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2007.07.22 - Excom

Sunday July 22, 2007

Excomm Members Present


  • Brian Buchanan, co-3rd Vice Commodore
  • Edward Anelli, newly appointed co-3rd Vice Commodore
  • Michael Scalet, Port Captain
  • Chris Sears, co 1st-Vice Commodore
  • Matt Jones, Rear Commodore
  • Pamela Crawford, Vice Commodore
  • Allan Champion, Commodore
  • Jennifer Kroon, co-Secretary
  • Lori Tewksbury, co-Secretary


Officer Reports

Treasurer report for /7/4 and last open house stats We have $41,551 in the main accounts, plus $3,548 in the CSC Xtras ?account, up $775 since the last report 7/1/06 when we had $40,776.


In the last 3 weeks, our income was
regular memberships (July memberships will be record for CSC, beating last year which also set the record) $10,915.00
sale of 20 foot container (thanks Chris Sears!) $1,000.00
BBQ donations OH 7/4 & 7/15 (thanks Sierra and the plate ticket sellers) $808.00
booklet sales $18.00
Donations--ws equipment, escrip $10.00
Total $12,751.00


And we spent
dayleader wages, taxes, payroll-processing June $3,895.00
windsurf--4 Ripper3 4.2 sails (to be reimbursed by Cal Boating), 12 universals, 2 mast ext, 300 feet downhaul, lumber 2 simulators $2,509.00
keelboat maintenance- -Commander cleaning & painting supplies, Ensign mast parts, 5 hulls clean bottoms $1,483.00
OH BBQ food 7/4 & 7/15 (thanks Sierra, Vi,Michael N) $909.00
copying brochures cards signups $877.00
lease payment June $462.00
Fast Track BBQ 7/20 party (thanks Michael N and S and Vi and Manesh et al) $424.00
tools--respirators, voltmeters, strip/crimp pliers, sail palm $384.00
cruises: BBQ food Angel I, dock fees (thanks Jennifer Kroon) $327.00
pipe parts repair PFD rack $150.00
garbage service Jun - Sep $133.00
credit card fees, stop payment fee lost check $132.00
annual membership SF Boardsailing Association $100.00
skiff engine parts 25 hp motor $63.00
prizes for relay race (thanks Pauline, lets have a race!) $52.00
stamps for Treas $41.00
racing horn (thanks Allan) $25.00
clubhouse deck mural painting supplies (thanks Maylou!) $11.00
Total $11,977.00



  • General Membership Meeting
  • 3rd Vice
  • Dinghy Purchase

Set GMM date/locale

Chris is moving that the date is August 27th or whatever date Chris arranges at the Berkeley Yacht Club. Chris moved; Michael seconds, passes unanimously.

This is a change from the originally agreed upon date (the website needs to be changed. This may be the last meeting in which Jennifer Kirkland may cook but we have a few new people who may be willing to step up. Chris has volunteered to contact new cooks for the GMMs if needed. Regardless of the new date, we will have ample time to notify people within the 20-day limit (by Pam).

Appoint Edward Anelli co-3rd vice

(to work with Brian Buchanan)

Michael moves that Kestutis Sinkunas be removed from excomm b/c he has not come to any excomm meetings nor has he responded to emails; seconded by Jennifer; passes unanimously

Allan, acting in concert with the rest of excomm, appointed Edward Anelli as co- 3rd Vice (yeah!)

Discussion of possible dinghy purchase

From Gary:

After trying to get an answer from Sharon Day, VP at Catalina, for over a week on the purchase terms, I call Frank Butler, Catalina Pres. He says that I should work with John Schulthess of Wind Toys, our "local" dealer in Santa Rosa. I call John mid-week. He said he has already talked to Frank several times about our interest in the C14.2. Evidently, Frank didn't ask John when Frank added the 5% dealer fee to our price quote. John says 5% is not enough, and he will not do any warrantee work except at his shop, regardless of how much he makes on these (or any) boats.

I sent the following email to Frank yesterday, and left a message for him mid-day today, and he left a message for me around 5:30 this evening - saying he would call again tomorrow or Monday.

In sum, I have not completely given up hope, but given the difficulty we have had communicating and working out details of a boat purchase with Catalina, I would not be surprised - but will be very disappointed - if we don't arrive at a satisfactory arrangement.

So far, there is no concrete proposal for the Catalina 14.2's; until we have a concrete proposal (that includes a quote for their purchase and delivery date), Michael moves that we discuss this after we have a concrete proposal


Chris moved; Michael seconds; passes unanimously