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Excomm Minutes: 2016-02-07

Meeting Date 2/7/2016    
Title Name Code Present
Commodore Stephanie Evans SE y
Vice Commodore (co) Lonnie D. LD y
Vice Commodore (co) Donny Schultz DS  
First Vice Commodore (co) Dan Rolinek DR  
First Vice Commodore (co) Seamus Vanecko SV  
Second Vice Commodore (co) Peter Naulls PN  
Second Vice Commodore (co) Chris Lalau-Keraly CK  
Third Vice Commodore Kevin Dudney KD  
Rear Commodore (co) Yves Parent YP  
Rear Commodore (co) Will Spargur WS  
Port Captain (co) Sophie Horiuchi SH  
Port Captain (co) Daniel Boldi DB y
Treasurer Peter Kuhn PK y
Secretary Antony Davirro AD  y
Other members present



17:08 Meeting Opened

Officer Reports: 

Daniel Boldi: We are training/interviewing lots of new dayleaders for the Spring! 

Stephanie Evans: Waiting to hear on DBW grants... should know by March 1st. 

Issue Move 2nd Unanimous Approval?
Approve First Three GMM Dates: February 28th, May 22nd, August 21st SE AD y
Approve expenditures in Treasurers report (see below) SE DB y
Adjourn SE DB y


17:13 Meeting Adjourned

Treasurer's Report

We have $69,724 in the bank, up $16 from last report 1/17/16.

Income 1/18/16 - 2/7/16  
Regular memberships $2,682.00
UC Workstudy reimbursements $57.20
Total: $2,739.20
Spending 1/18/16 - 2/7/16  
City--rent $875.00
Dayleader wages and taxes, payroll processing $606.04
Clubhouse and Yard--ping pong table, garbage service, paper towels, sponges, napkins, vinegar, snacks, DSLservice for clubhouse computer, roofing sealant, foam $555.50
Keelboats--hull cleaning $300.00
Skiff--parts for new low tide rescue skiff, gas for skiff $194.11
Activities and Teaching Expenses--food for party, snax for lessons, food for VDL training $96.63
Credit card payment charges $95.72
Total: $2,723.00