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2014-05-18_ExCom Meeting Minutes

Excomm Meeting - in the clubhouse at 6:35 PM

Attendees: Stephanie Evans, Lonnie D., Molly Morelock, Dan Rolinek, Seamus Vanecko, Chris Lalau Keraly, Peter Naulls, Kevin Rendules, Will Spargur, Yves Parent, Peter Kuhn, Sophie H., Daniel Bodi and Kevin Dudney.Also in attendance were Jennifer Kroon and  Gunther Weber.

Officer Reports 

2nd Vice Commodore report:
We ordered 100 more wetsuits (due to popular demand).

Co-Rear Commodore report:
More CPR classes will be available to Cruising Skippers, VDLs, Seniors and Excomm. We're looking at purchasing a defibrilator.

Treasurer's Report:

We have $36,171 in the bank, down $244 from our last meeting 5/4/14.

Income 5/5 - 5/18/14

Regular memberships $10,079.28
Windsurf locker memberships $2,520.00
UC Workstudy reimbursements $535.75
Surplus equipment sales--wetsuits $531.24
credit card cash back rewards $227.30
Total: $13,893.57

Spending 5/5 - 5/18/14

Windsurfing--4 JP windsurf boards Freestyle Wave, Magic Ride, 85-118l; harness, spray paint, bondo, hardware, book $5,058.48
Dinghies--5 Bahia mains, 8 Bahia jibs, credit for Laser automatic bailer, 3 telescoping hiking sticks, 6 universal joints, webbing for hiking straps, glue, glue gun for polyethylene, sail repair $4,082.14
Activities and Teaching Expenses-- food for parties, lesson BBQs, CPR training 1 dayleader $1,794.77
Clubhouse and Yard--portapottie service, DSL service, website software and fee, ock lube, chain lube, brushes, bits, decorations for yard, racks for shelving, storage boxes, screws, clips for shelving, locks for windsurf lockers, kitchen supplies, wok and cover, printer toner, paper $715.82
Keelboats--sail repairs, caulk, fasteners $669.25
Safety equipment--50 childrens PFDs from USBoat Foundation Kids Afloat discount program, supplies for marking new loaner foulies $535.99
Rescue skiff--gas, parts $356.88
Insurance-- workers comp $319.00
Credit card payment charges, late payment fee $296.10
Dayleader wages taxes payroll processing $222.16
Tools--shears, scissors, gloves, sanding discs $87.21
Total: $14,137.80


Peter Kuhn (PK) moved to approve the budget and expenditures listed above. Kevin Redules 2nd. UA.

Stephanie Evans moved to approve the rating of Sr. Dinghy Cruising Skipper to Gunther Weber, Molly Morelock 2nd. UA.

PK moved to adjourn the meeting. Seamus Vanecko 2nd. UA.

Meeting adjourned at 6:43 PM.