All Meeting Minutes

2007.04.22 - Excom

Sunday April 22, 2007

Excomm Members Present:

  • Allan Champion, Commodore
  • Norm Thomas, Vice Commodore
  • Matt Harvey, 2nd Vice Commodore
  • Brian Buchanan, 3rd Vice Commodore
  • Matt Jones, Rear Commodore
  • Lori Tewksbuy, Co-Secretary
  • Jennifer Kroon, Co-Secretary
  • Peter Kuhn, Treasurer

CSC Members Present:
  • Ken Osborne
  • Jane Morson
  • John Mankey
  • Marley Morson ESQ., LLP.

Treasurer's Report

Approval of the Treasurer's Report. Peter moves, Allan seconds, passed unanimously.

We have $36,724 in the main accounts (plus $2,784 in the CSC Xtras account), down $11,303 from two weeks ago when those accounts held $48,027.

In the past two weeks we have taken in:
windsurf locker memberships (thanks Isabella and all the ws lockerers!) $3,080.00
regular memberships $2,895.00
YRA memberships $100.00
BBQ donations Open House 4/8/7 $61.00
booklet sales $ 5.00
Total $6,141.00
And we have spent:
(2) new Hunter 146 dinghy sailboats (to be reimbursed by DBW grant) $9,400.00
(8) new Aerotech 5.0 and 6.2 dacron windsurf sails (to be reimbursed by DBW grant) $2,857.00
dayleader wages, taxes, payroll processing $1,769.00
sales tax, registration on (2) Hunter 146s $841.00
(17) new wetsuits (thanks Jane!) $637.00
new VHF radios for dayleaders, supplies for new deck table, brooms, etc. $492.00
orbital sanders, grinder disks, painting supplies $391.00
building & grounds--garbage service, dump fees for cleanup $340.00
food for Open House 4/8/7 BBQ $221.00
dinghy maintenance--P15 chainplates, JY paint, Lido pumps (thanks Sheldon!) $145.00
keelboats--sealant, padlocks $126.00
metal and fasteners for casters for new dollies $116.00
credit card processing fees for March (on $2,547 volume) $70.00
stamps for Treasurer $39.00
Total $17,444.00


  • Auric Horneman's Senior Project
  • Foul Weather Gear Purchase
  • T-Shirts
  • Sean Seward's Senior Rating
  • General Membership Meeting
  • Mystery Announcement
  • Expenditure Approval
  • Safe Boating Week
  • Dinghies
  • Marley Morson's Rating
  • Cal Boating Attendee Memberships
  • Chair Appointments
  • Spock 540
  • Youth Memberships

Auric Horneman's Senior Project

Auric is 14 years old, very responsible and has parent permission to be a senior. Motion: As a senior project, Auric Hornman will fix the cleats on the Capri (especially the halyards). Jennifer moved, Norm seconded, passed unanimously.


Foul Weather Gear Purchase

Jane has arranged for the club to be able to purchase high quality foul weather gear for at a very good price ($1500) to be used as dayleader gear and loaner gear. It is a tax write off for the company we are purchasing for.

Motion: Spend $1500 to purchase the foul weather gear. Peter moved, Jennifer seconded, passed unanimously.


Jane has a lot of the club T-shirts to sell and suggests putting them on sale, as we need new T-shirts with a new design. T-shirts have made a lot of money for the club. She would like to bring them and sell them at the next General Membership Meeting.

Motion: Sell the rest of the current t-shirts as Jane sees fit. Jennifer moved, Brian seconded, passed unanimously.

Sean Seward's Senior Rating

Motion: Sean has met all of the requirements that excomm asked him to, so he will be reinstated as a senior skipper. Peter moved, Jennifer seconded, passed unanimously.

General Membership Meeting

We are supposed to have a General Membership Meeting with elections on May 7th, but there are problems with holding it then, because notifications did not go out 20 days in advance (which keeps it from being a legal meeting) and it is bad timing for our cooks (Jennifer Kirkland and Jerry Huff). There are several volunteers who can help and Chris Sears has volunteered to coordinate them for a May 7th meeting.

The proposed agenda is:

  • no host bar
  • dinner
  • officer reports
  • elections
  • dessert
  • mystery announcement
  • clean up.

Mystery Announcement

Discussion of the mystery announcement. Details will be added to the minutes after the General Membership Meeting, as we would not want to ruin the surprise!

Expenditure Approvals

Peter thought that excomm would need to approve up to $500 for sketchmobile motor repair but this is not needed as the repairs were under $250.

National Safe Boating Week

Jennifer has volunteered to coordinate these activities and is writing a grant through Calboating to help pay for these activities. Anyone who has an activity or who would like to help should contact Jennifer. We will need lots of volunteers! Jennifer will ask excomm for appropriations at a later date if needed but she is writing a $1000 grant to pay for this so she's hopeful she will not need CSC appropriations.

Dinghy Repairs

No discussion on this topic occurred.

Marley Morson Esq.'s Rating

Motion: Give Marley Morson Esq a free membership and bless his J+ rating as he has completed all of the required tests (slightly modified to accommodate his caninity) including demonstrated ability to consistently water start on both tacks. Peter moved, Jennifer seconded, passed unanimously. Congratulations Marley!

Cal Boating Attendee Memberships

Jennifer moves the we give Cal Boating meeting attendees free CSC memberships for good PR and more people to teach. It will not cost us much and they will still have to go through our ratings system.

Motion: Give the Cal Boating Aquatic Center Director meeting attendees free memberships. Jennifer moved, Matt Jones seconded, passed unanimousely.

Chair Appointments

Norm talked ot Tyler Elliot about taking over membership and he will take it. Also Pamela Crawford will co-chair ad chair to help Sophie.

Allan appoints Tyler Elliot has the new membership chair and Pam Crawford as co-add chair.

Spock 540

Matt Harvey nailed a Spock 540 today. Yea Matt! Kao Liang Chiew!

Youth Membsership

Motion: Excomm supports developing a youth windsurfing program that could offer 3-month memberships discounted to $1, to youth (under 18) whose parents/guardians vouch for their ability to participate in our programs like our adult members, and who will teach windsurfing on four Saturday mornings. Peter moved, Jennifer seconded, passed unanimously. (Note: this is not a fee change or fixed program but a vote to support development of a program that can help us expand our teaching program and help to get additional financial support from the City).

Adjourn: Peter moved, Jennifer seconded, approved unanimously.