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2014_03_09 ExComm Meeting Minutes

Executive Committee members present: Lonnie D.and Heidi Kearsley (co-Vice Commodores), Seamus Vanecko and Dan Rolinek (co-first Vice-Commodores), Chris Lalau-Keraly and Peter Naulls (co-2nd Vice Commodores), Yves Parent  (co-Rear Commodore), Peter Kuhn and Stella (Treasurer), and Molly Morelock (Secretary).

Meeting Begins: 6:00 PM


1.  Dan Rolinek (DR)  moved to approve Seamus Vanecko (SV) as Cruising Skipper. Molly Morelock (MM) 2nd. Unanimously approved (UA).

Peter Kuhn (PK) moved to approve the additional expenditure of $15,000 for Windsurf Sails and equipment. Heidi Kearsley (HK) 2nd, UA.

(SV) moved to Adjourn the meeting, YP 2nd. UA. Meeting Adjourned at 6:05 pm.