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2007.10.02 - Excom

Tuesday October 02, 2007
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Online Motions

Excomm Members

  • Allan Champion, Commodore
  • Pamela Crawford, Vice Commodore
  • Auric Horneman, Co 1st Vice Commodore
  • Matt Harvey, 2nd Vice Commodore
  • Edward Anelli, Co 3rd Vice Commodore
  • Brian Buchanan, Co 3rd Vice Commodore
  • Jameel Aidroos, Rear Commodore
  • Peter Kuhn, Treasurer
  • Jennifer Kroon, Co Secretary
  • Lori Tewksbury, Co Secretary
  • Michael Scalet, Port Captain



  • Dinghy Cruises to Angel Island and Red Oak Victory
  • Jennifer Kroon's Cruising Skipper Rating

Dinghy Cruises to Angel Island and Red Oak Victory

Motion: Sr Skippers be allowed to take up to 4 JY's to Angel Island the weekend of October 6, to be met by anyone who wants to carry tents and stuff out on the ferry, and also they can do it on the 13-14th of Oct to Richmond to dock at the historic Kaiser shipyard and camp out on the Red Oak (bicycle accessible!).

Excomm will appropriate up to $500 to cover the camping fee of up to 4 skippers for both nights.  Crew, hangers on, rich dudes, and ferry or bicycle riders have to cover their own camping and meal fee.

The cruise is subject to the following rules:

  • 1. NWS SF Bay Marine forecast for that day, issued morning of departure, is not more than 20 kts max
  • 2. Cruising dinghy gear (see the operating rules) is on each boat.
  • 3. At least one Cruising skipper participates and briefs crews on shipping lanes, currents, that funny little area around Pt. Stuart and such.
  • 4. All CSC boats remain aware of sister boats locations and STICK TOGETHER.
  • 5. Boats go through Raccoon Strait and not venture south of Angel Island.

The Angel Island Cruise will have a keelboat accompanying them.

Peter moved, Matt seconded, unanimous online vote.

History from Paul Kamen:

Anyone interested in sailing a small boat to Angel Island and camping on the island for a night?

There might be a chance to do this on October 6-7, as part of the annual Bay Access "Sojourn."

Bay Access ( is the advocacy organization (mostly sea kayakers) responsible for the SF Bay Water Trail now in the planning stages. Normally, camping on Angel Island is only by far-in-advance-and-very-lmited reservation. But for the weekend of 10/6-7, park management is allowing the Bay Access group to pitch tents at West Garrison, near the Quartermaster's Building. There's a small beach near the building suitable for landing beachable sailboats.

Bay Access seems to be interesting in expanding their support base to other types of boats beyond kayaks, so I think they would welcome participation by small sailboats, windsurfers, and other small craft. One or two of the BRCC dragon boats will probably be participating.

Cost is $30 per person payable to Bay Access. This covers insurance, park entry, and a year of Bay Access membership (a very worthy cause).

You will of course need ExComm approval if you take a CSC dinghy. Historically, permission for stunts like this has only been granted to Sr. Skippers with good dinghy credentials.

A week later, October 13-14, Bay Access is spending the night on the Red Oak Victory, the historic WWII cargo ship in Richmond. They are charging more for this, but it includes some meals. No beach access, but there might be a safe place to leave small boats overnight near the ship. Check the Bay Access website or email the organizers for more details if you want in.

(And, if anyone would like to officially represent CSC to Bay Access for event planning purposes, there is an informal meeting at BYC at noon on Thursday to work out some details.)

Jennifer Kroon's Cruising Skipper

I move, without reservation 'cause I've seen her skills, that Jennifer Kroon, having completed all requirements necessary, be elevated to the flag rank of Cruising Skipper without delay.

Allan moved, Auric seconded, unanimous online vote.