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7-19-15 Excom Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date 7/19/2015    
Title Name Code


Commodore Stephanie Evans SE N
Vice Commodore (co) Lonnie D. LD Y
Vice Commodore (co) Molly Morelock MM  Y
First Vice Commodore (co) Dan Rolinek DR  N
First Vice Commodore (co) Seamus Vanecko SV  Y
Second Vice Commodore (co) Peter Naulls PN  Y
Second Vice Commodore (co) Chris Lalau-Keraly CK  Y
Third Vice Commodore Kevin Dudney KD
Rear Commodore (co) Yves Parent YP
Rear Commodore (co) Will Spargur WS
Port Captain (co) Sophie Horiuchi SH
Port Captain (co) Daniel Boldi DB Y
Treasurer Peter Kuhn PK Y
Secretary Antony D'avirro AD N
Other members present      

Officer Reports

Molly Morelock (Co-Vice Commodore): It's been great being on Excom, but work and kids need my attentionl So I need to find a replacement. I'll be available until we find a good fit.

Yves Parent (Rear Commodore): Next Sailing Fast Track is coming up and Sam Kohn will run it.

Peter Naulls (2nd Vice Commodore): Windsurfing Fast Tracks are coming up soon, as well as ABK clinics. 

Daniel Boldi (Co- Port Captain) - Anthony is training new VDLs

Stella Kuhn: See Treasurer's Report Below

Senior Projects 

Move to approve Peter Naulis - Rio Vista/ABK Trip; Andrew Meyers, Fast Track, Sam Kohn, Fast Track and Fabio Ciullia - Updating Dinghy and Keelboat manuals. LD moved to approve. PK 2nd. UA (unanimously approved)


Move to approve expenditures in Treasurer's report (PK, moved; MM, 2nd; unanimously approved) 

Move to close meeting. (SV, moved; YP, 2nd; approved)

Treasurer's Report

Bank balance: $46,472.  And DBW owes us about $30k for the RS Venture, and the JP Funsters and beginner windsurf sails, we need to complete the dinghy and keelboat sail purchases. 

Income 6/14 - 7/19/15  
Regular memberships $27,379.01
Donations $7.00
Windsurf locker memberships $436.61
UC Workstudy reimbursements $1,267.35
Total: $29,089.97
Spending 6/14 - 7/19/15  
Windsurf--12 Funsters, 2 All ride, 1 Freestyle Wave windsurf boards $17,818
Activities and Teaching Expenses--food for parties, Fast Track dinners, Thurs. nite racing dinners, Open House 5/17 and 6/14, lesson BBQ's and snax, Angel I. cruise dock fee, books, food for TI dinghy cruise, food for 7/4 party $1,804
Keelboats-- hull cleaning, painting supplies, fasteners, anodes, sail stops, fiberglassing supplies, extrusion, rivets, batten stock, sail repair tags, turnbuckle Tbolt, cunningham hook, sail repairs $865
Dinghies--shackles, webbing, zippers for jib covers, rivnuts, plastic sheet, shock cord, line, cleats, trapeze handles, blocks, eye straps, clevis pins, shackle guards, fast pins, sail repairs, webbing, zippers for sail covers, hiking straps $2,439
Tools--Jdock tools, sander parts and paper, air compressor regulator, winch service tools, kneepads, tape, sanding wheels, screwdriver $270
Credit card payment charges $647
Skiff--sketch engine parts, battery switch and wiring supplies for skiff lights project, fiberglass, spray paint $531
Dayleader wages and taxes, payroll processing $4,434
Clubhouse and Yard--garbage service, pingpong balls, paint for clubhouse (thanks Simon!), DSL service for clubhouse computer, hoses and tape, paint for clubhouse $1,160
Taxes, Registration--use tax 4/1 - 6/30/15, register RS Venture 4 $4,693
Insurance--Directors and Officers annual premium, workers comp monthly premium $2,031
City--rent $833
Safety equipment--handheld VHF radio HX150, two year warranties $158
Total: $37,684.47