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GMM minutes 05-28-2017

Cal Sailing Club - General Membership Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date: May 28, 2017

Start Time: 6:45 pm

End Time: 7:03 pm

Location: CSC Yard







Joel Gussman



Vice Commodore (co)

Lonnie D.



Vice Commodore (co)

Donnie Schultz



First Vice Commodore (co)

James Clarkson



First Vice Commodore (co)

Joshua Leihe



First Vice Commodore (co)

Dan Zaslavsky



Second Vice Commodore (co)

Peter Naulls



Second Vice Commodore (co)

Zach Simson



Third Vice Commodore

Ryan Alder



Rear Commodore (co)

John Bongiovanni



Rear Commodore (co)

Will Spargur



Port Captain (co)

Lydia Lopez



Port Captain (co)

Anthony Lunnis




Peter Kuhn




Carolyn Brown




Commodore: Greetings! We received our grant! it’s what keeps us running. A big part of growing the club is word of mouth, tell people about the club and tell them to join. Membership numbers are down from a few years ago. Steffano is chairing the outreach committee.

Who lives in Berkeley? We could use your help, contact your local representatives on the City Council and the Mayor. Write them a letter telling them to make dock replacement a priority.

Jacqui Zechar is our new Co-Port Captain. Anthony Lunnis is stepping down as Port Captain, we’d like to thank him for all of his service to the club.

Promote June Fast Track and California Boating Card requirement

Vice Commodore: Today’s open house had 255 attendees. We have many more events planned.

Third Vice: There is a lot going on with keelboats. The keelboat shed has been rebuilt and painted and has custom built shelves. Daisy has been repainted, Portugal Princess is next up for paint. Nick Goyhenetche deep cleaned and powerwashed all the keelboats. The boats look better than they have in years. Pomodoro is due for standing rigging. Both merits are getting running rigging.

Rear Commodore: Instruction is off to really good start this season. First Fast Track made 9-10 juniors. Second Fast Track coming. Keelboat program is going great. Adv. Dinghy is going strong. Robert helping on a project to publicize what is needed to attain Junior and Senior ratings.

First Vice: The season is in full swing. All boats were seaworthy a month ago, so try to make sure everyone is aware that the dinghy need maintenance all the time. There is a new Yahoo group for Dinghy Repair. We have a new JY15 and now have a fleet of 8.

Second Vice: windsurfing season is going well. Boards, gear, and carpet.

Locker Lady Cindy who is in charge of the containers: New carpet comes on Thursday. Need strong people to help lay the carpet at 9AM Thursday.

Secretary: Our AED located in the clubhouse behind the desk has been checked and it is fully functioning.


Annual Statement of Financial Condition May 1 2017

As of May 1st we had $35,896 in the bank, and our property was worth $480,145

(depreciated book value). Cash was down $26,671 from 5/1/16, property was up

$20,123. This statement was prepared without audit from the club’s books.

Income 5/1/16 - 4/30/17


Regular memberships


DBW grant—3 RS Quest sailboats, 12 novice windsurf boards & sails


Donations (employer matching, private, escrip), surplus equipment sales (RS Vision sailboat, Honda 2.3 hp outboard, sewing machine, keelboat equipment), credit card cash rewards


Windsurf locker memberships


UC workstudy reimbursement


Total Income


Spending 5/1/16 - 4/30/17


Dinghies--2 RS Quest dinghy sailboats, spare masts (Quest Venture & RS 500), caulk, blocks, line, stops, hook, cleats, sail repair tape, strap, bag, twine, dinghy dolly wheels, hiking sticks, shock cord, parts for Venture rudderheads, dinghy dolly tires & tubes, white electrical tape, shroud adjuster covers, shrouds, alcohol, fasteners, drain plugs, stay adjusters, shackles, cotter pins, clips, pump, thimble, cotter rings, U-bolts, rings, sail repairs, traps, spinnakers, Laser mast top sections, rudderblades, gelcoat repair kit,

release fabric, primer, pins, bobbin, shroud adjusters, sail lube, ring & carabiners for sling, plastic strip, deadend eyestraps, anchor bag materials, mast tangs, Bahia roll bar, paddles, tiller extensions, grommet kit, binder, shock cord, telltales, lights for racing buoys, chain, velcro, gorilla tape, aluminum tubing and foam grips for tiller extensions, stainless rod for Vision rudder, materials sail cover repairs, sail repair, JY15 parts: 4 masts 2 rudderblades 3 rudderheads.


Dayleader wages and taxes


Windsurf--16 boards, 38 sails, 20 booms, 12 masts, uphauls, epoxy resin and hardener, pumps, shackle, fasteners, sanding discs, pads, alcohol, filler, marking paint, universals, base plates, sail repair tape, harness lines, vent screws, wetsuit glue, spreader bars, hangers, mast shims, grip, standup paddles, solvent, screwdriver, disposable gloves, brushes, foam.


Clubhouse and Yard--materials for yard upgrades re-roofing and racks and

keelboat shed upgrade and dinghy container and ping-pong area

improvements, rolling windsurf board racks, DSL service for clubhouse

computer, website fees, portapotty service, garbage and compost service,

propane, board hospital supplies, ping-pong/dartboard project parts, pens,

binder divider pages, compost bin, towels, snacks, rat traps, bait, dump fees,

oil, trashbags, paper towels, forks, dish soap, gloves, cutoff wheels, jigsaw

blades, lights, powercord, ping pong balls, pineapple, microwave oven,

Iwindsurf subscription for clubhouse computer, hose, earmuffs, washers,

electric cord plug, electric cord, cups forks plates bowls, hooks, black light

bulbs, shears, bits, paper for clubhouse printer, used computer for clubhouse,

mirror, carpet, fasteners, display for kiosk, spray, markers, tape, chain,

sandpaper, popsicle sticks, fridge locks, lights, cord, coveralls, bits, allen keys, glue.


