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ExComm 2013-05-05

13-05-05 ExComm Meeting
On the steps in front of the clubhouse, 6:30pm
Executive Committee members present
: Jennifer Kroon (Commodore), Heidi Kearsley (Vice Commodore), Seamus Vanecko (first Vice-Commodore), Rob Miller (Second Vice-Commodore), Kevin Rendueles (Third Vice Commodore), Yves Parent (Rear Commodore), Sophie Horiuchi and Michael Moore (co-Port Captains), Peter Kuhn (Treasurer), and Stephanie Evans (Secretary).

Officer reports:

Treasurer’s Report (and annual budget):

We have $33,423 in the bank, down $2,692 from last meeting 4/7 when we had $36,116.
Income 4/7 - 5/5/13
Regular memberships $17,742.72
Windsurf locker memberships $6,468.00
UC Workstudy reimbursements $1,202.37
credit card rewards $246.03
Donations $3.47
Total: $25,662.59
Spending 4/7 - 5/5/13
Dinghies--RS Venture after previous $4500 deposit, RS500 less $6000 loans from members, Bahia and RS500 masts, 4 bow bumpers, P15 and trailer parts for sale, G/flex epoxy kit, fasteners, shackle, 5200, slot strip JY, $18,891.86
Dayleader wages, taxes, payroll processing $3,552.06
Clubhouse and Yard--portapotty service, propane, cups and bowls, electric
kettle, canopener and corkscrew, paper towels, split tubing, nuts, supplies for dumpster enclosure, lube, aluminum bar, $1,133.15
Skiff--engine parts and labor not covered by warranty for repair failed engine, trailer wheel tubes, gas for skiff $1,098.06
Windsurfing--Funride 160l board $851.00
City--rent and capital fund contribution $672.58
Activities-- food for workparties, Sat lessons BBQ, OH 4/13/13, Thurs race BBQ $600.88
Keelboats--painting supplies for Daisy, bottom cleaning 3 hulls 4/10/13 $512.15
Bank--credit card processing fees, bank fee $493.43
Insurance--workers' comp premium $332.00
Office--payroll processing, website membership software license, waiver copies $104.25
Tools--sander backing pads, cutter, flex tubing, 1/4" drive universal joint,
tape $85.57
Use tax $28.00
Total: $28,354.99
The dues increase which took effect 1/1/13 does not appear to have harmed membership, and may have increased it. Overall income from regular memberships since the dues increase was 60% more than it was in the same period last year, while the increase in the rates was only about 30%.

Annual Statement of Financial Condition May 1 2013
As of May 1st we had $32,198 in the bank, and our property was worth $431,491 (depreciated book value). Cash was up $2,628 from 5/1/12, property was up $45,922. This statement was prepared without audit from the club's books.
Income 5/1/12 to 4/30/13:

