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Excomm Minutes: 2016-12-04

Cal Sailing Club - Executive Committee Minutes

Although we did not meet in person on 12/4/16, we did vote by email on the proposed Fast Track dates for 2017, and Stella submitted a Treasurer's Report, see below.

According to the Bylaws Section 7. Action Without Meeting: Any action required or permitted to be taken by the Committee may be taken without a meeting, if all members of the Committee for all positions currently held shall individually or collectively consent in writing to such action. Such written consent or consents shall be filed with the minutes of the proceedings of the Committee. Such action by written consent shall have the same force and effect as the unanimous vote of such members.

Our Rear Commodore John Bongiovanni proposed the following:

Fast Track Dates for 2017

May 1-5
June 5-9
July 10-14
July 31-Aug 4
Aug 14-18

I have reviewed these with Donnie. They don't collide with CSC Open
Houses and there are no tide problems.

Some have suggested an extra Fast Track in September, but we lose a
half-hour of daylight, so I don't think that makes sense.





Unanimous Approval

Motion to approve Fast Track Dates for 2017





Treasurer’s Report 12/4/16


As of December 4 we had $36,922 in the bank, up $20,950 from last Treasurer’s report for 11/20/16 meeting.  We received DBW’s $31k reimbursement for 2 RS Quests and windsurf boards and sails purchased under our grant this year, and expect another $9k check for the 3rd Quest.  


Income 11/21 – 12/4/16


DBW reimbursement


UC Workstudy reimbursements


Credit card rewards, tax filing fee refund


Donations: escrip





Spending 11/21 - 12/4/16


Dinghies--JY15 parts: 4 masts 2 rudderblades 3 rudderhead/tillers, shackles, line, carabiner, eyesnap, labels, Vision rudder rod


Dayleader wages, taxes, and payroll processing


Clubhouse and Yard—supplies for new racks, portapotty service, bowls spoons knives, propane, DSL service for clubhouse computer, dump fee for toolshed debris


Keelboats—caulk, screws


Activities and Teaching Expenses—food for lesson BBQs


City--rent for yard space (last of 2nd year)


Credit card annual fee


Tools--socket set, strap wrench, ratchet extension, pickup tools, grease, jigsaw, blades, sand discs, 2 sanders, drill/tap sets, trashbags, concrete, sanding belts, 2 cycle oil, bumpers


Windsurf--10 booms, 10 harness lines, 10 uphauls, 6 mast shims, 3 cans grip, sail repair tape


Skiff--30 hp engine (corrosion failure) evaluation/teardown fee, Honda 2 hp engine parts, fuel