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ExComm 2013-03-03

 13-03-13 ExComm Meeting

In the clubhouse, 5:30pm
Executive Committee members present
: Jennifer Kroon (Commodore), Seamus Vanecko (first Vice-Commodore) Rob Miller (Second Vice-Commodore), Sophie Horiuchi and Michael Moore (co-Port Captains), Peter Kuhn (Treasurer), and Stephanie Evans (Secretary).

Officer reports:

Treasurer’s Report:

We have $35,282 in the bank, down $3,962 from last report 1/20/13 when we had $39,245.
Income 1/21/13 - 3/3/13

Regular memberships $6,828.00
Donations (all in memory of Todd Price) $150.00
Total: $6,978.00
Spending 1/21/13 - 3/3/13
Dayleaders--wages, taxes, payroll processing $3,592.72
Insurance--liability 1/14 - 4/14/13, workers' comp premium $2,667.00
Rent--license rent and capital fund contribution $1,345.16
Clubhouse and Yard--materials for dumpster enclosure, DSL service, cores for padlocks, propane for torch, windsurf minisail hooks for rack, spray paint, cutter, screws, caulk, spackle, plywood for kitchen cabinet shelves, antenna for kitchen radio, dump fees for yard crap, garbage service, UPS for webcams, metal cabinet for gas storage, tire disposal fee, hasp, roller pan $1,315.23
Activities-- food for OH 2/3/13, band for GMM 2/21/13, Sat lesson food 4 Sats 1/4 - 2/23, food for dayleader training 1/17/13, workparty 1/19/13 $1,008.41
Keelboats--wiring supplies, padlock, brushes, cleat, fasteners, paint roller, sail repair $361.51
Dinghies--bumpers, slot gasket, CF numbers, gorilla tape, sikaflex, $237.52
Bank--credit card processing fees, bank fee $161.18
Skiffs--fuel, engine and skiff parts $144.08
Windsurfing--battens for minisails $68.59
DMV replace stickers, trailer plate $39.00

Port Captains: We’ve hired another new Dayleader, bringing us up to 4 new Dayleaders.

Secretary: Discount at Mountain Hardwear is underway through April 8. Members received a letter via email earlier in the week.

Second Vice: Rob will be sending out an announcement that it is not okay to store your personal windsurf equipment in the Board Hospital.  Boards left in the Board Hospital without permission and for an extended time will be assumed to be donations.


1.  Peter Kuhn (PK) moved to approve the expenditures listed in the treasurer’s report; Rob Miller (RM) seconded (2nd); Unanimously Approved (UA).

2. Jennifer Kroon (JK) moved to spend $1,700 to repair Casey Nutt’s boat and buy him new red fenders to prevent future collisions with his keelboat in the Marina; PK 2nded; UA.

3. PK moved to spend up to $1,000 on motor repair and maintenance; Michael Moore (MM) 2nded; UA.

4. PK moved that, if our insurance carrier requires it, we require swim tests and liability waivers from members; RM 2nded; UA. We are working to get an accurate Emergency Contact database on our website.

5. Stephanie Evans (SE) moved to spend $4,500 for a deposit on an RS Venture, as an advance on next year’s budget; JK 2nded; UA.

6. Seamus Vanecko (SV) moved to spend $5,000 on a used Bahia; PK 2nded; UA.

7. RM moved to approve that we start spending funds as soon as our Department of Boating and Waterways (DBW) grant comes in; PK 2nded; UA.

8. Mark Yampanis (Rating Committee chair) wanted to bring 2 recent issues to ExComm’s attention:

1. While Dinghy Seniors may not require a 10 hr project, Dinghy Senior candidates need to be approved by ExComm before they take their senior written test and should intend to be in area in the near future (not leaving within 2 months).

2. There is no Cruising Dinghy rating; members must have their full Keelboat Senior before taking their cruising written test.

5. PK moved to adjourn the meeting; JK 2nded; UA.

Meeting adjourned at 5:45pm.