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EXCOM20130714 Meeting Minutes

ExComm  Meeting 2013-07-14

In the clubhouse, 6:00pm 

Executive Committee members present: Jennifer Kroon (co-Commodore), Lonnie D. (co-Vice Commodore), Seamus Vanecko (co-first Vice-Commodore), Yves Parent (co-Rear Commodore), Sophie Horiuchi (co-Port Captain), and Molly Morelock & Iain Thompson (co-Secretaries).


Officers' reports

Treasurer:  We have $35,417 in the bank, down $11,649 from last meeting 6/23/2013 when we had $48,066.

Income 6/23 - 7/14/13
Regular memberships $16,223.00
Club credit card cash-back rewards $729.08
UC Workstudy reimbursements $371.28
Windsurf locker memberships $356.24
Donations (escrip) $3.01
Total: $17,682.61

Spending 6/23 - 7/14/13
Windsurfing--harnesses, spray paint, fiberglass cloth, dustmasks, glue brushes, epoxy resin and hardener, peel ply, roll spectra downhaul line, mast bases, universals, uphauls, fins, harness lines, sail repair tape, line, booms, freight, spreader bars $6,961.99
Dinghies--RS 500 mast mainsail and jib, deposit on dinghy sails order from Neil Pryde, tape, hog rings, seizing wire, rope end stoppers, cleats, line, thimble, fast pin, cotter ring kit, trap cleats, JY forestay quick release lever, fast pin, hand bilge pumps, G flex, paddles, dolly tires and tubes, trap harnesses, sail repairs, battens $6,545.95
Accident Repair--yard work and parts and supplies to repair Commander Daisy after collision with pier $2,625.12
Dayleader wages, taxes, payroll processing $2,258.63
Clubhouse and Yard--materials for clubhouse counter shelves, BBQ parts, umbrellas, porta-potty service, plates, bowls, trash bags, cups, DSL service for clubhouse computer, propane, 1st aid supplies, markers, light fixtures for porta-potty and clubhouse, paint to cover graffiti on murals, hangers, paintbrushes, sealant, stapler, knife sharpener, goggles, printer toner, flyers $2,130.50
Insurance--directors and officers annual premium, workers' comp monthly premium $2,080.00
Activities--food for May GMM, July 4th party, OH 7/7/13, racing BBQ's, pigless party, Angel I. cruise, work parties $1,379.55
Keelboats--Merit jib luff foil extrusion, fasteners, wiring connectors, cable clamps, line, battery charger inlet receptacle, lanyards, hooks for shock cord, foam roller cover, compass, outboard motor mount for Pomodoro, sail repairs $1,133.20
Website--programming, software subscription $1,059.00
Teaching Expenses--food for Sat lessons BBQ's 6/15- 7/6/13 Fast Track BBQ's 6/15-19/13 and 7/10, pizza for high wind dinghy and windsurf seminars $1,030.43
City--rent and capital fund contribution--5th year rate $700.67
Skiff--gas for skiff, steering cable, oil filter $671.77
Credit card payment charges $311.68
Tools--sander, hose and shutoff and connectors, brushes, screwdrivers, shears, fish tape, drill bits, files, hacksaw $298.76
Safety Equipment--1 gal sunscreen, emergency sunscreen sonnenshutzcreme, handheld VHF radio exchange and warranty $144.34
Total: $29,331.59


1.  JK moved to approve the expenditures listed in the Treasurer's report, YP Seconded (2nd); Unanimously Approved (UA). 

2.  YP moved that we approve the following Sr. Projects

  • Brandon Jonutz and Anthony D'avirro - run the late July Fast track
  • Christopher Lalau-Keraly - run the August Fast track
  • Christian Sheehan - Monday advanced dinghy sailing lessons coordinator

  SV Seconded (2nd); UA.

3. JK moved that we table discussion of updating Sr Dinghy rating project requirements; SH Seconded (2nd); UA.

4.  IT moved that we adjourn the meeting; MM (2nd); UA

Meeting adjourned 6:11 pm. 




ExComm Meeting 2013-06-23
In the clubhouse, 6:20pm
Executive Committee members present: Jennifer Kroon and Stephanie Evans (co-Commodore), Lonnie D. (co-Vice Commodore), Seamus Vanecko and Dan Rolinek (co-first Vice-Commodore), Kevin Rendueles (Third Vice Commodore), Yves Parent (co-Rear Commodore), Sophie Horiuchi (co-Port Captain), Peter Kuhn (Treasurer), and Molly Morelock (co-Secretary).

Commodore - We've been reviewing our lease agreement to make sure we're on track to meet all of the requirements in time to renew in 2014. Officers should submit their reports in writing via email to the secretary either before, or immediately, after the excomm meeting.

