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2014-10-05 ExComm Meeting Minutes

Date 10/5/2014    
Title Name Code Present
Commodore Stephanie Evans SE  
Vice Commodore (co) Lonnie D. LD  
Vice Commodore (co) Molly Morelock MM  
First Vice Commodore (co) Dan Rolinek DR y
First Vice Commodore (co) Seamus Vanecko SV  
Second Vice Commodore (co) Peter Naulls PN y
Second Vice Commodore (co) Chris Lalau-Keraly CK  
Third Vice Commodore Kevin Rendueles KR  
Rear Commodore (co) Yves Parent YP  
Rear Commodore (co) Will Spargur WS y
Port Captain (co) Sophie Horiuchi SH  
Port Captain (co) Daniel Boldi DB  
Treasurer Peter Kuhn PK y
Secretary Kevin Dudney KD y
Other members present Jennifer Kroon    
Officer Reports  
PN Some new 180 boards; getting rid of some worn out boards; continuing repairs
WS Probably getting ready to move to 1 day/week of windsurfing lessons (Saturday only) for the off season
DR waiting on an order of new foils for the dinghies