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8-16-2015 Excomm Meeting Minutes

(Big thanks to Sophie Horiuchi for taking these notes in the secretary's absence!) Meeting Date: 8-16-2015 Attendance Lon Dober Kevin Dudney Sophie Horiuchi Yves Parent Chris Keraly Peter Nauls Donnie Shultz Other members: Eva, Sean, Anthony, Amy 5:15pm KD calls meeting Votes: -Donnie Shultz as interim Co-Vice Commodore to replace Molly (moved: LD; 2nd: PN; unanimously approved) -Senior project: Eva N.-women’s windsurf fast track (moved: KD; 2nd: CK; unanimously approved) -Senior project: Dan Z.-social media for club (moved: KD; 2nd: PN; unanimously approved) -Senior project: Milo S. and Michael D.-August Jr. Skipper Fast Track (moved: YP; 2nd: KD; unanimously approved) 5:20pm KD motion to close meeting, PD 2nd, unanimously approved.