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2014_04_07 ExComm Meeting Minutes

In the Clubhouse, 6:04 PM

Executive Members present: Executive Committee members present:  Lonnie D. (co-Vice Commodore), Dan Rolinek and Seamus Vanecko (co-first Vice-Commodore), Peter Naulls (co-2nd Vice Commodore), Kevin Rendueles (3rd Commodore), Yves Parent  (Rear Co-commodore) Sophie Horiuchi (co-Port Captain), Peter Kuhn (Treasurer) and Molly Morelock (Secretary).

Officer's Reports:

Vice Commodore Report:
Planning for the Open House this Saturday.

2nd Vice Commodore Report:
We have new boards and sails for novices.

Rear Commodore Report:
We had a successful CPR course today and the next one is scheduled for April 19.

Port Captain Report:
We hired a new dayleader! Phillipe Nguyen.

Treasurer Report:

 Stella says we have $43,915 in the bank, down $9,264 from our last meeting 2/23/14.
We have a signed contract from DBW to be reimbursed for

Outboard Motor for Rescue Skiff: $5,000

(12) Windsurf Lesson Boards and Sails: $15,000

Trainer Dinghy Sailboat and Sails: $11,000

(50) Wetsuits and Foul Weather Gear: $6,000

And everything is ordered but the motor, sails, wetsuits, and foulies.

Income 2/23-4/6/14

Regular memberships $17,202.00
Windsurf locker memberships $2,520.00
UC Workstudy reimbursements $827.19
Credit card rewards $131.92
Yard locker rentals $110.00
Donations: escrip, cash donation $15.21
Total: $20,806.32

Spending 2/23-4/6/14

Insurance--general and marine policy 4/14/14-4/14/15, 1 x monthly workers comp $12,196.00
Windsurfing--remainder payment on 6 RRD beginner boards, formula board, sail repair tape, needles, spray paint $5,872.76
Clubhouse and Yard--portapottie and garbage service, gate for back of yard, cooking range, umbrellas, cabinets, lockers, DSL service, website software, food for workparty $2,677.48
Dayleader wages taxes payroll processing (Feb and March) $2,382.24
City--2 months rent $1,401.34
Dinghies--Laser upper mast section and bailer, blocks, line, floats, snubber, rivets, ring, carabiners, hook, cleat, bungee line, fast pin $1,312.28
Keelboats--keelboat engine parts, wiring supplies, blocks, line, fasteners, cotter pins, shackles, eyestraps, clevis pins, camcleat guides, other parts for mast rigging and motor mounts $1,044.09
Activities--food for 2/22/14 GMM and parties $1,011.20
Teaching Expenses--food for lesson day BBQs $883.15
Credit card payment charges $480.65
Safety equipment--VHF radios, knives, whistles, balaclava for dayleaders $466.35
Rescue skiff--gas, parts $314.97
Tools--jack for skiff trailer repair $27.42
Total: $30,069.93

Big thanks to everyone for getting us stuff!


Peter Kuhn (PK) moved to approve the expenditures in the Treasurer’s Report, Peter Naulls (PN) 2nd, Unanimously Approved (UA)

(LD) moved to recognize Rob Miller as a new Cruising Skipper. Seamus Vanecko (SV) 2nd and UA.

Molly Morelock (MM) moved to host the next GMM on May 18 at the club in the boatyard, after the open house @5 pm.  (PN) 2nd and UA.

Yves Parent (YP) moved to approve the following Sr. Projects: Antony Lunnis and Joel Guzman will run the next FastTrack. Davidi Janinis will manage the 2nd Fire & Rescue event. (SV) 2nd and UA.

(PK) moved to grant free windsurf storage lockers to the following long-time volunteers for one year:
Cindy Ross (2 lockers) for windsurf locker chairing
Heidi and Lon (1 locker each) for co VC-ing
Peter Naulls and Chris Keraly (1 locker each) for windsurf 2nd VC-ing
Mitsu (1 locker) for windsurf sail repair chairing
Sean (1 locker) for vast VDL-ing
Sophia (1 locker) for port captaining and vast VDL-ing

(LD) 2nd, (YP) abstained, nine other members approved.

(PK) moved to approve spending up to $13K this fiscal year (ends 4/30/14) to purchase the items not already ordered to be reimbursed by DBW this calendary year (outboard motor, wetsuits, foul weather gear, sails). (PN) 2nd and UA.

(PK) moved to end the meeting and SH 2nd. Meeting ended at 6.15 PM

(SV) moved to reopen the ExComm meeting at 6:16 PM. (SV) moved to approve Brandon Jonutz' Sr. Project of repairing and installing new roofs over the equipment in the boatyard. (KR) 2nd and UA. Meeting ended at 6:20 PM.