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5-17-2015 GMM Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date 5/17/2015    
Title Name Code Present
Commodore Stephanie Evans SE Y
Vice Commodore (co) Lonnie D. LD Y
Vice Commodore (co) Molly Morelock MM  Y
First Vice Commodore (co) Dan Rolinek DR  Y
First Vice Commodore (co) Seamus Vanecko SV  
Second Vice Commodore (co) Peter Naulls PN  Y
Second Vice Commodore (co) Chris Lalau-Keraly CK  Y
Third Vice Commodore Kevin Dudney KD Y
Rear Commodore (co) Yves Parent YP  Y
Rear Commodore (co) Will Spargur WS  Y
Port Captain (co) Sophie Horiuchi SH  
Port Captain (co) Daniel Boldi DB Y
Treasurer Peter Kuhn PK Y
Secretary Antony D'avirro AD y
Other members present  78 members    


Officer Reports

Antony D'Avirro (secretary): Stationary and chalk in good order. We need to get in contact with Joel Brand to merge Facebook pages and maintain the club's online presence. Also we want to start an automated new member packet to inform new members of list serve, cruises, lessons, etc. 

Stella Kuhn (Treasurer): See Treasurer's Report 

Daniel Boldi: (Port Captain): Dayleaders are doing a great job. We will be organizing VDL clinics soon. Also sign up for the Fast Track June 7-12!

Yves Parent (Rear Commodore): Fast Tracks have begun and are going well, many learning opportunities approaching: CPR certification clinics, a senior study group, and a cruising study group over the winter.

Kevin Dudney (Third Vice Commodore): Keelboats are in great shape! Big thanks to Sheldon, Robert, and Greg for all their hard work.

Chris Keraly and Peter Naulls (2nd Vice Commodore): The season is back! Windsurfing lessons are happening, the boards are mostly in good shape. Big thanks to Phillipe for all his hard work over the off season.

Dan Rolinek (First Vice Commodore): Big thanks to all boat fixers. We have one more brand new RS Venture coming in, we can look forward to more dinghy cruising on this expanded fleet. The Bahia fleet is aging, last year a lot of masts and foils were replaced, but now the plastic hulls are cracking. Look out for dinghy repair clinics in the future.

Lonnie D and Molly Morelock (Vice Commodores): Open houses have been going great. We are ambassadors to new members, always happy to welcome new members and integrate them into the club so if you see them, send them our way!

Commodore: Lots of projects in the near future: yard enclosement is continuing as our membership is limited to the number of boats/amount of space we have. The city of Berkeley is planning renovations to the marina and area immediately surrounding CSC: they are extending the bay trail, installing new shower facilities, and paving the parking lots behind/adjacent to the club. This is scheduled to happen next year. We will try to make sure this does not interfere with the day to day operation of the club. Finally, we are attempting to make the club more digital, check out the website to see what's going on. This is largely in part due to the efforts of John Bongiovanni, big thanks to him.   


78 members were present in the club yard during the meeting, establishing the quorum needed to hold elections for positions on the executive committee.

Incumbent candidates were reelected without contest to all offices except for Commodore by majority vote. 

The position of Commodore (currently held by Stephanie Evans) was contested by Paco Bellham. Stephanie Evans was reelected by majority vote.  

Treasurer's Report

We have $50,209 in the bank, up 1,461 from 4/5/15.  

Income 4/6 - 5/17/15 Regular memberships $20,050.00 Windsurf locker memberships $8,813.54 Donations, cash back rewards, Amazon Smile, wetsuit sale $5,286.09 UC Workstudy reimbursements $468.20

Total: $34,617.83 Spending 4/6 - 5/17/15 Dinghies--deposit on RS Venture 4, 2 dolly wheels, 3 dolly casters, Venture gennaker, plastics, drainplugs for Ventures, paddles, anchors, cleats, line, shroud adjusters, 7 trapeze harnesses, sail repair, kayak hatch covers $20,188.06 Windsurf--10 mast bases, 20 rolls sail repair tape,6 mast extensions, 11 booms, 10 deviators, 10 harness lines, spray paint, sanding discs $3,151.38 Activities and Teaching Expenses--food for parties and Sat lesson BBQ's $2,395.93 Dayleader wages and taxes $2,352.51 Skiff--gas for skiff, engine parts, steering cable, VHF radios to trade UCAC for used trailer frame, supplies for rebuilding trailer, battery charger $1,365.85 Keelboats--cleaning supplies, sail repairs, hull cleaning, painting supplies, keelboat engine parts $1,007.60 City--rent $833.33 Clubhouse and Yard-- portapotty service, DSL service for clubhouse computer, fencing supplies, coffee, new webcam, allthread, paint, wirebrush, cutoff blades for skiff trailer repair, juice, hot chocolate, trash cans, hose, faucet parts, ratchets $688.72 Credit card payment charges $611.35 Insurance--workers comp x 2 months $562.00 Total: $34,617.83

Annual report can be found on Club website homepage. 

General Fanfare

The official portion of the meeting ended and the smell of coconut milk curry wafed through the yard. The newly-renamed Small Craft Advisory (formerly CSC House Band) took to the stage for their particular brand of classic rock sailing parodies and funky dance grooves. Those who could still move after eating pounds of curry chicken attempted to do so on the dance floor. After a short break and a few gallons of ice cream, special guests Pistachio took to the stage for a long set that riled up the remaining membership: fifteen or so members locked arms and began running at full speed in a circle which could only be some sort of ritual offering to the wind gods. A mosh pit then ensued in which a certain second vice commodore was spotted handing out multiple pile-drivers. Overall the evening was a great success, with the remaining members emitting the kind of warm, camaraderic glow that can only derive from a wild and intimate concert at a local community sailing club.