Insurance--general and marine liability insurance 4/14/17 - 4/14/18, US

Sailing membership required for insurance, property insurance, directors and

officers insurance, workers compensation insurance.


Activities--First Aid Training, food for Open Houses and General

Membership Meetings and parties and retreat and workparties and lesson

BBQ's and Fast Track dinners seminars clinics and racing dinners, lesson

snacks, cruise dock fees, room rental for Senior Skipper Study Group


Keelboats--bottom paint for Daisy, 4 Commander jibs, 1 Merit Genoa,

keelboat engine parts, repair supplies, spinnaker poles, wiring supplies,

inflatable dinghy repair kit, fasteners, cable, swages, hatch cover, clevis pin,

mix sticks, color code tape, fiddle block, T track stop, T-ball tang plugs,

batteries for SOS lights, gelcoat crack fix kit, paint preservative, wire

brushes, wrench, sandpaper, winches, hull cleaning, cotter rings, blocks,

shock cord, lube, lanyard, shackle, splice, sail repairs, splices, used dinghy,

shackles, gel coat, track and stops, chain, fuel connectors, caulk, clamp, fuel

filter, boat hook tips, resin syringes, resin pump, resin, hardener, wind vane

light, swages, bilge pump parts, fasteners, cleaner, fuel stabilizer, fuel

siphon, binder, gloves, oil, tags, engine mount gas springs, winch cap, plastic

board, battery, sail repairs, postage return parts, fiberglass and painting

supplies, fuel line parts.


City of Berkeley--rent on clubhouse and yard space


Use tax on wholesale purchases, sales tax, DMV registration, corporate

statement filing fee, Berkeley business license.


Safety Equipment: 50 loaner wetsuits, 15 sets loaner foul weather jackets and

bibs, marking paint, antennas, spare binoculars, VHF dayleader radios,

knives for dayleader PFD's, First Aid kit supplies.


Bank--credit card processing, bank fees


Rescue skiffs--skiff engine parts, hose for skiff pump, skiff cleats, throw line,

cotter rings, straps for low tide skiff, bolts, nuts for skiff steering gear,

screws, sprays, loctite, shift throttle cables, cap, filter, steering cable,

tachometer/hour meters, remote control gear throttle, bow light, fuses,

warranty, gas for skiff, tow line snaps, fuses for skiff lights and radio, seat,

fuel, engine parts, failed skiff engine evaluation labor, parts for low tide

rescue skiff upgrades, wheels for sketchmobile, engine stand supplies, steer

cable boot, tow ropes, parking meter for engine errand


Tools-swage tool, saw blade, drill press parts, screwdriver, broom, tape

measure, scissors, screwdrivers, wrenches, cordless drills, respirators, trash

can, hammer, torches, propane, buckets, saw, shop vacuum filters, circular

saw, driver set, tape measure, circular saw blades, drill bits, drill chuck,

workbench, vise, knives, swages, air pump, square, sanding belts, discs,

picks, cotter puller, brush, knife, screws, nuts, sanders, discs, grease,

scissors, pliers, hacksaw, hacksaw blades, screwdrivers, drill bits, hex keys,

bit kit, hangers, hooks, wire brushes, file, paper towels, rotary tool, hose for

shop vacuum, cutoff wheels, backing pad, power washer, hole punch,

sharpener, sandpaper, threadlock, grommet punches, socket set, strap

wrench, ratchet extension, pickup tools, grease, jigsaw, blades, sand discs,

sanders, drill/tap sets, trashbags, concrete, sanding belts, 2 cycle oil,

bumpers, allen keys, rope cutter, warranty, T bar, carabiner, gloves.


Accident expense--copay urgent care


Total Spending


Budget for Next Fiscal Year

The budget for next fiscal year is based on the following expectations:

  • membership dues will increase slightly (3%) due to outreach
  • no repeat of large donations
  • decrease in UC workstudy reimbursements
  • free First Aid training for fewer dayleaders and cruising skippers
  • three new dinghies and two new outboard motors for rescue skiffs, fewer masts and sails
  • new boards and sails for windsurf fleet, but fewer than last year
  • haulout and deck repairs for one keelboat, new rigging, fewer sails and parts
  • no change in dayleader wages and taxes
  • no major upgrades to clubhouse/yard facilities
  • less new loaner gear and tools

If the income expectations improve, XComm can approve increases in approved spending.

Budget for Fiscal Year 2017-2018 vs. actual from Fiscal Year 2016-7


FY Budget

(DBW funds included in


Actual 2016-7

Expected Income


Memberships (Regular and windsurf locker)





DBW reimbursement





UC Work-Study Reimbursement





Donations, surplus sales, interest, etc.





Total Income




Authorized Spending


Club activities





Dinghies and Rescue Skiffs




















Clubhouse and Yard





General Overhead





Total Spending






With 65 members present, a quorum of at least 10% of the club’s voting membership was established.



Anyone planning on running for an excomm office?


Approval of all excomm members.



Big thanks to everyone who worked hard for the club!