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Excomm Minutes: 2016-01-17

Meeting Date 1/17/2016    
Title Name Code Present
Commodore Stephanie Evans SE y
Vice Commodore (co) Lonnie D. LD y
Vice Commodore (co) Donny Schultz DS  
First Vice Commodore (co) Dan Rolinek DR  
First Vice Commodore (co) Seamus Vanecko SV  
Second Vice Commodore (co) Peter Naulls PN y
Second Vice Commodore (co) Chris Lalau-Keraly CK  
Third Vice Commodore Kevin Dudney KD y
Rear Commodore (co) Yves Parent YP  
Rear Commodore (co) Will Spargur WS y
Port Captain (co) Sophie Horiuchi SH y
Port Captain (co) Daniel Boldi DB  
Treasurer Peter Kuhn PK y
Secretary Antony Davirro AD  


Other members present

Kurt, Mark L.


Officer Reports  
LD Gearing up for open houses
SH Using VDLs for winter; hired to paid DLs for spring (Elena & Winston)
PN Repaired all boards recently
SE still working on BCDC permit; will soon submit a letter requesting free berths
Other Issues/Ideas Discussed  


Treasurer's Report:

We have $69,708 in the bank, down $7,678 from last Treas report 11/12/16.

Income 11/12/15 - 1/17/16


Regular memberships


UC Workstudy reimbursements


Donations: Salesforce (thanks Eugene!), Amazon Smile, escrip (thanks Mike!)


credit card rewards


Surplus equipment sales: old keelboat sails




Spending 11/12/15 - 1/17/16


Dayleader wages and taxes, payroll processing


Skiff--skiff trailer, parts for new low tide rescue skiff, gas for skiff, steering parts, gearshift cables, wiring supplies, skiff engine parts, skiff engine repair


Activities and Teaching Expenses--food and gift cards for GMM, food for parties and lesson BBQ's, snax, kitchen supplies, coffee


Clubhouse and Yard--garbage service, portapotty service, DSL service for clubhouse computer, propane,


Dinghies--line, rigging, Laser mast base, Vision jib halyard, loctite, cleats, non-skid tape, shroud adjusters, blocks, aluminum tube for tiller extensions, sail repair tape, sail repairs




Keelboats--keelboat engine parts, fasteners, hull cleaning, lightbulbs, cabin lights, painting supplies, rigging pin, battery charger and wiring, winches, tiller, J dock supplies, sail repair


Taxes--Use tax on wholesale purchases, City business license, City streetlight assessment


Credit card payment charges


Windsurf--sail repair tape


Tools--brushes, rivetnuts and install tools, knife, knife blades, heat shrink tubing, tape measure, wire brush wheels, 10 hacksaw blades, sanding wheel, organizer boxes,  tool bags, impact drivers, tool box dividers


Insurance--workers comp




Big thanks to everyone who worked hard for the club!


Issue Move 2nd Unanimous Approval?
Approve Open House dates SE PN y
Approve expenditures in Treasurers report SE PN y
Adjourn SE SK y


Open House Dates: 

2/28, 3/27, 4/16 Saturday Bay Festival (Keelboats Launch from J Dock), 5/22 - GMM - voting, 6/19, 7/17, 8/21 - GMM, 9/18, 10/2, 11/6 - GMM