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Excom 20131020

ExComm Meeting October 20,2013
Clubhouse, 6:01pm 

In Attendance:

Executive Committee members present:  Stephanie Evans (co-Commodore), Lonnie D. (co-Vice Commodore),   Yves Parent (co-Rear Commodore), Seamus Vanecko and Daniel Rolinek (1st Vice Co-commodores), Rob Miller (Second Vice-Commodore), Stella  (Treasurer) assisted by Peter Kuhn, Molly Morelock and Iain Thompson (Co-secretary. Also in attendance were Joshua Leihe, Paul Kamen, and Jane Morson.

Officers' Reports


Next GMM will be held on November 24, 2013 (after the last Open House of the year).  Email needs to be sent to members at least 20 days before event.

Rear Commodores:

The Cruising Skipper study group has started, the curriculum is set. there were 28 applicants, we took 11 of the most advanced. The group meets every Tuesday night, at various member's places, with potluck. There will be a CPR/first aid class scheduled for November.

Windsurfing: We're now organizing instructors for Nov/Dec.  We'll only be teaching on Saturdays in the winter. And there will be no organized lessons/guarantee of instructors around the holiday weekends: November 30, December 21 or December 28, 2013.


Port Captain:

We're posting on the website a list of club house closings due to low tide for the winter months.


Treasurer's Report:

we have $26,092 is the bank balance, down $15,684 from last meet 9/22/13 when we had $41,766.

Income 9/22 - 10/20/13


Regular memberships


UC Workstudy reimbursements


Windsurf locker memberships


Donations: escrip, insurance refund




Spending 9/22 - 10/20/13

Keelboats--Commander main, genoa and jib; Capri25 main; Merit 75%, 90% and genoa jibs; used outboard motor mount and shipping of broken cylinder for rebuild cost estimate; shear pins, spark plugs for Honda 5 hp motors; winch pawls/springs; shackles; fasteners; epoxy hardener and pump; horn cleat, fasteners, sodas for workers, screws for coaming, dive six hulls 10/10/13, driver bits & varnish, stanchions for Pomodoro, fasteners, polish, sandpaper, teflon tape for hoses, paint strainers, mix cups, less $20 rebate on bottom paint


Safety Equipment--50 wetsuits, sweatpants for hypothermia kit


Dayleader wages taxes payroll processing


Dinghies--2 Bahia rudderheads, sail repairs, Bahia rollbar (mainsheet bar), line (2 spools), anchor line, furling line, block, rivets, caulk, line, fairleads, hooks, eyestraps, fastener, tires and tubes for dinghy dollies


Taxes: use tax on wholesale purchases, streetlight assessment




Clubhouse and Yard--propane, portapotty service, DSL, biocompatible dish detergent, website host charge, FCC license for clubhouse VHF radio, coffee, hot chocolate, battery for skiff light


Activities--food for BBQ's and OH, stuff for prom 8/31/13, less collections for pizza for TI cruise


Teaching Expenses--food for lesson day BBQs


Rescue skiff--gas for skiff, tow line, clip, nuts and bolts


Credit card payment charges


Office Supplies--stamps for Treasurer


Windsurfing--wetsuit and board repair glue, patching material




We have a reimbursement request in to the Division of Boating and Waterways for $22,883 that will complete our $40,000 grant funding for this year.

Club finances continue to look fine.  Only windsurf budget has been spent, keelboat and dinghy budgets haven't been fully tapped.  The dues increase that took effect 1/1/13 appears to have worked as expected.  Regular membership dues 1/1 - 10/20/13 are $14,272 higher than they were 1/1 - 10/20/12.  Club membership is declining as expected with onset of fall weather and school calendar, today's membership is 792 down from peak of ~980 hit in late summer.



Stephanie Evans moved to approve the expenditures listed in the Treasurer's report, Rob Miller seconded (2nd), unanimously approved (UA).

Lonnie Dober moved to approve the date of the next GMM a 5:00 pm on November 24, 2013, Yves Parent seconded (2nd), unanimously approved (UA).

Stephanie Evans moved to adjourn the meeting; Molly Morelock seconded (2nd) , unanimously approved (UA).

Meeting adjourned ­­­­­­6:08 pm.