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GMM 2013-11-24

General Membership Meeting 2013-11-24

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The Cal Sailing Club May General Membership Meeting was held in the club's boat yard at 6:00 pm.  At the time of the GMM, we had 604 members, and needed 60 members for a quorum of 10%. Over 62 people attended.


Official club business commenced at 6:05


Officer Reports


Treasurer: Quarterly Statement of Financial Condition November 1 2013


(posted at




As of November 1st we had $32,572 in the bank. Our property was worth $431,491 (depreciated book value) as of 5/1/13. This statement was prepared without audit from the club’s books.




We have a reimbursement request in to the Division of Boating and Waterways for $22,883 that will complete our $40,000 grant funding for this year.




Club finances continue to look fine. The dues increase that took effect 1/1/13 appears to have worked as expected. Regular membership dues since the dues increase were $14,079 higher than they were for the same period (1/1 - 11/22) last year.




Income 8/1/13 to 10/31/13:


Regular memberships 


UC workstudy reimbursement 


Donations, credit card cash rewards 


Windsurf locker memberships 


Total Income 





Spending 8/1/13 to 10/31/13:


Keelboat fleet--Commander main, genoa and jib; Capri25 main; Merit 75%, 90% and genoa jibs, Commander mast, parts for outboard motors, hull cleaning, outboard motor mounts, epoxy fiberglass and painting supplies, spreader boots, utility boxes, pulpit and stanchions and lifelines for Pomodoro, chafe guard, twine, line, lifeline cushion, snap shackle, battery charger receptacle, winch pawls/springs, brushes, caulk, block, fasteners, horn cleat, sodas for workers, screws for coaming, driver bits & varnish, polish, teflon tape, (credit for) rebate on bottom paint, sail repairs 


Dayleader wages and taxes 


Dinghies--remainder of Bahia sails order cost, boltrope Bahia main, fasteners, anchor rode, rigging tape, shackles, parts to repair yellow riveter, 2 Bahia centerboards, 3 anchor chains for dinghies, 9 universal joints for tiller extensions, whipping twine, lashing line, sail palm, twine, velcro, balls and dowel, HDPE sheet, Bahia rollbar (mainsheet bar), line (2 spools), anchor line, furling line, block, rivets, caulk, fairleads, hooks, eyestraps, fastener, 3 tires and tubes for dinghy dollies, 2 Bahia rudderheads, materials for sail covers, battens, sail repairs 


Windsurfing fleet--3 boards Tabou Rocket 96 105 115, ten masts, Chinook fins, mast bases, uphauls, mast shims, sail tapes, epoxy resin hardener pumps, spray paint, fiberglass cloth, foam, wetsuit repair materials 


Safety equipment--50 wetsuits, 2 gal sunscreen and wallbracket, sweatpants for hypothermia kit, batteries for portable nav lights for skiff 


Activities--food for Open House BBQ's, General Membership Meeting August 2013, cruise dock fees and food, food for social events, food and supplies for workparties, food for Sat lesson BBQs and seminars and parties 


Office supplies--programmer fees for website, software licenses for website, stamps for Treasurer 


Clubhouse--garbage service, portapotty service, DSL service, mop, paper towels, lighters for BBQ's, glue for trash enclosure tile repair, cable and fittings for windsurf sail rack slides, lag screws and washers for dock rail repair, acetone and asphalt patch, webcam upgrade-- Raspberry Pi and SD card and charger, scissors, knives, and stirrers, chefs knives, sink strainers, trashcan, recycling container, gorilla tape, duct tape, propane for BBQs, trash bags, tape, animal crackers, ice, plants for planter, umbrellas, paper bowls, cups, plates, forks,spoons, chairs, dunk bucket, biocompatible dish detergent, website charges, FCC-- license for clubhouse VHF radio, coffee, hot chocolate, battery for skiff light


Use tax on wholesale purchases, DMV registration, non-profit and charity filing fees 


City of Berkeley--license fee for space, capital improvements fund contribution, hoist maintenance fee 


Rescue skiffs--skiff and engine parts, gas 


Credit card processing, bank fees 


Insurance--commercial, marine, and workers comp 


Tools--shop scissors, socket set, washer, center punch, tool bags, tools for J dock, drill bit and driver set, clip, die, washer, tap, insert tool


Total Spending 





Big thanks to everyone for working hard and giving treats to Stella!




Rear Co-Commodore; Yves Parent and Will Spargur: The Sr. Cruising Skipper study group is going great. We’re going to have free CPR training. We have lots of windsurfing instructors for junior testing and want to thank them all. We still need more Advanced Instructors.




