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2007.04.01 - Excom

Sunday April 01, 2007

Excomm Members Present:

  • Allan Champion, Commodore
  • Norman Thomas, Vice Commodore
  • Matt Harvey, 2nd Vice
  • Michael Scalet, Port Captain
  • Jennifer Kroon, co-Secretary
  • Peter Kuhn, Treasurer

Treasurers Report

We have $47,414 in the main accounts, plus $2,760 in the CSC Xtras account, down $1,183 from the 1/21/07 Treas report.

In the 8 weeks since then, we took in $14,610:
regular memberships $8,390.00
windsurf locker memberships (thanks Isabella and all the locker wsers!) $2,265.00
UC workstudy reimbursement $2,131.00
sale of Capri 25 trailer (thanks Norm!) $750.00
YRA memberships $500.00
BBQ donations 2/4, 3/4, 3/18 $341.00
refund of credit card fee $95.00
donations $52.00
interest $45.00
booklet sales $41.00
Total $14,610.00
And we spent $15,793:
insurance (liability) $7,475.00
dayleader wages, taxes, payroll processing $2,978.00
dinghies--JY spinnifying & trapeze parts, new casters for dollies, 5o5 parts, paddles, fiberglassing stuff, sail repairs $1,270.00
2/5/7 General Membership Meeting food, rental, printing $983.00
February and March lease payments $924.00
keelboats--drifter sail, Ca25 2nd reef & spinny sheets & hatch latches, Ensign spinny sheets, sail repairs, blocks, fasteners, etc. $786.00
food for BBQ Open House 2/4 and 3/4 $491.00
building & grounds--garbage service, bamboo for fence, hose, lights $276.00
YRA calendar ad $180.00
credit card processor charges $102.00
sail reserved signs, TV for windsurf instruction videos $102.00
tools--belt sander, hole saw, wrenches $77.00
engines--manual, temperature sensor $68.00
cocoa, hot cups, etc. for clubhouse $41.00
DMV fees 5o5, trailer $33.00
voltmeter battery, DBW certified mail $ 6.00
Total $15,792.00

Agenda Items:

  • Wetsuits
  • Laser Match Racing
  • Hunter 14.6
  • Catalina 14.2
  • Matthias Roeschke's Windsurfing Senior Project
  • Commander Improvements


Motion: Spend up to $600 on new wetsuits for membership use. Matt moved, Jennifer seconded. Passed unanimously.

Laser Match Racing

Motion: Allow laser match racing to happen on Saturday afternoons. Peter moved, Michael seconded. Passed unanimously.

Hunter 14.6

Peter Kuhn moved to spend up to $12,000 to purchase two Hunter 146's. Jennifer seconded, passed unanimously.

At least half, and probably 3/4 of this amount will come from our DBW grant. The $12,000 budget includes the cost of all the parts needed to fit the boats out; the cost of the two hulls without sales tax or parts is $9,400. Our current budget provides $6,000 for one boat; that amount can be revised as long as the total remains $25,000. Based on our experience last year, Peter thinks DBW will pay the $9,400 direct cost (without sales tax or parts)for both boats if we reduce the number of dinghy dollies from eight to the five new ones that are under Lidos or Hunters, along with the three that DBW bought last year.

The Hunter 146 tested well on the Circle in typical summer afternoon conditions. It had good stability--it was hard to capsize, and came up easily. The JY15 style construction provides built-in buoyancy and toughness.

The boats will be fitted out with masthead floats, bow bumpers (to be sent separately), and filler between the rubrail and hull to reinforce the flange that holds the rubrail. We'll also replace the rudderhead cheeks and gudgeons, and beef up the mounting. Plus more anti-skid and handles to get back in. And anchors and paddles. But no bailers.

We also investigated the Catalina Capri 14.2, which is a fine boat that sails and looks better than the H146. Overall the C14.2 seems slightly less suitable as a trainer boat because of its lower resistance to capsizes and apparently less durable construction. We saw extensive cracks inside the 10 year old C14.2's at Shoreline Sailing in Mt. View. The quote we got for C14.2's is also ~20% more expensive than the one we got for the H146's. We feel it would make a fine racing and recreation boat, and a good trainer, but the H146 is slightly more appropriate for the trainer dinghy role that our DBW grant will support.

Catalina 14.2

Peter moved, Michael seconded, passed unanimously.

Matthias Roeschke's Windsurfing Senior Project

Motion: Retroactively approve last summers windsurfing delta trips as Matthias' senior project. Matt moved, Norm seconded. Passed unanimously.

Commander Improvements

Motion: Spend up to $9000 on the commanders to paint the topsides and bottoms, and to do any other work that needs to be done. Michael moved, Peter seconded. Passed unanimously.

Michael motions to adjourn, Matt seconded. Passed unanimously.

Next excomm meeting is Sunday, April 22, 2007.