All Meeting Minutes

2009-01-25 - Excom

Sunday January 25, 2009
At the Cal Sailing Club, 5:30 pm

Excomm members present:

  • Allan Champion
  • Heidi Kearsley
  • Peter Kuhn
  • Auric Horneman
  • Rob Miller
  • Brian Buchanan
  • Aaron Gutierrez
  • Carl Caven
  • Jennifer Kroon

    other members present

  • Doug Taylor
  • Mark Yampanis
  • Corolla Gyger
  • Mark Playsted


  • Officer reports
  • Senior Projects
  • Expenditures

    Treasurers Report for 1/25/09 ExComm meeting

    We have $26,045 in the main accounts, up $126 from 1/11/09 when we had $25,920. We also have $18 in the CSC Xtras account.

    Income in the last two weeks
    Regular memberships $1,775.00
    escrip $ 2.00
    Total $1,777.00
    Expenses in the last two weeks
    clubhouse--portapottie, dumpster, lumber, door, dump fee for indsurf container doors $771.00
    food hulahoops etc for parties 10/26/08 12/20/08 1/18/09 1/19/09 $611.00
    keelboats--lifelines for Merit, register Merit $110.00
    clothing--refund jacket $88.00
    skiff engine repair supplies, cutter, clamps $71.00
    Total $1,651.00

    Agenda Items

    Peter moved to approve all the expenditures in the Treasurer's report, Jennifer seconds, passes unanimously.

    Aaron announced a land school for sailing theory. He is also looking for someone to do a senior study group. Jennifer volunteered to facilitate the senior study group.

    Windsurfing rating committee has decided to change the junior and junior plus ratings. The rigging test will move from the junior test to the junior plus test.

    Senior Projects:

    Virgina and Jeff Luchetti- new wetsuit storage and windsurf racks.

    Michele Dedeo- welding projects and fix Pomodoro's stern pulpit.

    Allan moved, Rob seconded, passes unanimously.


    Operating Rules

    Move to approve the new Operating Rules circulated to ExComm members as a draft. Rob motioned, Peter seconded, five yes, 2 opposed, 1 abstention.

    Windsurf boards

    Rob moved to spend $3500 on two junior boards and 2 senior boards. The money will not be spent until we have it. Peter seconded, passed unanimously.

    DBW expenditures

    Jennifer moved to purchase the following items for which the club would be reimbursed $39,650 through our equipment grant from the Department of Boating and Waterways

    -2 Bahia's

    -75 PFDs

    -13 new windsurfers

    -4 suits of keelboat and dinghy sails


    Heidi seconded, passed unanimously.

    Bahia #1

    Spend up to $6500 to purchase a repaired bahia back from Svendsens with a full warranty. Peter moved, Jennifer seconded, passed unanimously.

    Jennifer moves to adjourn, Rob seconded, passed unanimously.