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EXCOMM 2013_12_15

ExComm Meeting 2013-12-15

In the clubhouse, 6:00 pm

Executive Committee members present: Stephanie Evans (Commodore), Lonnie D. (co-Vice Commodore), Dan Rolinek (co-first Vice-Commodore), Chris Lalau-Keraly and Peter Naulls (co-2nd Vice Commodore), Sophie Horiuchi (co-Port Captain), and Molly Morelock (Secretary). Also in attendance were CSC members Sean (VDL) and Burhan.


Officers reports:



I have some new chair appointments to confirm. Paco Bellamy will be stepping up as Sunday Morning Race Chair; Curtis Brown will stay on as co-Chair. Zac Weiner will no longer be co-chair. Virginia Luchetti will be Youth Rides chair as Jennifer Johnson is stepping down.  Joanie Pacheco has stepped down as food banquet chair. Lon and Heidi are looking for someone or multiple people to fill this position.  

Also, the 2014 Department of Boating and Waterways Grant application is written and to be submitted this week for 2014. 

We have the list for 2014 Open House Dates.

Feb 02

March 16,

April 13, (Bay Festival)

May 18,

June 15,

July 13,

Aug 10,

Sep 14,

Oct 12

Nov 09

SE moved to approve, Sophie H 2nd, UA

Port Captain:

All paid day-leaders are done working for the fall semester and will not work during winter vacation. We held several VDL trainings to create VDLs to cover shifts, and Sophie will try to recruit new hires at UC Berkeley to cover the lesson days during the winter. Special thanks to the VDLs who have worked so far, especially Sean, Lon, and Peter who have covered multiple shifts.

2nd Vice Commodore:

The hospital was at least temporarily cleaned out of damaged boards,
for the first time in a long time.

We are selling off a load of older gear this week. This will raise
a little money and help us rationalize gear in 2014, especially for

Novice boards continue to be a concern (even after ones have been chosen to be discarded). Review shows that we'll need to do additional repair
in January to fix some coarse problems.

Interviewing various senior and regular windsurfers to
get a feel for board usage and other concerns.

Rear Commodore:

Last cruising skipper study group meeting this Tuesday night at BYC.
We have just recieved an offer from a BFD associate for CPR/first aid training/certification at a very good price. Paul Gabet is working to schedule it for January.
Finalizing 2014 Fast Track schedule. I'm planning for 5.
Will find someone to run a senior study group this spring.

Treasurer’s Report:

We have $49,543 in the bank, up $21,271 from our last meeting 11/24 because DBW sent us a check for the remainder of this year's grant.

Income 11/24 - 12/15

DBW grant reimbursement


Regular memberships


UC Workstudy reimbursements


Donations: member, escrip




Spending 11/24 - 12/15

Dayleader wages taxes payroll processing


Clubhouse and Yard--weather station, portapottie service, DSL service, cups, forks, ight bulb, hand cleaner, wirenuts, mint


Keelboats--spark plug cap, fuel line connector for Honda 5 hp; epoxy resin, hardener, filler, pumps, tape, padlocks, tiller cover, 3/8 line, screws, 4 ft line, twine, windex mount, shackle, eyesplice labor, plugs for PP mast running rigging, pizza for mast work party




Dinghies--parts for Venture anchor mounts, eyestraps and screws, 3 auto-release cleats for rudder downhauls, spool gennaker sheet line, sm. craft advisor, clevis pins, cotter rings


Teaching Expenses--food for lesson day BBQs


Insurance--workers comp


Activities--food for GMM 11/24, Ashby Shoal clambake 12/3/13


Rescue skiff--gas for skiff, fuel line connectors


Credit card payment charges, website charge


CSC membership in


Tools--worklights, light bulb, spray paint, cleaning brushes


Windsurfing--fin and vent screws




SE moved to approve the expenditures in theTreasurer Report, SH 2nd. UA

DR moved to Adjourn the meeting, MM2nd. UA. Meeting Adjourned at 6:10 pm.