All Meeting Minutes

2007.12.16 - Excom

Sunday December 16, 2007

Excomm Members Present


  • Allan Champion - Commodore
  • Michael Scalet - Port Captain
  • Peter Kuhn - Treasurer
  • Pamela Crawford - Vice Commodore
  • Jennifer Kroon - co secretary
  • Lori Tewksbury - co secretary
  • Rob Miller - 2nd Vice Commodore
  • David Fraser - Rear Commodore

Many other CSC Members were present.



  • Senior Projects
  • Co 1st Vice
  • Expenditures
  • Accept Treasurers Report
  • Ed Shirk
  • GMM, Open House, and Excomm Dates for 2008
  • Alpine Meadows Lift Tickets

Senior Projects

Heiko Panther's Senior Project:

  • Outfitting the Club's Laser fleet with new running rigging as required, maintenance and repairs, leading the dinghy workday effort for the Laser fleet. (Already done, 6 hours)
  • Working out effective, easy and standardized rigging system for Lasers, converting club Lasers to that system, and educating club members how to use it. (Already done, 4 hours)
  • Organizing a Laser and Byte Clinic for Junior Skippers. Program will include explanation of rigging, sailing, derigging and storage, followed by rigging and sailing tests for all attendees. (Done, 5 hours)

Jennifer moves, Pam seconds, passes unanimously.

co-1st Vice Commodore

Allan has appointed Carl Caven as co-1st Vice Commodore


approve up to $11,000 to buy the Bahia Vanguard with the stipulation that we don't buy it unless the demo shows us that it meets our needs. Peter moved, David seconds, passes unanimously.

Purchase 3 Junior Boards, 1 Junior Plus Board and 1 Senior board for no more than $4000. Rob moves, Peter seconds, passes unanimously

Allocate $5000 to purchase sails, masts, universals, booms and other miscellaneous windsurfing parts. Rob moved, Jennifer seconds, passes unanimously.

Confirm the online motion Rob made on Wednesday to spend $2000 to buy wet suits to sell to club members, as not everyone voted (the ones that don't get sold will be added to our wetsuit collection). Rob moved, Michael seconds, passes unanimously.

Accept Treasurer's Report for 12-15-07

We have $57,174 in the main accounts, up $10,479 from October 21st when we had $46,695.

In the last eight weeks we have taken in:
Cal Boating equipment grant reimbursement $25,000.00
Regular memberships $5,661.00
UC workstudy reimbursement $3,302.00
Sale of 25 hp outboard motor $800.00
Sale of 20 ft container $800.00
Donation, escrip $231.00
BBQ donations OH 10/21 $151.00
interest on money market account $48.00
booklet sales $10.00
Total $36,003.00
and we have spent:
Windsurf--16 new sails, 3 new boards, 3 masts, 15 booms, 10 harness lines (thanks Rob, Isabelle, Jane, Eduardo, Wyatt, and Chinook!) $8,008.00
Dinghies: 6th JY, Capri 14.2, masthead floats, sand bottom paint off JY #5, bow bumper JY#5, Hunter/JY15 mast centerboard rudder plates and other parts, Laser lines and parts (thanks Ken, Michael, Karen, Chris, Auric, and Heiko!) $6,374.00
Dayleader wages, taxes, payroll processing (thanks Vi, Joel, Jason, Christine, Sameera, Arno, and Tony!) $4,024.00
Keelboats- Commander mast parts, air dryers, dock box supplies (thanks Saul, Greg, Sheldon, Edward, Michael!) $2,005.00
Skiff: backup skiff console, cables, steering, gas, engine parts $967.00
lease payment Nov and Dec $924.00
tools--sewing machine, grinder, shop vac, electric screwdriver, shovels, lopper, hoe $583.00
General Membership Meeting 11/4/07 $455.00
Insurance-workmens comp $440.00
Clubhouse & Yard: conduit for DSL cable, $390.00
10/21 OH BBQ food, propane, ice $371.00
Oil eradicator, gloves (oil eradicator $200 returned) $358.00
Angel Island cruise food and fees $298.00
Credit card processing fees $122.00
Sat am teaching bagels, cocoa, workparty food, receipt book $119.00
DMV-register Capri 14.2, JY5; City-street light assessment ($10) $86.00
Total $25,524.00

In addition, we have $1259 in the CSC Xtras account, after spending $2,290 on 17 fabulous new wetsuits for the club (thanks Jane and Rob!)

Peter moves, Rob seconds, passes unanimously

Test Correction

Approve Commodore's power to appoint people to correct written tests as he deems neccessary. Allan moves, Peter seconds, passes unanimously.

GMM, Open House, and Excomm Dates for 2008

Peter wants to talk to the City about changes in the number of Open Houses we do (we want to do a few less).

Peter wants to talk to BYC about GMM

David moves to accept Allans' list of Open Houses, subject to City approval (11 open houses total), Jennifer seconds, passes unanimously.

Lori moves that the next excomm meeting we have will be on January 20, 2008 at 5pm, Pam seconds, passes unanimously

Alpines Meadows Lift Tickets

Jennifer moves that CSC facilitates the purchase of ski lift tickets at Alpine Meadows. Doesn't cost the club any money. Tickets bought will be paid for by people not the club. David seconds, passes unanimously.

Jennifer moves to adjourn, Rob seconds, passes unanimously