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2007.06.17 - Excom

Sunday June 17, 2007
Excomm Members Present Auric Hornemann Pam Crawford Lori Tewksbury Matt Jones Jennifer Kroon Brian Buchanan meeting called to order at 6:32 I. Senior Projects - no senior projects II. Motion to sell the 5th storage locker - Chris moved; Peter Kuhn seconded - passes unanimously III. Discuss the August general membership meeting date - discussion about location of GMM - at the club we would need a PA system, place for tables, etc. - possibly use conference room? - picnic area at OCSC? - Pam will investigate Spengers and Skates and will report back at the 7/1 excomm meeting - discussion about the dates - we had a previously approved date but apparently there is a conflict with the BYC and/or the cooks - previously approved date was August 6th - August 27 works for the cooks and BYC - concern about the cost of BYC - rental cost plus food (approximately $750) - concern that we pay more than other sailing organizations - concern about changing the dates from what is online as changing the May/June dates was a big deal - excomm will vote on the GMM date for August at the 7/1 meeting IV. Other business A. Pam has other business: A member who says he is a junior claims not to be able to find his card so he has no rating and no hours - this is not an isolated incident and the dayleaders would like some way to verify a person's ratings and hours (ratings especially) if a whitecard is missing - suggestions included having this listed in the log (like memberships), having the back of a person's membership card signed off in addition to the whitecard and having the membership chair keep track of ratings and hours - too impractical for membership chair to update hours - members could email the membership chair with their new rating and then the membership chair could keep track of it - no resolution reached on this item B. Matt has other business: We need operating rules for Capri - these are being discussed but nothing concrete yet - seniors are just taking the Capri out (without the "Capri checkout") - concern about the Capri sinking - no flotation on the boat yet… what about bolting the laserettes shut (already done) - little more difficult to handle in high winds than a commander, but not much - concern of if someone screws up - ensigns will swamp and still float (like the lidos) - shouldn't be a separate sign out for seniors - you can sail any boat so a separate sign out not needed - no resolution reached on this item - will return to this during the 7/1 meeting C. Jennifer is planning on re-writing the operating rule this summer (with lots of wine); Lori volunteered to help her with the re-writing (and the wine) V. Move to adjourn at 7:06 by Pam, seconded by Brian, approved unanimously