3rd Vice Commodore: Kevin Rendueles; the keelboats are looking great. Thanks to the many volunteers who work to help the aging fleet working. We’re in need of someone who can repair motors. Please contact Kevin.




2nd Vice Commodore: Rob Miller is stepping down after several years on ExComm. Thanks to all of the windsurfers for a great year.




1st Vice Commodore: Seamus and Dan: Be sure to check out your dinghies for any damage before sailing them. Dan thanked Lon Dober for all of his help with repairing dinghies.




Vice Commodore: Lon Dober and Heidi Kearsley were excited to host the GMM and thanked all of the volunteers for helping to make this happen.


Port Captain: Michael Moore asked for more VDLs over the holidays since a lot of the Cal students will be on vacation. Remember: you get a free quarter's membership for EACH day that you volunteer daylead!


Co-Commodore: Jennifer Kroon: After 7 1/2 years on ExComm and 3 1/2 years as Commodore, it was a bittersweet evening with Jennifer announcing she was stepping down. She even took time to thank the new owners of the bait shop and encouraged everyone to shop there.




Co-Commodore: Stephanie Evans


I want to thank everyone for coming to the GMM! Thank you to all of the dedicated volunteers who put in hours teaching lessons and repairing our equipment, as well as thanks to all of our ExComm members, who work hard in the background to keep our club running. They go above and beyond the responsibilities on a daily basis.




An update on the dock: the barge is here to replace 4 pilings in the East and West Dock. The pile guide rings that go around the pilings will have sharp edges until the city comes down and puts bumpers on them, so please be careful when sailing, windsurfing, or kayaking on the east side of those two docks until the bumpers are in place.


I am running for Commodore and my plan for next year is to build on the already well-functioning club we have. I want to improve communications, by updating the Cal Sailing site to be easier to navigate and find important reference materials, as well as adding a blog and discussion forum. I will be working with the rating chairs to make sure the Junior & Senior written tests cover all the crucial skills, safe practices, and important operating rules, and that the practical tests are ensuring a standard baseline in practical skills.




I’ll also be focusing on the club rating more seniors next year by having a pipeline of up and coming juniors, and easier access to senior tests for those who are qualified and ready to test. 


We are also happy to announce there will be lifetime memberships for Joanie Pacheco, Rob Miller and Jennifer Kroon.


Orah Goldman is working with John Mann, Berkeley Harbormaster, to raise funs to dedicate one of two benches to deceased CSC member Todd Price. The cost is $2500.


Officer Elections:


The following members running for the uncontested election received majority approval of members present:


Peter Kuhn joined forces with his dog Stella to become Treasurer, Rob Miller motioned, Peter Naulls 2nd, unanimously approved.


Molly Morelock was re-elected Secretary, Iain Thompson motioned, Seamus Vanecko 2nd, unanimously approved.


Sophie Horuchi and Michael Moore for co-Port Captain, Molly Morelock motioned, Rob Miller 2nd, unanimously approved.


Yves Parent and Will Spargur ran against Paco Bellamy for co-Rear Commodore. Yves has been co-Rear Commodore  for two years and wants to continue his work. Will doesn’t need to be on ExComm to help with Windsurfing. He would do it no matter what. Paco has been teaching at CSC for 2 ½ years.  Yves and Will received 41 votes and Paco received 12 votes. Yves and Will are re-elected as coco-Rear commodores, Rob Miller motioned and Michael Moore 2nd, unanimously approved.


Kevin Rendueles for 3rd Vice Commodore, Rob Miller motioned and Seamus Vanecko 2nd, unanimously approved.


Chris Keraly and Peter Naulls ran for 2nd Vice Commodore, Rob Miller motioned and Will Spargur 2nd, unanimously approved. They promised to fix more boards and bring more trips to the Delta.


Seamus Vanecko and Dan Rolinek for 1st Vice Commodore, Stephanie Evans motioned and Rob Miller 2nd, unanimously approved.


Heidi Kearsley and Lonnie D for Vice Commodore, Rob Miller motioned and Stephanie Evans 2nd, unanimously approved.


Stephanie Evans ran as Commodore, Jennifer Kroon motioned and Mark Playstead 2nd, unanimously approved. Former Commodore Jennifer Kroon wished Steph well and handed her the Commodore Flag.


There was a special surprise for Andreja Crnic. Everyone in the club boatyard sang her Happy Birthday with a huge cake.


Meeting was adjourned at 6:48 PM.