All Meeting Minutes

2007.05.31 - Excom

Thursday May 31, 2007

Excomm members present

  • Jennifer Kroon - co secretary
  • Michael Scalet - port captain
  • Lori Tewksbury - co secretary
  • Brian Buchannan - third vice commodore
  • Chris Sears - co first vice commodore
  • Auric Horneman - co first vice commodore
  • Peter Kuhn - treasurer

Officer Reports

Commodore: Allan officially appointed Michael Nielsen as the Social Chair.


  • Next Year's Budget
  • This Year's Final Budget Statement
  • Minor Membership
  • 5th Windsurfing Locker
  • Grant Writers
  • Advanced Dinghy Teaching

Proposed Budget for Fiscal Year 07-08

Expected Income
Membership Dues $76,010 $ 0.00
Windsurf Locker Associate Membership Dues $11,760.00
Racing Associate Membership Dues $800.00
Donations, surplus sales, interest, etc. $6,000.00
DBW reimbursement $25,000.00
UC Work-Study Reimbursement $21,120.00
Total $64,680.00
Expected Operating Expenses
Dayleaders $37,448.00
Lease $5,544.00
Newspaper Ads, Voicemail, other Communications $5,000.00
Dinghy maintenance $3,000.00
maintenance $4,500.00
maintenance $3,000.00
and engines maintenance $3,500.00
Buildings & Grounds maintenance $1,500.00
Club activities $10,000.00
Miscellaneous expenses (property taxes, burgees, booklets, office supplies, check charges, etc.) $5,000.00
Total $89,992.00
Expected Capital Expenditures
Dinghies $28,000.00
Keelboats $6,000.00
Windsurfing boards, sails $25,000.00
Rescue Skiff $500.00
Clubhouse & Yard Improvements $1,500.00
Total $61,000.00

Total Spending $150,992

Effect on Cash Assets 0

Cash 5/1/06 $45,000

Expected Income FY 05-06 $140,690

Total Spending Budgeted FY 05-06 $150,992

Cash assets expected 4/30/07 $34,698

Peter moves, Michael seconds, passes unanimously

Accept final budget statement for this year

Peter moves, Michael seconds, passes unanimously

Minor Membership

Motion to approve an underage membership for Rocky Kamen-Rubio. Lori moves, Matt J seconds, passes unanimously.

5th windsurfing locker

Discussion about space for dingies, windsurfing space. We need more information about this so we are tabling this until further notice.

Grant Writers

Motion to spend up to $750 to pay professional grant writers to research possible grant opportunities, handle communications, writing, and follow-up with potential funders and also discuss/incorporate expertise from club members who have worked on grants in the past.Michael moved, Jennifer seconds, passes unanimously.

Advanced Dinghy Teaching

Motion to allow seniors to take senior candidates in separate dinghies out to the senior dinghy area for the purposes of teaching more advanced sailing. All dinghies must be self bailing and have an anchor and paddle, and the juniors must carry a whistle, knife, and flashlight. Seniors must carry their senior kit and an electronic means of communication. Seniors must inform the dayleader of the juniors and boats being taken, or note it in the log book if the club is closed. Question about laser - is self-bailing? When planing…. This is a question that the senior should be able to decide (have some leeway). Jennifer moved, Michael seconds, passes unanimously.

Other business

Peter moves that we thank everyone involved with cooking and cleaning tonight and make Princess a junior skipper and free membership. Second by Jennifer, passes unanimously.

Peter moves that we thank Jane for bringing the old T-shirts here to sell. Go Jane! Second by Michael; passes unanimously.


Michael moves to adjourn, Jennifer seconds, passes unanimously