All Meeting Minutes

2008.11.16 - General

Sunday November 16, 2008
at the Berkeley Yacht Club, 6:30 pm

Excomm Members Present

  • Allan Champion, Commodore
  • Heidi Kearsley, Vice-Commodore
  • Auric Hornemann, Co-1st Vice
  • Carl Caven, Co-1st Vice
  • Rob Miller, 2nd Vice
  • Brian Buchanan, Co-3rd Vice
  • David Fraser, Co-Rear Commodore
  • Mai Luo, Co-Rear Commodore
  • Jennifer Kroon, Secretary
  • Peter Kuhn, Treasurer

Members in attendance: There were 57 members at the meeting, well in excess of the required quorum of 10% of the current membership, which is 517 according to the membership database.

The Commodore started the meeting at 6:30 pm. Copies of the officers' written reports (reproduced below) and a copy of the motion before the membership were already on the tables for members to read.


The Commodore read off the following candidates:

Candidates for Excomm

  • Allan Champion, Commodore
  • Heidi Kearsley, Vice-Commodore
  • Auric Hornemann, Co-1st Vice
  • Peter Kuhn, Co-1st Vice
  • Rob Miller, 2nd Vice
  • Edward Anelli, Co-3rd Vice
  • Brian Buchanan, Co-3rd Vice
  • David Fraser, Rear Commodore
  • Jennifer Kroon, Secretary
  • Carl Caven, Treasurer

The Commodore asked if there were any other candidates. There were none.

The candidates listed above were elected, 44 votes in favor, none against.

Motion to Raise Dues

The Commodore read off the following motion:

Effective March 1, 2009, regular quarterly membership dues shall be increased from the current $60 per quarter ($55 for students and senior citizens)to $69 per quarter ($65 for students and senior citizens).

The Commodore called for discussion.

Matthias Roschke asked why $69.

Peter Kuhn answered because $L7 doesn't work.

Michael Stolowitz asked if current annual memberships would be billed for an increase in cost.

Allan Champion replied that the motion does not affect annual memberships.

Mitsuhiro Ozaki said he doesn't like 69 because dayleaders have no change.

Allan said new members signing up at the clubhouse could donate the difference if they don't want to bring exact payment.

Paul Kamen said the club should keep the $10 student discount that existed when he joined

Allan asked if anyone else had a comment, then called on Peter Kuhn for his second comment.

Peter Kuhn said Cal Adventures offers UC students a better deal than CSC does, and CSC shouldn't try to compete.

The Commodore called the vote. The motion passed 37 votes in favor, 3 against, and 1 abstention.

Peter Kuhn moved to adjourn. Rob Miller seconded. The motion to adjourn passed unanimously and the meeting was adjourned at 6:40 pm. Allan led a round of cheering for the kitchen crew, and rounded up a cleanup crew in less than 2 minutes.

Officers' Reports

Allan Champion (Commodore)

The second half of summer 2008 was at least as good as the first half, if not better. I want to thank the record numbers of members who decided to come back again and again to sail, windsurf, and teach other members at the club. Our free sailboat ride programs went fantastically well, thanks to all the skippers, helpers, and BBQ’ers who made all of these events great fun for everyone.

Our sailing and windsurfing lessons were stronger than ever, and a whole lot of people got their ratings. Big thanks to all the teachers and organizers. It was one of the best summers ever at the club, and we will continue the fun through fall and winter.

Heidi Kearsley (Vice Commodore)

Our membership levels continue to set records, with over 900 members at summer’s end. I want to thank everyone for making this a great club with lots of fantastic equipment, great teachers, friendly faces, and tasty treats at our parties.

We will continue to have great parties, fun events, and informative seminars right through fall and winter.

Carl Caven and Auric Horneman (co-1st Vice Commodores)

Our dinghy fleet has been a star performer these last three months, with nearly every boat in the yard continuously available.

We’ve made many successful modifications to the Bahias, and they are working very well for our teaching and general sailing programs. We’ve been pleased to see that they are immensely popular, and that so many members are seeking an advanced rating so they can use the gennaker.

The JY15’s remain popular with many members, while the P15’s and Hunter 146’s are still in service, pending our getting a grant to replace them. We encourage anyone who wants to help with our fleets email us at

Rob Miller (2nd Vice Commodore)

Thanks to a great bunch of people who made the windsurfing program funner than ever. The lesson programs went great, with amazingly great conditions on Saturday mornings. And there were so many afternoons when everyone agreed it was the best day ever, only to agree the next day that that was the best day ever. I think part of the reason was the great equipment this summer—the club had a better quiver of sails and boards than we’ve ever had before. As fall and winter approach, we’re restocking the equipment shelves in preparation for another fantastic season to come.

