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2014_02_23 ExComm Meeting Minutes

ExComm 2014_2_23

In the Clubhouse, 1:38 PM

Executive Members present: Executive Committee members present: Stephanie Evans (Commodore), Lonnie D. and Heidi Kearsley (co-Vice Commodores), Dan Rolinek (co-first Vice-Commodore), Peter Naulls (co-2nd Vice Commodore), Kevin Rendueles (3rd Commodore), Yves Parent & Will Spagur (Rear Co-commodore) Sophie Horiuchi (co-Port Captain), Peter Kuhn (Treasurer) and Molly Morelock (Secretary).

Officer's Reports:

CSC site navigation re-organization still in progress. The blog is set to go live by the end of February. Big thanks to Nate Ilten, Rosann Alenbaugh, Brad Block, and Francisco Kattan for helping write blog posts. Marshall Lombardo is also our new Food Banquet Chair.

The free berth application and annual report required by our lease has been submitted to the City of Berkeley, and the Parks and Recreation Committee meeting about granting free berths will be on March 12. Jennifer Kroon will be representing CSC for us in my absence. The bi-annual DBW conference is on 3/4 and 3/5 at Lake Meritt, and Yves Parent will be attending on behalf of CSC. I’ll be offline from 3/5 to about 4/8 for my Clipper Race trip, and Seamus Vanecko and Dan Rolinek will be Interim co-Commodores while I’m gone.

Thank you to everyone for helping get the year off to a good start and taking care of the club during my leave!


Vice Commodore Report:
This is the first GMM that we came in under budget. Marshall Lombardo is our new Banquet Chair and starts today at the GMM BBQ.


First Vice Commodore Report:
We have ordered many long-lead items for the Bahia fleet including spars, sails, foils,  and other boat specific items that are difficult or time-consuming to get.  This is part of our plan to get a few more years out of the Bahia fleet.


Parts and sails for the club laser have arrived and it is now sailing again.  We're working on plans to streamline storage and rigging for this type of boat. We're getting a third Venture this year,  with an eye to more adventurous dinghy cruising supported by outboard-equipped dinghies.


2nd Vice Commodore Report:
Repair and prep of novice gear for this season continues, but nothing unusual to report.


Rear Commodore Report:
Senior study group on its way.
Scheduling this year's five Fast Track weeks.
Not sure if we are going to go with BFD for the CPR/first aid class they seem to have manpower problems, maybe should we bow out and go with a regular (more expensive) vendor.
You are welcome to refer me candidates for the following senior projects: Coordinate a Fast track, Coordinate Monday advanced dinghy lessons. Redo Junior sailing written test (electronic documents cannot be found).


Port Captain Report:
Sepideh Sadaghiani will host bi-monthly Yoga on Stand-up-Paddleboard (SUP) and Sophie wants to run a Jr. Windsurf Fast Track in the Spring.


Treasurer Report:

We have $53,179 in the bank, up $3,054 from last meeting.
Income 1/12 to 2/23/14


Regular memberships


UC Workstudy reimbursements


Windsurf locker memberships


Donations: escrip





Spending 1/12 to 2/23/14


Clubhouse and Yard--3 months portapottie and garbage service, DSL service, coffee, paper towels, potatoes, mayo, cocoa, knife, bike pump, TV converter and antenna, water dispenser, LED lights, electrical cords, padlocks, website blog software, binders for ratings and work cards


Rescue skiff--new low tide skiff engine, parts for older low tide skiff engine, new Whaler skiff sling straps, keys, tach/hour meters, gas


Safety equipment--new PFDs for kids and dayleaders, 1st aid kit supplies


Activities--food for parties


Windsurfing--deposit on 6 RRD novice boards


Taxes--use tax on wholesale purchases


Dinghies--2 Laser sails and rudder, floats, line, stop-ties, fastpins, cotter rings, swage sleeves, camcleats, hogrings, thimbles, hatches, racing mark anchors, snubber


Dayleader wages taxes payroll processing


Keelboats--keelboat motor parts, blocks for new mast for PP, varnish for motor mounts and tiller, zip lock bags, rags, sponge


City--rent, business license


Teaching Expenses--food for lesson day BBQs


Credit card payment charges


Insurance--workers comp


Tools--battery charger, WD-40, JB weld, gasket maker, silicone spray, rease, grease gun, hose, drill bit, hack saw blades, Fein tool blade, drills, pliers






Stephanie Evans (SE) moved to approve the expenditures in the Treasurer’s Report, Molly Morelock (MM) 2nd, Unanimously Approved (UA)



Yves Parent (YP) moved to approve the following Sr. Projects: Stand-Up Paddle Board Yoga clinics by Sepideh and Jr. Windsurf Fast Track by Sophie (SH) and Francisco Kattan's racing rules clinics with videos of the sessions for the club website. Peter Naulls (PN) 2nd. UA.


SE moved to vote on Lifetime memberships for Kim, Steve B. Mitzu and Sheldon. Kevin Redules (KR) 2nd. UA


SE moved to end the meeting and SH 2nd. Meeting ended at 1:44 PM