All Meeting Minutes

2014_05_04 Excomm

Attendees: Stephanie Evans, Lonnie D., Dan Rolinek, Chris Lalau Keraly, Yves Parent, Peter Kuhn, Sophie H. and Molly Morelock.

Also in attendance were Joshua (dayleader), Robert Ofsevit and David Fraser.

Officer Reports 

Commodore report:
Met with John Mann to discuss CSC's license renewal. We're drafting up terms for the next four year term, with similar payment structure as the last four year term. Again, we have a reduced rate due to our community service and planned capital improvements. We cannot extend our back fence perimeter as that is the limit of our parcel of land and has already been allotted to another grant project of paving the lot to make it more ADA accessible.
The CSC website is going to be updated on 5/6 and 5/7.

Vice Commodore report:
Planning is underway for May GMM/Open House - 5/18

1st Vice Commodore
still waiting on bahia spars from our order
Made a fresh order of Bahia sails which should be here in a month or so.

2nd Vice Commodore report:
We bought 105 wetsuits in a Neilpryde liquidation deal for about $30/piece. 70 were stenciled and put in service, and the rest were sold to club members at cost. We also put in an order for 11 new Ezzy sails and 4 new masts in the larger size range.

Co-Rear Commodore report:
Successful CPR training completed. 34 graduates, including DL's and cruising skippers in compliance with the OR's .
May Fast Track ready to go, starting Monday May 5.

Port Captain Report
We hired two new day-leaders

Treasurer's Report
We have $36,415 in the bank, down $7,500 from last meeting April 6.  Big thanks to everyone for getting us great stuff!

Income 4/6/14 to 5/4/14
Regular memberships     $18,384.00
Windsurf locker memberships     $4,189.16
UC Workstudy reimbursements     $589.57
Donations: Boy Scouts, AT&T, escrip, cash donation     $388.46
Yard locker rentals     $140.00
Surplus equipment sales--wetsuits     $120.00
Total:        $23,811.19   

Spending 4/6/14 to 5/4/14
Windsurfing--12 Ripper sails, 11 Ezzy sails, 5.0 - 7.5, 4 Ezzy masts, 400 - 460, 5 boom shims, sail repair tape aramid     $10,061.11
Safety equipment--new foul weather gear     $7,483.37
Activities and Teaching Expenses--CPR training 4/6 and 4/12, food for parties, OH, lesson BBQs     $5,338.79
Dayleader wages taxes payroll processing     $2,437.80
Clubhouse and Yard--materials for windsurf board racks (mats, 2x4's), sail rack slides, materials for yard electrical repairs to fridge and table outlets, keys, portapottie and garbage service, DSL service, website software, cups, BBQ parts, propane, umbrella base and frame, forks, paper towels, envelopes, salad spinner, memo books, food processor (busted), hangers for new foulies, sign, wok and cover, padlocks for windsurf lockers, teabags     $2,349.20
City--rent     $700.67
Taxes--use tax on wholesale purchases     $688.00
Dinghies--anchor chains for dinghies, paddles, cleats, anchors, drainplugs, camcleat guides     $572.07
Credit card payment charges     $506.18
Keelboats--parts for PP boom, block, DMV registration holders, dive six hulls 4/24/14, fasteners, carabiners, line     $395.20
Insurance-- workers comp     $319.00
Tools--drill bit, torx bits, battery chargers for cordless drills, grinder, sanders, gloves, shears, scissors sharpener, USB converter for skiff engine diagnostic software     $277.24
Rescue skiff--gas, parts     $182.95

Total:     $31,311.58


Senior projects:
John Bongiovannia and Stefano Maffulli are completely overhauling the CSC web site. New site launches later this week.
Lelia Harper teaching and organizing the June windsurf fast-track.
Prakash Stec will repair sails and do advanced windsurfing clinics for his senior project.
Ben Lee is running the June Fast Track for his Sr. Project
Daniel is going to fix the skiffs and cabinets

Stephanie Evans (SE) moved to approve the Sr. projects. Dan Rolinek (DR) 2nd. Unanimously approved (UA).

Peter Kuhn (PK) moved to approve expenditures for current month. Yves Parent (YP) 2nd. UA.

PK moved to approve following budget for this fiscal year (5/1/14 - 4/30/15) and to authorize spending up to the amounts listed below under Authorized Spending:

Expected Income  
  Memberships (Regular and windsurf locker) $175,000
  DBW reimbursement $40,000
  UC Work-Study Reimbursement $18,000
  Donations, surplus sales, interest, etc. $2,000
        Total Income $235,000
Authorized Spending  
  Club activities $25,000
  Dinghies and rescue skiffs $45,000
  Windsurfing $30,000
  Keelboats $19,000
  Dayleaders $40,000
  Clubhouse and Yard $28,000
  General Overhead $48,000
        Total Spending $235,000

 Sophie Horuchi (SH) 2nd. UA.

SE moved to adjourn the meeting at 6:15 pm. MM 2nd. UA