All Meeting Minutes

2007.11.04 - General

Sunday November 04, 2007

Excomm Members present:


  • Allan Champion, Commodore
  • Pamela Crawford, Vice Commodore
  • Chris Sears, Co 1st Vice Commodore
  • Auric Hornemand, Co 1st Vice Commodore
  • Matt Harvey, 2nd Vice Commodore
  • Edward Anelli, Co 3rd Vice Commodore
  • Jameel, Rear Commodore
  • Jennifer Kroon, Co Secretary
  • Lori Tewksbury, Co Secretary
  • Peter Kuhn, Treasurer
  • Michael Scalet, Port Captain

76 members in attendance and voting in the elections



  • Officer Reports (and chair reports)
  • Elections

Officer Reports (and chair reports)

Michael Neilsen (BBQ chairperson): we need a new BBQ chairperson.

Allan Champion (Commodore)

  • update on the state of the club
  • thanked everyone who helps out in the club with lessons, fixing things, open houses

Jennifer Kroon (Co-Secretary)

  • update on the DBW grant

Matt Harvey (2nd Vice Commodore)

  • update on new wndsurf boards
  • recommends Rob Miller to replace him as 2nd Vice Commodore

Edward Anelli (Co-3rd Vice Commodore)

  • update on the keel boats – re-rig for Donald and bottom for Pomodoro

Nominations and Elections for Excomm

Office of Commodore

  • Michael Neilsen nominated Chris Sears for Commodore
  • Pamela Crawford nominated Allan Champion for Commodore
  • election for Commodore done by secret ballot – Allan wins a close election

Office of Rear Commodore

  • Jameel is stepping down
  • Michael Neilsen nominates David Fraser for the position
  • David Fraser is approved unanimously for the position

Office of 3rd Vice Commodore

  • Rob Miller is nominated and approved unanimously

Office of 1st Vice Commodore

  • Chris Sears and Auric Horneman are nominated as co-1st Vices and approved unanimously

Office of 3rd Vice Commodore

  • Edward Anelli and Brian Buchanan are nominated as co-3rd Vices and approved unanimously

Office of Port Captian

  • Michael Scalet is nominated and approved unanimously

Office of Treasurer

  • Peter Kuhn is nominated and approved unanimously

Office of Secretary

  • Jennifer Kroon and Lori Tewksbury are nominated as Co-Secretaries and approved unanimously

Statement of Financial Condition

The following Statement of Financial Condition was made available for members to read at the meeting.

Statement of Financial Condition November 1 2007: As of October 31st we had $43,807 in the bank, up $729 from Aug 1st when we had $43,078, and our property is worth about $170,000.

In the three months Aug-Sep-Oct, we collected:
Regular memberships $31,070.00
UC workstudy reimbursement for dayleader wages $2,696.00
BBQ donations (six Open Houses ) $1,305.00
Cal Boating grant for Safety Week $1,000.00
Donation, escrip, interest, etc. $488.00
Booklet sales $85.00
Total $36,644.00
In the same three months we spent:
Dayleader wages, taxes, payroll processing $12,494.00
Dinghies--new JY15, parts, sail repairs $4,439.00
Windsurfers--2 Funster 180 liter boards (Cal Boating), 15 booms, 12 universals, other parts, fiberglass repair supplies $3,722.00
Open House BBQ cost (six Open Houses) $2,778.00
Lease fees (4 months at $462/mo) $1,848.00
Skiff & engines: gas, parts for engines, backup skiff--new steering, cables $1,785.00
Clubhouse: mural, dumpster, garbage service, sunscreen, cocoa, test answers, liability waivers $1,747.00
Keelboats--Commander coamings and paint supplies, Ensign mast parts, sail repairs, hull cleaning, parts $1,699.00
Activities: Angel Island dinghy cruise, Aug fast track, Climate Change party, JY racing party, US Sailing membership dues $1,036.00
General membership meeting 8/27/07 $1,035.00
Refund payment for container $1,000.00
DMV reg fees, use tax new JY15 $825.00
Insurance--workers comp, add H146s and 5o5 to liability $552.00
Tools--sail repair sewing machine, fuel pump test gage, screwdrivers, etc. $478.00
Credit card processing, bank charges $478.00
Total $35,916.00

Cal Boating will reimburse us $25,000 in November for the Hunters, dinghy dollies, and beginning windsurfer boards and rigs which we bought with the grant this year. Work study will also reimburse us at least $2,000 more for their portion of dayleader wages weve already paid.

All three months have set records for memberships.

Big thanks to everyone who worked hard for the club!