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3-15-2015 Excom Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date 3/15/2015    
Title Name Code Present
Commodore Stephanie Evans SE Y
Vice Commodore (co) Lonnie D. LD Y
Vice Commodore (co) Molly Morelock MM  
First Vice Commodore (co) Dan Rolinek DR Y
First Vice Commodore (co) Seamus Vanecko SV  
Second Vice Commodore (co) Peter Naulls PN Y
Second Vice Commodore (co) Chris Lalau-Keraly CK Y
Third Vice Commodore Kevin Dudney KD Y
Rear Commodore (co) Yves Parent YP Y
Rear Commodore (co) Will Spargur WS  
Port Captain (co) Sophie Horiuchi SH Y
Port Captain (co) Daniel Boldi DB  
Treasurer Peter Kuhn PK Y
Secretary Antony D'avirro AD y
Other members present Sean.     


Officer Reports

Commodore: Went to the Department of Boating and Waterways meeting. Learned that SUP yoga is a growing phenomenon, and confirmed suspicions that the Cal Sailing Club is a poster-child for volunteer-run community boating programs. Also went to the city's meeting to get free Keelboat berths, they moved this issue to an April meeting. 

Vice Commodore (Lonnie D.): Summer is coming. Molly wants to get more foulies, specifically children's foulies.

3rd Vice Commodore: Keelboat fleet is getting cleaned up, we have a weekend set aside for a big clean-up day in the near future. 

Rear Commodore (Yves Parent): Fast Track dates for this season are set!

Port Captain (Sophie Horiuchi): Still need dayleaders for Mondays/Wednesdays. 

Treasurer: All the info on expenditures is in the Treasurer's report (see below). Also, foulies purchases can come out of general overhead as safety equipment.    


-Approve expenditures in Treasurer's reports (moved: SE; 2nd: KD; unanimously approved)

-Approve the following purchases, to be reimbursed by California Division of Boating and Waterways (DBW), for up to the following amounts:

(12) Windsurf Lesson Boards and (12) beginner sails $15,000.00
(1 Trainer Dinghy Sailboat   $17,500.00 (including $2,300 of CSC cofunding, not to be reimbursed by DBW)
Keelboat Sails    $3,000.00
Trainer Dinghy Sails and Rigging Ventures, Bahias, and JY15s $4,800.00

This is to allow the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Vice Commodores to place orders now for items with long lead times, such as the windsurf lesson boards.  The actual payments will be made out of next fiscal year's budget (fiscal year starts May 1). (moved: PK; 2nd: SH unanimously approved)

-Adjourn the meeting (moved: SE; 2nd: PN; approved by general consensus of members present). 

 Treasurer's Report

We have $64,190 in the bank, up $5,074 from last Treas report 1/17/15.  

Income 1/18 - 3/15/15
Regular memberships $20,266.87 UC Workstudy reimbursements $777.71 Donations--cash back rewards, Amazon Smile, escrip $232.31 Windsurf locker membership (quarterly payment) $101.65 Total: $21,378.54 

Spending 1/18 - 3/15/15
Dinghies--4 Bahia rudders, 2 Bahia rudder blades, 1 Bahia centerboard, cleats, eyestraps, hiking sticks, hog rings, dinghy rig tape, cable ties, pickup, cleaner, plastic sheet, spray paint, glue, line $4,401.60 Clubhouse and Yard--fencing supplies for rig area, lights for refugee kitchen, portapotty service, DSL service for clubhouse computer, tarp, lag screws and washers for dock, bandaids, pingpong balls, tupperware, lube, dishwashing cleanser, less refund on hangers for wetsuits and foulies, coffee makers and carafe, coffee filters, regulator for BBQ, electric kettle, coffee, propane, silicone sealant for shed roof, spray paint, die, washers, sawblade, plates, forks, PVC repair parts, hot cups, trashcan liners, paint rollers, brushes, markers, hot chocolate, postage $3,234.64 Dayleader wages and taxes (2 months) $2,263.74 City--2x rent and capital contribution $1,460.30 Keelboats--hull cleaning, fasteners, wiring supplies, parts for keelboat motors, wood chisel, funnel, nuts & bolts, drain plugs for lazarette, reef hook, block, light for Merit, fuel hose, CF numbers, filler, spreaders, mix sticks $1,257.01 Activities and Teaching Expenses--food for parties and Sat lesson BBQ's $1,020.75 Communications--Open House flyers, website software subscriptions, USSailing dues $568.98 Insurance--2x workers comp monthly premiums $562.00 Credit card payment charges $548.39 Skiff--gas for skiff, engine parts, carabiners, fuel line parts, trailer casterwheel and parts $433.52 Windsurfing--alcohol wipes, box, respirators, sanding belts and discs, putty knives, spraypaint, respirator cartridges, peel ply, microballoon filler, epoxy resin and hardener, spreaders $417.45 Safety equipment--first aid kit supplies $94.78 Tools--ratchets, socket holders $41.55 Total: $16,304.71