanks!

If anyone would like to organize an August dinghy Fast Track for pre-Juniors, please get in touch with David and Mai right away.

Thanks also to all the people who have offered afternoon clinics to our members, from boat safety week to motor clinic to Alistair Boettiger’s superb medical clinic. Several of our top sailors shared their expertise at Paul Herzmark’s house in an intense Senior Study Group this past winter. And to all who helped or will help the teaching program this season, many thanks!

Happy Sailing!

Michael Scalet, Port Captain

We've been lucky to have a great group of student dayleaders, who are enthusiastic about the club, and have done a fantastic job of keeping the club running smoothly. I also want to thank all the volunteer dayleaders, and everyone who's helped out our regular student dayleaders, for helping keep the club open for Novice and Junior sailing and windsurfing.

Jennifer Kroon, Secretary

I'd like to offer big thanks to the person who's done the most for communications at the club: our webmaster, Bill Moseley, who' s put in countless hours creating and maintaining the website that brings in most of our new members, and to the many members who've contributed new content to the website. I'd also like to thank the folks at Cal Boating, for supporting our club with grants for new equipment and safety week activities. And last but not least, I would like to thank Sam Hussein, Dave Cary, Saul Schumsky, and Peter Kuhn and everyone who helped for helping make our National Safe Boating weekend fabulous!

Peter Kuhn, Treasurer

I want to thank everyone for going sailing and windsurfing. If anyone's tired and needs a nap, the Statement of Financial Condition appears below.

Statement of Financial Condition August 1 2008

As of July 31st we had $13,710 in the bank, down $32,039 from May 1st when we had $45,749, and our property is worth about $212,000 (depreciated book value).

In the three months May-Jun-July, we collected:

regular memberships $37,879.00
locker memberships $7,700.00
Pomodoro accident insurance payment $5,204.00
UC workstudy reimbursement $4,376.00
Donations, wetsuit sales, escrip, interest, etc. $2,648.00
DBW reimbursement National Safe Boating Week $1,940.00
sale of Catalina Capri 14.2 $1,400.00
Open House BBQ donations $487.00
YRA memberships $100.00
Total $61,734.00

And in the same three months we spent:

dinghies--5 new Bahias, 2 Hansen Laser sails, JY6 trapezes $55,019.00
windsurfers--12 boards, 2 sails, 10 masts, fiberglass repair supplies, paint, etc. $15,215.00
dayleader wages, payroll processing $6,638.00
keelboats--Commander engine mount and paint supplies, Ensign parts, sail repairs, used jibs, motor parts $2,677.00
clubhouse: sail locker materials, windsurf sail awning pipe, garbage DSL and portapotty service, keys, BBQ parts $2,171.00
food and propane, etc. for 5 Open House BBQ's $2,014.00
Insurance--workers comp, add Bahias to liability $1,619.00
Safety equipment--new PFDs, sunscreen, 1st aid $1,576.00
pizza and snax for Fasttracks, clinics, parties, Sat am's $1,420.00
skiff & engines: engine parts, skiff bottom prep, skiff parts and paint, gas $1,390.00
lease fees (3 months) $1,386.00
DMV reg fees Bahias, property tax boats and possessory interest $1,360.00
General Membership Meeting 5/23/08 $526.00
credit card processing, bank charges $517.00
tools--drill, respirators, rope cutter blades, markers $244.00
Total $93,772.00

Big thanks to everyone who worked hard for the club!