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2007.05.06 - Excom

Sunday May 06, 2007

Excomm Members Present

  • Allan Champion, Commodore (by phone)
  • Norman Thoman, Vice Commodore
  • Chris Sears, Co 1st Vice Commodore
  • Auric Horneman, Co-1st Vice Commodore
  • Matt Jones, Rear Commodore
  • Jennifer Kroon, Co-Secretary
  • Peter Kuhn, Treasurer

Members Present:

  • Kestutis Sinkunas

Treasurer's Report:

We have $34,307 in the main accounts (plus $2,784 in the CSC Xtras account), down $2,417 from three weeks ago when those accounts held $36,724.

We have taken in:
regular memberships $5,985.00
windsurf locker memberships -thanks Isabella and all the ws lockerers! $3,500.00
surplus equipment sales -thanks Matt! $300.00
UC workstudy reimbursement $169.00
YRA memberships $100.00
BBQ donations Fast Track -thanks Pamela! $42.00
interest $19.00
booklet sales $ 9.00
Total $10,124.00
And we have spent:
11 windsurf sails, 4 masts, 2 booms, glue & screws for rolling board racks $4,462.00
dayleader wages, taxes, payroll processing $3,604.00
windsurf maintenance--footstraps, harness lines, mast extensions, base plates, screws etc $1,078.00
13 sets loaner foulies pants and tops -thanks Jane! $933.00
4 sets dayleader union suit foulies -thanks Jane! $600.00
lease fee May $462.00
dinghy maintenance--nonskid foam, shackles, fasteners, cleats, carabiners $283.00
4/30-5/4 Fast Track Snacks, JY racing party 4/26 $231.00
propane, cups, water for BBQs $137.00
new tiller for Capri 25 -thanks Allan! $134.00
gas for skiff $74.00
lumber for deck table -thanks Riley! $69.00
old check Viet Lam -- teaching supplies $64.00
manual for sketchmobile engine $62.00
credit card processing fees $61.00
late fee - lease -someone put mail in bottom of drawer $46.00
tools-screw extractor, screwdriver bits, rotary files $40.00
stamps for Treasurer $39.00
keelboats--mast fittings $35.00
engines-plugs, oil $34.00
H146 anchors, washers for casters for new dollies $33.00
DMV reg 5o5 trailer $30.00
workparty pizza 4/27 membership database $22.00
bagels Sat am -thanks Mark! $10.00
Total $12,543.00


  • Kestutis' Senior Project
  • JY Racing
  • Resignation of the 1st Vice Commodores
  • Appointments of new 1st Vice Commodores
  • General Membership Meeting
  • Tidelands
  • Windsurf Lessons
  • Free Membership
  • Vice Commodore

Kestutis' Senior Project

Motion: Approve improvements of the Hunters as Kestutis Sinkunas' senior project. He will replace the plastic gudgeons with aluminum ones, replace the rudderhead cheeks with thicker cheeks, and install mast plates to keep the main sail slugs on the mast. Peter moved, Norm seconded, passed unanimously.

JY Racing

Motion: Excomm shall officially sanction the JY races starting retroactively April 1st until November 24, 2007. No official racing rating will be required of the skippers. The races will be held Thursday evenings starting at 1700 until sunset and all club JY15's will be reserved for the races during that time. Jennifer moved, Peter seconded, passed unanimously.

They will be conducted under the simplified racing rules listed below.

JY Racing Rules:

  • 1) Port keeps clear of starboard.
  • 2) Windward keeps clear of leeward.
  • 3) The boat astern keeps clear of the boat ahead.
  • 4) A boat Tacking or Jibing keeps clear of one that is not.
  • 5) Avoid collisions. Racing Rules are defensive to prevent collisions not offensive racing tactics.
  • 6) If you gain right of way or change course, give the other boat time to keep clear.
  • 7) The inside boat(s) at two boat lengths from the leeward mark is entitled to room to round the mark.
  • 8) A boat that is backing up or not racing keeps clear.
  • 9) If you have violated a rule, take a penalty. A penalty is to turn a 360 degree circle with at least 1 tack and 1 jibe.
  • 10) No protesting or yelling is allowed. If you are fouled, kindly ask the other boat to do their 360 degree circle.

Whether they do or not, the matter is over. After racing is concluded you may scream obscenities into your pillow about how you have been wronged.

Resignation of the 1st Vice Commodores

Motion: Accept the resignations of Dan Pang and Dan Pond as 1st Vice Commodores. Jennifer moved, Matt seconded, passed unanimously.

Appointments of new 1st Vice Commodores

Allan appoints Chris Sears and Auric Horneman as the new 1st Vice Commodores. Excomm confirms the appointments.

Allan left the meeting.

General Membership Meeting

Motion: The next General Membership Meeting shall be held on May 31st at the BYC. The agenda shall be as follows:

  • no host bar
  • dinner
  • officer reports
  • elections
  • dessert
  • mystery announcement
  • clean up

The following people are running for elections:

  • Allan Champion, Commodore
  • Pamela Crawford, Vice Commodore
  • Auric Horneman, Co-1st Vice Commodore
  • Chris Sears, Co-1st Vice Commodore
  • Matt Harvey, 2nd Vice Commodore
  • Brian Buchanan, Co-3rd Vice Commodore
  • Kestutis Sinkunas, Co-3rd Vice Commodore
  • Matt Jones, Rear Commodore
  • Michael Scalet, Port Captain,
  • Peter Kuhn, Treasurer
  • Lori Tewksbury, Co-Secretary
  • Jennifer Kroon, Co-Secretary

Peter moved, Jennifer seconded, passed unanimously.


Peter recommends that everyone rent this movie.

Windsurf Lessons

Motion: Affirm that windsurf lessons can be put on the water without a rating under the supervision of a teacher. Peter moved, Jennifer seconded, passed unanimously.

Free Membership

Motion: Offer a free membership to Dara of Shorebird Nature Center (and any other employee Shorebird) so they can learn to sail. Matt moved, Jennifer seconded, passed unanimously.

Vice Commodore

Norm, acting as commodore (in Allan's absence), appoints Pamela Crawford as Vice Commodore and then resigns as vice commodore. Excomm confirmed.

Chris motioned to adjourn, Matt seconded, passed unanimously.