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ExComm 2013-08-31

ExComm Meeting August 31,2013

In front of the yard, 2:00pm 

Executive Committee members present: Jennifer Kroon (co-Commodore), Stephanie Evans (co-Commodore),  Lonnie D. (co-Vice Commodore),  Rob Miller (Second Vice-Commodore), Yves Parent (co-Rear Commodore), Daniel Rolinek (1st Vice Co-commodore), Peter Kuhn (Treasurer), Iain Thomson (co-Secretary) and Molly Morelock (co-Secretary).

Officers' Reports

I have been in touch with John Mann of the Waterfront Commission. He informed us that we're still waiting on permits from the Department of Public Works before an RFP can be issued for construction . I'll continue pushing for progress, but it is not looking promising as we approach the November deadline.


Co-Vice Commodore:

We had a good turn out for the GMM/prom, members seem happy, things are going well. Open house this Sunday, membership is great!

1st Vice-Commodore: We're taking more measures to get members to perform repairs for damage they cause while sailing,  including messages to the list and communication via teachers during lessons and fast tracks.   Hiking straps and new rig tension lines are in progress for the bahias. 

Also, we're planning a maintenance clinic for some time in September to install such things.

2nd Vice-Commodore:

We have some great events to cap off the windsurfing season. We'll be having a junior windsurfing fastrack the next four Sundays in September. Anyone with a novice rating can sign up. Contact Sophie Horiuchi for more information. We are also having a three week J+ fastrack in September. These will be on Saturday afternoons at 1;30 behind the clubhouse. Contact Rob Miller at for more information. 

Rear Commodore:

The Fast track season is completed. I will assess with others interested  and share the results of the season with omm members and set the rules and schedule for next season.

Thanks a lot to Lon in providing a lot of support, and thanks to all the coordinators who did an awesome job putting the courses together and running them.
I will get a Cruising Skipper (CS) and a Senior skipper study groups organized. The CS group will be this fall and  the senior group will be next spring. The CS group will include a CPR class for aspiring and  current CS who need a renewal.


We have $39,099 in the bank, up $5,511 from last meeting 8/11 when we had $33,588.

Income 8/12-8/31

Regular memberships $11,416.26
UC workstudy reimbursements $328.50
Donation (escrip card) $1.37
Total: $11,746.13

Spending 8/12-8/30

Keelboats--mast for Commander (to be reimbursed by DBW), hull cleaning 8/15 $4,474.10
Activities--food for OH, racing BBQ's, dock fees $794.28
Teaching Expenses--food for windsurf seminar, windsurf Jr fastrack, advanced dinghy seminars, fasttrack BBQ's, lesson day BBQs, copies for clinic $625.37
Dinghies--materials for sail covers, shackles $258.43
Credit card payment charges $253.56
Dayleader wages taxes payroll processing $46.50
Clubhouse and Yard--DSL service $37.00
Windsurfing--spray paint $9.78
Insurance--workers' comp deposit premium less refund -$264.00
Total: $6,235.02


1.Jennifer Kroon (JK) moved to approve the expenditures listed in the Treasurer's report, Rob Miller (RM) seconded (2nd), unanimously approved (UA).

2. YP moved to certify that the following Sr projects and the General Membership Meeting (GMM) date have already been approved by unanimous online vote, and noted that the GMM date need not be approved by ExComm:

  • Forest - Fast track August
  • Mike Sherrell - 40 hours of teaching = Sr. project
  • James Clarkson - Advanced downwind sailing
  • Jesse - sprucing up the garden

Peter Kuhn  2nd UA

2. MM moved to adjourn the meeting; YP 2nd, UA.

Meeting adjourned 2:10pm.