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ExComm 9-22-13

ExComm Meeting September 22,2013

By the ramp to the 1st dock, 6:01pm 

Executive Committee members present: Jennifer Kroon (co-Commodore), Stephanie Evans (co-Commodore),  Yves Parent (co-Rear Commodore), Daniel Rolinek (1st Vice Co-commodore), Stella  (Treasurer) assisted by Peter Kuhn, Sophia Horiuchi (co-Port Captain).

Officers' Reports


CSC will be donating  a couple of free memberships to the Northern California's Women's Sailing Seminar at Island Yacht Club the weekend of 9/28 & 9/29. In addition, senior skippers' Jennifer Kroon, Caryl Woulfe, KT Cornetta, and Stephanie Evans will be volunteering to help teach their basic and intermediate courses. The WSS can attract up to hundreds to women sailors from around California looking to get into, or improve, their sailing skills and is taught by some of the area's best professional sailors. It's a great event and will raise awareness among women sailors of the offerings of CSC--IYC will include CSC in their promotional materials. 
Mountain Hardwear has again kindly invited CSC members to visit their Friends & Family store to receive up to 50% off MSRP. The promotion will go through October and details will be emailed to members. 
The first annual Berkeley Half Marathon will be taking place on Sunday, November 24th. In the Marina area, runners will be present from 8:00am to 11:30am. We will have access to the Marina, but can expect delays along University. The event's organizers have invited CSC to participate by having a water stand, etc.

1st Vice-Commodore:

Anchor mounts are on Ventures.  Hiking straps have been made.  Working on repair clinic.  Spent some money.  Fixed Bahia pulpit at Sven's.  Bahia parts hard to come by. Lines have been bought

Treasurer: We have $41,766 in the bank, up $2,676 from last meeting 8/31/13 when we had 39,099.

Income 9/1 - 9/22/13

Regular memberships $12,657.00
UC Workstudy reimbursements $1,756.19
Credit card cash back rewards $466.98
Total: $14,880.17

Spending 9/1 - 9/22/13

Dayleader wages taxes payroll processing $2,815.73
Communications--website programming, website fee, postage $2,265.75
Dinghies--2 Bahia centerboards (to be reimbursed by DBW), 3 anchor chains, shackles, universal joints for tiller extensions, whipping twine, lashing line, sail palm, velcro, balls and dowel, plastic sheet, battens, and sail repairs $1,580.26
Keelboats--Pomodoro pushpit lifelines and stanchion, hull cleaning, chafe guard, twine, line, lifeline cushion, repaint supplies, non-skid additive, fasteners, snap shackle, battery charger receptacle $1,474.77
Activities--sushi and nametags for 8/31 GMM, pizza for TI cruise 9/14 and dayleader training, food for Sunday and racing BBQ's, lesson and FastTrack BBQ's $856.97
City--rent $700.67
Clubhouse and Yard--plants for planter, umbrellas, propane, paper bowls, cups, plates, forks,spoons, portapotty service, paint, screws, chairs, dunk bucket $684.26
Rescue skiff--gas for skiff, seats, nuts and bolts $399.00
Teaching Expenses--food for windsurf Jr fastrack BBQ, dinghy fasttrack BBQ, lesson day BBQs $393.26
Insurance--workers' comp premium $330.00
Credit card payment charges $296.77
Tools--tap, inserts, die, clip, punch, bags, Jdock tools, bit and driver set $146.00
Windsurfing--kevlar reinforced sail repair tape $143.39
Office Supplies--checks for Treasurer $116.88
Total: $12,203.71


1. Stephanie Evans (SE) moved to approve the expenditures listed in the Treasurer's report, Sophia Horiuchi (SH) seconded (2nd), unanimously approved (UA).

2. YP moved to approve Paul Gabe's Sr Skipper project of running a Cruising Skipper study group with about 8 practical sessions in November including a chance for all Cr Skippers to renew their CPR certificates SE 2nd UA

2. Stella moved to adjourn the meeting; YP 2nd, UA.

Meeting adjourned 6:06 pm.