All Meeting Minutes

2008.09.28 - Excom

Sunday September 28, 2008
At the Cal Sailing Club, 6:30 pm

Excomm Members Present:


  • Heidi Kearsley, Vice Commodore
  • Rob Miller, co-2nd Vice Commodore
  • Edward Anelli, co-3rd Vice Commodore
  • Brian Buchanan, co-3rd Vice Commodore
  • Michael Scalet, Port Captain
  • Jennifer Kroon, Secretary
  • Peter Kuhn, Treasurer

Other members present:

  • Doug Taylor
  • Alistair Boettinger
  • Mark Yampanis
  • Meredith Robert

3rd Vice Commodore’s Report

5 boats float, 4 sail

Treasurer’s Report

We have $20,901 in the main accounts, up $1,127 from 9/14/08 when we had $19,774. We also have $153 in the CSC Xtras account.

Income in the last two weeks
Regular memberships $4,660.00
Open House BBQ donations 9/21/08 $50.00
yellow brick mall (thanks Sierra!) $ 6.00
Total $4,716.00
Expenses in the last two weeks
engines-skiff engine flywheel and propellers, keelboat engine service parts $834.00
windsurf--Chinook 15 universals, 15 skinny mast shims, 2 skinny mast extension, 4 sail repair tape $722.00
keelboats--hull bottom cleaning 8/28, winch repair stuff (thanks Sheldon!), Commander main and jib repair $695.00
OH BBQ 9/21/08 $286.00
dinghies--H146 hiking strap parts (thanks Jason D!) and spreader tubes, JY boom ends, letters for Bahia hull, duck tape, carabiners, sunbrella, JY jib repair $223.00
gasoline $183.00
pizza ice for party 9/13/08 $180.00
sunscreen, J dock keys $175.00
porta potty service Aug $146.00
teaching expenses--snax Sat am (thanks Todd!) $134.00
tools--dremel bit $13.00
Total $3,591.00


Peter moved to approve the following Senior projects.

  • Scott Earnest: fix rescue skiff hull fiberglass damage from close encounter with the rocks.
  • Ali Parsa: build model boat for Nature Center sailing classes.

Michael seconded. Passed unanimously.

Michael moved to allow Carl Caven and Alistair Boettinger to sail dinghies in the Senior Dinghy Area. Jennifer seconded. Passed unanimously

Doug Taylor asked to use the club's JY's and a skiff on 3 Sunday afternoons (10/5, 10/12, 10/19 1 - 5 pm) for a youth racing program to be co-sponsored with Cal Adventures. Peter moved to approve the use of the club's boats and to offer discounted youth memberships (with parental approval and waivers, etc.) to any of the youth skippers who agree to help teach lessons. Jennifer seconded, passed unanimously.

Peter moved to approve all the expenditures listed in the Treasurer's report. Rob seconded. Passed unanimously.

Jennifer moved to spend up to $10,000 on keelboats--sails, bottom jobs, rigging, and other major maintenance. Edward seconded. Rob said he thinks we should spend money on keelboats. Passed unanimously.

Jennifer moved to adjourn. Michael seconded. Passed unanimously. Meeting adjourned 6:52 pm.