There’s still lots of warm days to learn to windsurf, and some storm days in store when experts will be planing on small equipment again, but mostly we’ll be spending more time fixing some equipment, tossing older equipment, and getting more of the equipment that made this summer so great for all the windsurfers in the club.

Edward Anelli and Brian Buchanan (co-3rd Vice Commodores)

Five keelboats float, and four sail, and we expect to have six sailing soon! We want to thank every one of the very skillful and devoted group of club members who have spent hours fixing up our keelboats, teaching lessons (especially the Wednesday night crew), and taking people out for free sailboat rides! We’re hoping to expand our fleet very soon, with another keelboat in another free berth provided by the City in return for our community service.

David Fraser and Mai Luo, co-Rear Commodores

We had a great summer season with plenty of teaching and learning opportunities. The windsurfing program continued to train hordes of eager new board aficionados. Our dedicated dinghy teachers came down on Saturdays in big numbers, and also on Mondays and Thursdays (in not so big numbers, but all efforts are appreciated). Seniors gave plenty of keelboat lessons and Cruisers turned their voyages into learning experiences whenever possible. We had a record number of fast tracks over the season, at both the Junior and Senior level; a big thanks to all organizers and teachers! A number of volunteers worked hard to identify and contact more potential teachers from the ranks of Junior Skippers; we will be creating a telephone tree to make it easier to recruit teachers. As ever, Todd Price, our Saturday Dinghy Instruction Coordinator, deserves gratitude from the entire club for getting up Saturday morning after Saturday morning to get the boats in the water and the students aboard. Todd’s dedication has kept the heart of the teaching program afloat, and we thank him. He’ll be winding up his duties shortly to pursue his Senior rating, so we’ll be looking for volunteers to fill his shoes on Saturdays (no, he keeps the Greek fisherman’s cap). And David is ready for a break after a year as Rear Commodore. He wants to thank all those who made his job easier, especially his co-Rear Commodore for the past six months, Mr. Mai Luo. David is grateful to his supportive colleagues on ExComm and the wonderful members who time and again stepped forward to teach. (Mai and super-instructor Aaron Gutierrez plan to run for the Rear Commodore position as a team).

Michael Scalet, Port Captain

We've been lucky to have a great group of student dayleaders, who are enthusiastic about the club, and have done a fantastic job of keeping the club running smoothly. I also want to thank all the volunteer dayleaders, and everyone who's helped out our regular student dayleaders, for helping keep the club open for Novice and Junior sailing and windsurfing.

Jennifer Kroon, Secretary

I'd like to offer big thanks to the person who's done the most for communications at the club: our webmaster, Bill Moseley, who's put in countless hours creating and maintaining the website that brings in most of our new members, and to the many members who've contributed new content to the website. I'd also like to thank the folks at Cal Boating, for supporting our club with grants for new equipment and safety week activities.

Peter Kuhn, Treasurer

I want to thank everyone for going sailing and windsurfing. If anyone's tired and needs a nap, the Statement of Financial Condition appears below.

Statement of Financial Condition November 1 2008

As of October 31st we had $35,700 in the bank, up $21,990 from Aug 1st when we had $13,710, and our property is worth about $239,000.

In the three months Aug-Sept-Oct, we collected:
Regular memberships $31,174.00
DBW reimbursement equipment grant (part of 2 Bahias) $15,000.00
UC workstudy reimbursement $5,268.73
wetsuit sales $1,548.00
locker memberships $785.00
Donations, escrip, interest, etc. $780.03
OH BBQ donations $663.00
Total $55,218.76
And in the same three months we spent:
Dayleader wages payroll processing (web) $11,900.18
wetsuits for club and for sale to members $3,105.00
keelboats--50% deposit on 2 Commander mains and jibs, paint supplies, hull cleaning, portapotty, spinny pole tubing, windexes, sail repairs, engine parts for tuneups $3,004.81
windsurfers--7 sails, 15 universals, line, paint $2,604.53
pizza and snax for Fasttracks, clinics, parties, Sat am's $2,116.62
clubhouse: windsurf sail rack roofing, fridge, computer printer, garbage, DSL and portapotty service $1,949.71
skiff & engines: engine parts, skiff bottom prep, skiff parts and paint, gas $1,813.45
lease fees ( 3 mos at 462/mo) $1,386.00
food and propane, etc. for 5 Open House BBQ's $1,358.53
dinghies--blocks, shroud adjusters, shackles, line, vinyl letters, masthead floats, etc. $1,232.54
Insurance--workers comp, add 1 Bahia to liability $683.00
credit card processing, bank charges $654.01
General Membership Meeting 8/17/08, BYC rental for 11/16/08 $583.82
tools--grinder, cable snipper, rope cutter, knives, carbide burr for Dremel $171.80
property tax boats and possessory interest $149.27
Safety equipment--sunscreen, 1st aid $130.11
Total $32,843.38

All three months have set records for memberships.Big thanks to everyone who worked hard for the club!