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8-16-15 GMM Meeting Minutes

(Big thanks to Sophie Horiuchi for taking these notes in the secretary's absence!) Meeting Date: 8/16/2015 Attendants: Kevin, Daniel R., Chris, Peter N., Daniel B., Sophie 6:24 Kevin fills in for Stephanie and opens meeting Officer Reports: 1st Vice: DR: Dinghies are being maintained, and thank you to all who are fixing boats 2nd Vices: CK: Purchased new Jr boards and large Maui sails for those who don’t like Ezzy brand. Many broken windsurf boards in board hospital need to be repaired. Board repair clinics have been held throughout summer, and more will be coming up. 3rd Vice: KD: Ordered new sails for Keel boats. Sheldon will be holding winch clinics on Weds. 8/19 and 8/26. Thank you Sheldon and Greg for their work. Port captains: SH: Great summer day-leaders. Now hiring work study students for the fall sememster. Antony has been training and organizing volunteer day-leaders. Vice Commodore: LD: Donnie replaces Molly as co-rear commodore Rear Commodore: KD: August Jr. Skipper fast track needs volunteers. Also, please come teach dinghy lessons. Secretary: KD: Anthony is on tour with his band Treasurer: KD: we are doing fine on money Commodore: KD: We have a new cruise website that will consolidate the current cruise websites. Progress is being made on getting approval for the fence around the yard behind the club house. The city has cashed our checks. We also purchased a new domain name: for about $20. Other Announcements: -Orestes sailed from Bermuda to New York and will be giving presentation after GMM -Will Y cooked tonights dinner (thank you!) KD close meeting at 6:31