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GMM Minutes: 2016-08-21

Cal Sailing Club - General Management Meeting Minutes


Meeting Date: August 21, 2016

Start Time: 6:55 pm

End Time: 7:10 pm

Location: CSC Yard








Stephanie Evans



Vice Commodore (co)

Lonnie D.



Vice Commodore (co)

Donnie Schultz



First Vice Commodore (co)

Dan Rolinek



First Vice Commodore (co)

Seamus Vanecko



First Vice Commodore (co)

Dan Zaslavsky



Second Vice Commodore (co)

Peter Naulls



Second Vice Commodore (co)

Zach Simson



Third Vice Commodore

Kevin Dudney



Rear Commodore (co)

John Bongiovanni



Rear Commodore (co)

Yves Parent



Rear Commodore (co)

Will Spargur



Port Captain (co)

Sophie Horiuchi



Port Captain (co)

Anthony Lunnis




Peter Kuhn




Joel Gussman






Commodore: There's some changes happening on excomm, with some folks stepping up and some folks stepping down. In big news, Joel Gussman is going to be stepping up as co-commodore with me! Pilar Schmidt--who many of you know, she's a regular dinghy sailor at the club--will be stepping up as Secretary in Joel's place. Yves, Seamus and Dan are all stepping down after more than 3 to 4 years of service each. It's hard to express our gratitude to them for their dedicated years of service going above and beyond for the club. They've given a great deal to the club and been excellent advisors during hard times at the club and always advocated for club members years in and year out. As a thank you for their years of service, we're awarding them lifetime memberships. Thank you to all of excomm and membership for all of the countless volunteer hours. It's been a great summer, let's hope the wind holds out!


Vice Commodore: We have a new PFD, wetsuit, and foul weather gear area. All the sizes are color-coded with stripes.


First Vice: We have two new boats, the Quests, and we are still working on rigging issues. James Clarkson and Josh Leihe are stepping up as co-First Vice Commodore. Seamus Vanecko and Dan Rolinek are stepping down after many years of good service.


Second Vice: Big thanks to Zach Simson for stepping up as co-second vice commodore and doing tons of board repair. And thanks to Loke and Wayne for running the windsurfing fast track.


Third Vice - We have a new inflatable dinghy. We have changed the way we are doing gas. We are using fuel stabilizer. So, please do not fill up the gas tanks without talking to us.


Port Captain - We have amazing dayleaders. We are hiring for Fall. If you are a Cal or BCC student with work study, then please talk to us. We are recruiting new volunteer day leaders as well.


Rear Commodore - Yves Parent is stepping down after years of good service. John Bongiovanni is stepping up. We have restarted lessons on demand. Contact Craig Charles. A week from today there is a dinghy instructor seminar. We are also having an especially large Fast Track.


Secretary: Back by popular demand, we will have another AED Orientation on Saturday, September 10th at 2pm at the clubhouse. Come on down and learn how to use our new AED to save lives.



Quarterly Statement of Financial Condition August 1 2016

As of August 1st we had $54,816 in the bank, down $7,751 from the start of the fiscal quarter, May 1.

Income 5/1 - 7/31/16  
Regular memberships $59,412
Donations, credit card cash rewards $5,457
Windsurf locker memberships $4,385
UC workstudy reimbursement $927
Total Income $70,181
Spending 5/1 - 7/31/16  
Dinghies--2 RS Quest dinghy sailboats, spare masts for Quest Venture & RS 500, caulk, blocks, line, stops, hook, cleats, sail repair tape, line, rope ladder, strap, block, bag, amsteel line, blocks, twine, dinghy dolly wheels, hiking sticks, shock cord, parts for Venture rudderheads, dinghy dolly tires & tubes, white electrical tape, shroud adjuster covers, shrouds, alcohol, fasteners, drain plugs, stay adjusters, shackles, cotter pins, clips, pump, thimble, cotter rings, U-bolts, rings, sail repairs $23,330
Dayleader wages and taxes $13,904
Clubhouse and Yard--materials for yard upgrades reroofing and racks, DSL service for clubhouse computer, website fees, portapotty service, garbage and compost service, propane, board hospital supplies, pingpong/dartboard project parts, pens, bookmarks, compost bin, towels, snax, rat traps, bait, dump fees, oil, trashbags, paper towels, forks, dish soap, gloves, cutoff wheels, jigsaw blades, lights, powercord, ping pong balls, pineapple, microwave oven, Iwindsurf subscription for clubhouse computer, hose, earmuffs, $10,772
Activities--food for lesson BBQ's Fast Track dinners seminars clinics and racing dinners lesson snax, 1st Aid Training, cruise dock fees food float fuel ice, food for OH and GMM and parties $9,160
Windsurf--4 Tabou Bullitt boards 125 135 145 155 liter, 10 Ripper 3.3 4.2 sails booms uphauls, epoxy resin and hardener, pumps, shackle, fasteners, sanding discs, pads, alcohol, filler $8,313
Use tax on wholesale purchases, boat registration, property tax $2,750
Keelboats--keelboat engine parts, repair supplies, spinnaker poles, wiring supplies, inflatable dinghy repair kit, fasteners, cable, swages, hatch cover, clevis pin, mix sticks, color code tape, fiddle block, T track stop, T-ball tang plugs, batteries for SOS lights, gelcoat crack fix kit, paint preservative, wire brushes, wrench, sandpaper, new winches, hull cleaning, cotter rings, blocks, shock cord, lube, lanyard, shackle, splice, sail repairs $2,535
City of Berkeley--rent $1,750
Insurance--directors and officers insurance $1,750
Bank--credit card processing, bank fees $1,556
Tools-swage tool, saw blade, drill press parts, screwdriver, broom, tape measure, scissors, screwdrivers, wrenches, cordless drill, respirators, trash can, hammer, torches, propane, buckets, saw, vac filters, circ saw, impact drill cordless, driver set, tape measure, circ saw blades, drill bits, drill chuck $1,074
Rescue skiffs--skiff engine parts, hose for skiff pump, skiff cleats, throw line, cotter rings, straps for low tide skiff, bolts, nuts for skiff steering gear, screws, sprays, loctite, shift throttle cables, cap, filter, steering cable, tach hour meters, remote control gear throttle, bow light, fuses, warranty, 78 gallons gas for skiff $997
Accident expense--copay urgent care $40
Total Spending $77,932


Big thanks to everyone who worked hard for the club!

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 10.51.22 PM.png

Notes on budget tally:

Income is pretty much as expected, dues are down by about $10k/yr (too many people are working instead of sailing and windsurfing, or worse, having babies), we haven’t yet submitted for DBW reimbursement, UC workstudy reimbursement is low because most UC student dayleaders haven’t been eligible, and donations are higher than expected (big thanks for that!).   Club Activities include teaching expenses, so in addition to food there were costs for the 1st aid seminars and renting space for the Sr seminar.   Dinghies and rescue skiff spending includes the cost for the new RS Quests as well as spare masts.   Dayleader costs are higher than expected due to not getting that good Berkeley Community College workstudy which pays directly, not as reimbursement to the club.  Windsurfing budget hasn’t yet been tapped for $11k in new novice boards, keelboat budget is waiting for 2 haulouts this winter, Clubhouse and Yard budget hasn’t yet been tapped for cost of new rolling windsurf board racks.


Stella says we’re sitting on a lot of cash, and the budgets for Club Activities and Dayleaders should be increased.   She’s OK with adjusting the budget later.


PS big thanks to Stuart Saunders for helping me with the tax returns.