$164,613 Regular memberships
$40,000 DBW grant--reimbursement for RS Venture, 58 wetsuits, 4 Bahia jibs, 3 Bahia mains, 3 JY jibs, 3 Bahia booms, shrouds, 3 Capri 25 jibs, 5 Commander jibs and 1 mainsail and 1 UPS, 1 Merit jib, 8 Easyride 180 – 250l boards, 8 4.2m2 Ripper windsurf sail rigs
$13,877 UC workstudy reimbursement
$13,350 Windsurf locker memberships
$2,759 Donations, surplus equipment sales (P15, board and sails), refunds
$234,600 Total Income
Spending 5/1/12 to 4/30/13:
$35,183 Dayleader wages and taxes
$38,308 Windsurf--8 Easyride 180-250l boards, 8 77-160l boards, 8 4.2m2 minisail rigs, 28 3.7-7.5m2 sails, 12 booms, 9 fins, 9 mast bases, 6 mast extensions, 30 RDM shims, universals, uphauls, harness lines, harnesses, sail repair tape, minisail battens, downhaul line, fin tabs and screws, gloves, grinder discs, sandpaper, acetone, alcohol, spraypaint
$21,667 Keelboats--Daisy haulout and bottom and topsides paint, Portugal Princess haulout and bottom paint and rudder repair, 3 Capri 25 jibs, 5 Commander jibs and 1 mainsail and 1 UPS, 1 Merit jib, materials for hatch replacement, Merit boom ends, traveler parts, VHF radios, rope clutches, used bow pulpit and polishing, sail repairs, tools and supplies for Jdock dock boxes, electrical panel and wiring supplies, hasps for Commander hatches, used motor mount for Dr Who, snap shackle swivel base, battery, hose fittings, clamps, padlock, rope burning torch (lighter), hull cleaning (monthly in summer, bimonthly winter), teak oil, caulk, fasteners, handrail, tow line, supplies for hello kitty anchor painting, mast fittings, epoxy syringes, tool bags, boom bail, cunningham hook, blocks, pins, winch parts, line, nav lights, shackles, paddles, extension cords and fittings, winch handles, lock lube, caulk, cable ties, fid kit, padlocks, resin, filler, putty, cloth, spreaders, CF numbers, sail repairs, battens, sail repairs, outboard motor parts
$65,964 Dinghies--2 RS Ventures (one as advance on FY2013-4), 2 RS 500XL dinghies (one as advance on FY2013-4, less $6,000 loans from members), air fares to Portland for RS Venture test, 4 Bahia jibs, 3 Bahia mains, 3 JY jibs, 3 Bahia booms, Bahia mast, RS500 mast, RS Venture and RS500XL bow bumpers, 6 trapeze harnesses, dock bumpers, 4 Bahia jibs, 3 Bahia mains, 3 JY jibs, 6 Bahia anchor chains, mainsheet cleats, mainsheet block and cleat base swivels,screws, 3 Bahia gennaker blocks, 15 mainsheet blocks, spools of line, blocks, pliers, caulk, lube, needles, twine, wax, box, clip, spike, velcro, line-end torch, gorilla tape, gorilla glue, adhesive, sabersaw blade, 16 Bahia upper and 16 lower shrouds, clamcleats, rig tension gage, rig tape, stop balls, hooks, clinometer, cotter pins, utility box, sponge, main halyard cleats, tiller extension, shackles, cotter pins and rings, inspection ports, 2 masthead floats, spreaders, fastpins, epoxy kit, lanocote, duralac, plastic welding, hull protectant, fiberglass cloth tape, 
$8,478 Insurance--commercial, marine (thru 4/14/13 only), directors and officers, and workers comp
$8,028 City of Berkeley--license fee for space, capital improvements fund contribution, streetlight fee
$16,585 Clubhouse and Yard--materials and permit fee for electrical service into yard, gravel and carpet for rigging area, roofing for windsurf locker containers, lumber and materials for dumpster enclosure and kitchen shelves, gate in rear fence for portapotty service in yard, lumber and flashing for clubhouse doorway repair, UPS for webcams, new gas storage cabinet, portapottie service, garbage, DSL, website software, paper plates and bowls, paper and plastic cups, plastic forks, napkins, senior keys, padlocks, hangers for wetsuits and foul weather gear, propane, hoses, hose fittings, dump fees, yellowjacket traps, trash cans and liners, sharpies, posterboard for lost and found, fire extinguishers, extension cords, detergent, cleaner, spray paint, aluminum foil, paper towels, knife can opener corkscrew for kitchen, hello kitty electric kettle, hooks for windsurf minisail rack, BBQ burners, tape
$2,151 Accident expense--repairs to Casey's bow, Megan's outboard
$9,238 Activities--food for OH BBQ's, food for GMM's, cruise dock fees, social events,food and supplies for workparties, DBW Aquatic Directors Conference
$7,363 Taxes--use tax on wholesale purchases, sales tax, DMV registration, corporate statement filing fee
$7,204 Safety equipment—59 wetsuits, sunscreen, dayleader VHF handheld radios
$3,682 Banking--credit card processing, bank fees
$5,726 Rescue skiffs--skiff and engine parts, gas
$775 Tools--pliers, tape measure, cutoff wheels, bits, screwdrivers, carabiners, cutter, sanding discs, snap knife blades, impact driver bits, lube, grease, ratchet drive, power cords, wrench set, brushes, electrical taps, barricade tape, marine epoxy, battery spray, allen keys, wire crimper/stripper, hex keys, propane for torch, sockets, wrench sets, winch service tools, drill bits, funnel, spray, rags, wire brushes, caliper, funnel, drivers, brush, blades, tire patch kit, sealant, dremel bit, air compressor hose and tire inflator and connectors and blowgun, sander backing pads
$1,211 Office supplies--software for website, stamps for Treasurer
$410 Printing--flyers, lesson signup sheets
$231,972 Total Spending
Budget for Fiscal Year 5/1/13 – 4/30/14
Expected Income
Memberships (Regular and windsurf locker) $175,000 
DBW reimbursement $40,000 
UC Work-Study Reimbursement $18,000 
Donations, surplus sales, interest, etc. $1,000 
Total Income $234,000 
Expected Operating Expenses
Dayleaders $40,000 
Insurance $15,000 
Lease $12,000 
Printing, Ads, other Communications $1,000 
Dinghy maintenance $13,000 
Keelboat maintenance $5,000 
Windsurfer maintenance $1,000 
Skiff and engines maintenance, fuel $7,000 
Buildings & Grounds maintenance, DSL, portapotti, dumpster, etc. $10,000 
Club activities $15,000 
Miscellaneous expenses (credit card processing, DMV reg, accident repairs, website programming, sales tax, credit card fees ) $15,000 
Total operating expenses $134,000 
Expected Capital Expenditures
DBW reimbursed PFD's $3,000 
DBW reimbursed wetsuits $6,000 
DBW reimbursed windsurf lesson sails $6,000 
DBW reimbursed trainer dinghy (already purchased) $10,000 
DBW reimbursed trainer dinghy masts centerboards and rudders (one mast already purchased) $10,000 
DBW reimbursed keelboat mast and rigging $5,000 
Dinghies (other than DBW reimbursed items) $16,000 
Keelboats (major repairs) $12,000 
Windsurfing (other than DBW reimbursed items) $20,000 
Tools $2,000 
Clubhouse & Yard Improvements $10,000 
Total Capital Purchases $100,000 
Total Spending $234,000 