Rear-Commodore – June Fast track was successful. 4 students made the junior rating and 4 more would have made it if there was enough wind Friday. Thank you to Scott who did a great job with coordinating and Lon who managed the galley to get us the best food experience.
Scott will build up on his experience and will run the July fast track as well, assisted again by Lon for the galley.

Treasurer– We have $48,066 in the bank, up $14,643 from last Treas report 5/5/2013 when we had $33,423.  Regular membership income for the fiscal year so far (since May 1) is up 17% compared to same period last year, and for the calendar year so far (since Jan1) it's up 28%. The budget for the fiscal year was based on an 18% increase in regular membership income, so we are holding steady so far.
Income 5/6 - 6/23/13

  • Regular memberships $34,080.00
  • DBW reimbursement for 2nd RS Venture, mast, rudder, Ripper windsurf rigs $17,117.40
  • Windsurf locker memberships $4,060.00
  • UC Workstudy reimbursements $2,896.89
  • Sale of P15 $1,672.00
  • Donations $104.81

Total: $59,931.10

Spending 5/6 - 6/23/13

  • Insurance--annual general and marine liability policy and adder for 2nd Venture and RS500, 2 months' workers' comp premium, partial refund commercial fire policy payment to Travelers $11,371.00
  • Windsurfing--(DBW reimbursed) 14 Ripper rigs 2.5 to 4.2 m2, (6) Maui and Simmer sails, 4.2 - 6.4, 10 booms, 1 mast, Fanatic Hawk 93l board, 2 NRG harness, FedEx--shipping return wrong universals, blue tape, 20 harness lines $11,290.16
  • Dinghies--repay $6000 loans from members for 2nd RS500, sail repairs, sail repair tape webbing needles twine battens, roller furler, trailer repair parts for P15 sale, autorelease cleat, stop ball, thimbles, auto release mini cleats, shackle, screws, Gflex resin hardener kit, shock cord, rubrail for JY's, anchor bag for Venture, -noskid tape $7,359.89
  • Safety Equipment--(DBW to reimburse) 81 PFD's and freight $3,419.97
  • DMV--Use tax, reg fees for 2nd RS Venture and RS 500, reg fee for trailer for P15 sale $2,736.00
  • Dayleader wages, taxes, payroll processing $2,377.17
  • Keelboats--standing rigging and wiring and windvane for Merit, cable clamp, vent, grommet, fasteners, anchor lights, hose nozzles and power cord J dock, fender for Casey, epoxy resin, hardener, boat hook, battery charger connector, fire extinguisher twin pack, 7/16 line, whipping twine, genoa lead block, lanyard, bottom cleaning 6/11/13, battens, sail repairs, food for workparty 5/4 $2,012.54
  • Activities--food for GMM 5/30, food for OH's 5/12 and 6/9, Thurs race BBQ 5/30, camping fee and plates for Angel I. cruise 5/26, sushi and food for dayleader grad BBQ 5/18, $1,780.77
  • Teaching Expenses--food for Sat lessons BBQ 4/20 thru 6/15/13, food for Fast Track BBQ's 4/28-5/3 and 6/17-21, copying handouts for Sr Skipper class, $963.82
  • Bank--credit card processing fees, bank fee $752.19
  • City--rent and capital fund contribution $672.58
  • Clubhouse and Yard--materials for clubhouse counter shelves shutter trolley, repair guitar for clubhouse, locks for windsurf rental lockers, DSL service for clubhouse computer, kettle, paper towels, cleaner, 4 tanks propane $407.09
  • Skiff--gas for skiff, gas can, spout $101.74
  • Tools--propane torch, butane, tie down $43.57

Total: $45,288.49

Cruise Request: Jared Brockway submitted request for an overnight cruise up Petaluma River from July 20, 8:00a-4:00p to July 21, 12:00p-7:00p.  SE moved that we approve the cruise; YP Seconded (2nd); Unanimously Approved (UA).

Senior projects:
David Janinis – will edit the dinghy manual and replace the P15
instructions with the equivalent for the ventures.
Carl Caven’s Sr. project requirement is fulfilled after fixing many, many boards. KR moved that we approve the projects; YP Seconded (2nd); UA.

Approval of Expenditures—PK moved to approve the expenditures listed in the Treasurer’s report, SA 2nd, UA.

Lifetime Memberships: CSC will bestow lifetime memberships on Michael McKinley and Heather Buckley for the amazing job they have been doing in keeping all our boards afloat and our windsurf sails salable! YP moved that we approve these memberships; LD Seconded (2nd); UA.

SE moved that we adjourn the meeting; LD 2nd; UA
Meeting adjourned 6:35 pm.