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2007.08.27 - General

Monday August 27, 2007

Commodore's Report (Allan Champion)

BYC has no janitorial service so we need to clean up - many people volunteered for clean up (thanks!). After clean up, someone needs to report to Phil, Clean up takes more than 10 minutes…… Chris Sear volunteers to report back to Phil - wait - Chris was here yesterday and today.

Financially things are good - statement of financial condition has been distributed on the tables. Membership is up (after a bit of a slump a few years ago).

Thanks to Jerry Huff, Jennifer Kirkland, Narcis, Vi - the kitchen staff - for a great, great dinner!

Windsurfing category - big effort for windsurfing teaching - thanks to Jameel, Rob Weinberg, Tom Trippe, Rob Miller, Peter Kuhn.

- Sailing category - Saturday am lessons - thank Mark Castle, Matt Jones, Todd Price.

Jennifer Kirkland is great with child (was great without child before); she is due in November 30th (a little girl)- congratulations!

sailing, windsurfing, cruising - our bread and butter

Vice Commodore's Report (Pamela Crawford)

Please clean up afterward. This year we have exceeded the other graphs (of membership) - we have more members than ever. Thanks to everyone who has been taking the public out for open houses, Caryl Wolfe for organizing the kids out for rides, etc, etc.

Welcome our new seniors - Auric Horneman and Sheldon Coad. Thanks to Ed Shirk as well - he "puts his two bits in at the slightest provocation."

1st Vice Commodore's report (Chris Sears and Auric Horneman)

thank Jennifer Kirkland b/c she is 5 months preganant and hope that she will cook for us next time.

2nd Vice Commodore's Report (Matt Harvey)

Allan stole his thunder! Thank the windsurfer teachers again for teaching, thanks to Cal Boating for money, thanks to Saul for initiating the relationship between CSC and Cal Boating, thanks to Jennifer Kroon and thanks to lots of other people (Matt was talking too fast).

State of windsurfing: new boards, new sails thanks to Cal Boating (Jennifer Kroon and Saul).

3rd Vice Commodore Reprot (Edward Anelli, Brian Buchanan)

Thanks to Saul and Michael for helping teach Edward about boat repair. Whoever broke Donald - thanks for teaching me how to do fiber glass work.

Rear Commodore's Report (Jameel)

New to the position so not much to say, sailing, teaching going well.

Secretary's Report (Jennifer Kroon, Lori Tewksbury)

all minutes are up to date on the website. Thanks to Nadia b/c Matt forgot to thank her!

time for desert!!!