1. Yves Parent (YP) moved that we approve the following Senior Sailing projects, listed below; Seamus Vanecko (SV) Seconded (2nd); Unanimously Approved (UA).

Scott Wilson to run mid June Fast Track

Ike Kaludi to run July Fast Track

Rick Kosarchuk to run a keelboat MOB clinic (with real people)—please remember to let everyone (fire department, etc.) know that this is just practice, Rick!

2. Rob Miller (RM) moved that we approve the expenditures listed in the Treasurer’s report; Jennifer Kroon (JK) 2nded; UA.

3. Peter Kuhn (PK) moved that we approve the annual budget and authorize expenditure of funds listed in the budget; Michael Moore (MM) 2nded; UA.

4. PK moved that we repay the $6000 interest-free loan to the club for the 2nd RS500, contributed by the following club members, listed below; RM 2nded; UA:

Seamus Vanecko

Jared Brockway

Gunther Weber

Mark Playsted

Stephanie Evans

5. JK moved to approve that she (Jennifer Kroon) and Joshua Leihe be allowed to organize dinghy cruises in the Keelboat Cruising area, with the following safety parameters, listed below, in place; 8 voted for, 1 abstained; approved:


Safety Precautions:

1.   Every participant of the cruise is required to have a radio, whistle, flashlight and a wet suit.

2.   A club keelboat will accompany the cruise to carry provisions and lend assistance if necessary.

3.   Conditions will be assessed and final decision made the day of.

4.   All boats will be thoroughly inspected for damage and repaired if necessary.

5.   Every participant sailing on a dinghy will be either a senior or an extremely advance junior skipper.

6. JK moved that we allow Gunther Weber a one year extension (to Aug 2014) to complete his qualifying cruises for his Cruising Skipper rating; YP 2nded; UA.

7. JK moved to hold the May General Membership Meeting on Thursday, May 30th at 7:30pm; RM 2nded; UA. There will be elections at this GMM.

8. PK moved to approve the new operating rules that Robert Ofsevit proposed & add a 30knt wind limits on Senior sailors and above; YP 2nded; Discussion: we do not have an accurate gauge of the wind; it’s unclear whether it means consistently blowing 30 knts or gusting to 30 knts; why 30 knots and not another number? Would it limit our liability? (PK: other clubs don't even have rules, let alone wind limits); YP moved to amend that that limit be when gale force winds were forecast; Discussion: those gale force winds are for the entire bay, not Berkeley; the small craft advisory flag was flying at the time of the meeting and there was only 1 knt of breeze—the amended motion was not 2nded; vote on the original motion: 2 voted for, 7 opposed; motion failed to pass.

9. JK moved to adjourn the meeting; RM 2nded; UA.

Meeting adjourned at 6:50pm.