All Meeting Minutes

General Membership Meeting 2013-05-30

The Cal Sailing Club May General Membership Meeting was held in the club's boat yard at 7:30pm.  At the time of the GMM, we had 720 members, and needed 72 members for a quorum of 10%. Over 80 people attended.

Official club business commenced at 8:05pm

Officer Reports

Commodore: Stay off the west dock and listen to the dayleader's instructions and restrictions; if West dock protocol laid out by the city is in place, use the middle or east dock. If you are using club equipment, you can be suspended for using West dock without dayleader's permission.

Second Vice: It's an action packed week of windsurfing clinics coming up. The Women's clinic is coming up on Monday, 6/3. Q and A with Andy Brandt of ABK Windsurfing Clinics, Tuesday, 6/4, 7:00 pm, behind the clubhouse. And Saturday, 6/8 is a sail rigging clinic with Maui Sails. Remember to help out with Saturday and Sunday morning lessons.

First Vice: no report...the boats are working.

Third Vice: We have a great j-dock crew, big thank you to Sheldon Coad, Michael Faw, Greg Sweriduk, Yves Parent, and many more! Check out the cruise site and keep an eye out for upcoming cruises. If you sign up for a cruise, show up! If you can't make it, cancel so those on the waiting list can go on the cruise.

Rear Commodore (sailing): Sorry about the cancelled Fast Track due to low enrollment, it won't happen again. We had a successful senior study group and students took their senior written test tonight. There will be a cruising skipper study group. Reminder that there are keelboat lessons on Wednesday nights; we recommend you get your junior rating first before attending.

Vice Commodore: party on!

Port Captain: Volunteer dayleader training is coming up because we need volunteer dayleaders. Remember: you get a free quarter's membership for EACH day that you volunteer daylead!

Officer Elections:

The following members running for the uncontested election received majority approval of members present:

Sophie Horuchi and Michael Moore for co-Port Captain, 1 vote opposed, majority for. 

Molly Morelock and Iain Thomson for Secretary, 1 vote opposed, majority for. 

Yves Parent and Will Spargur for co-Rear Commodore, unanimously approved.

Kevin Rendueles for 3rd Vice Commodore, 1 vote opposed, majority for. 

Rob Miller for 2nd Vice Commodore, unanimously approved.

Seamus Vanecko and Dan Rolinek for 1st Vice Commodore, 1 vote opposed, majority for. 

Heidi Kearsley and Lonnie D for Vice Commodore, unanimously approved.

Jennifer Kroon and Stephanie Evans for co-Commodore, 1 vote opposed, majority for. 

The only contested position was Treasurer. Peter Kuhn ran for Treasurer against his dog, Stella.  Stella: 15 votes; Peter Kuhn: approx 65 votes; Peter Kuhn was re-elected as Treasurer with the majority for.

Other business:

1. Yves Parent moved that the general assembly of CSC members recommend to the rating committee that they award an honorary senior rating to Todd Price, who passed away last year; 2nded and unanimously approved. 

That concluded the official club business.

Paul Kamen announced that the Berkeley Waterfront Commission is being consolidated with the Parks and Recreation Department and we may lose commissioners. He recommended CSC members show up to the meetings (2nd Weds of each month) to make a difference and build a relationship with the city; he invited members to email him with questions.

The Commodore thanked everyone for showing up and BIG THANK YOU to Joanie Pachecho & Lonnie D for the amazing food they prepared for us!! See you on the water, folks, and enjoy the approach of Summer!