All Meeting Minutes

2009-05-17 - ExCom

Sunday May 17, 2009
Cal Sailing Club 6:30 pm

Excomm members present:

  • Heidi Kearsley, Vice Commodore
  • Peter Kuhn, Co-1st Vice Commodore
  • Rob Miller, 2nd Vice Commodore
  • Brian Buchanan, co-3rd Vice Commodore
  • Aaron Gutierrez, Co-Rear Commodore
  • Michael Scalet, Port Captain
  • Jennifer Kroon, Secretary
  • Agenda

  • Officer reports
  • Expenditures
  • Chair appointments
  • Senior Projects

Treasurer's Report

As of 5/17 we have $39,963 in the main accounts, up $8,275 from our last meeting 4/19/09 when we had $28,688.  We also have $18 in the CSC Xtras account.

Our income in the last four weeks:

Regular memberships $10,570.00
Windsurf Locker Associate Memberships (thanks Isabella!) $7,000.00
UC workstudy reimbursement $2,146.38
wetsuit, foulies $524.41
YRA Racing Associate memberships $200.00
OH BBQ 4/26 $121.00
donations-- $10.00
booklets, interest $2.95
Total: $20,574.74

And our expenditures:

Dayleader wages and taxes $4,004.43
windsurf--3 new beginner boards (DBW reimburse), Sr board (75l RRD Cult), 20 mast extensions $3,870.40
dinghies--Bahia genny blocks, anchors and anchor line, shackles, cleats, JY mainsheet blocks, nonskid tape, tiller extensions, trailer nose wheel, caulk, filler, rigging tape $1,283.38
food for parties, cruise, OH BBQ 4/26 & 5/16 (partial) $1,050.30
lease payment $462.00
skiff sling parts, sketchmobile tiller, gas $409.21
keelboats--hull cleaning, rudderhead shim stock, antenna wire $306.68
credit card processing fees $266.47
clubhouse--DSL, portapottie, dump fee, cleaning supplies $242.12
tools--weedeater, rake, sockets, rake $212.09
Teaching expenses--Sat am dinghy and windsurf lesson snax $128.11
dayleader foulie trousers, bandaids $64.26
Total: $12,299.45

That's another four weeks of record setting numbers of memberships! Huge thanks to Noah for creating the new website, where memberships can be purchased on line, and to Isabella and all the windsurf lockerers for renewing their memberships.

Approve Past Expenditures

Peter moved to approve all the expenditures listed in the Treasurer's report for this meeting. Rob seconded, passed unanimously.

Future Expenditures

Windsurfing equipment: Rob moved to spend up to $32,000, as money becomes available, on intermediate and advanced boards and sails not covered by the Department of Boating and Waterways equipment grant for beginning gear, as well as masts, booms, mast extensions, bases, harness lines, footstraps, fins, fiberglass and sail repair supplies, etc.   Michael seconded, passed unanimously.

Commander keelboat fixups: Michael moved to spend up to $2,000 on painting Daisy's topsides and up to $4,000 on painting Donald's topsides and bottom paint.  Jennifer seconded, passed unanimously.

Used JY15 and trailer Michael moved to spend up to $2,000 on a used JY15 and trailer to replace one of our JY's.  Aaron seconded, passed unanimously.

Accident expenses Jennifer moved to spend up to $5,000 to help cover the expenses of a club member who was injured on one of our cruises.  Heidi seconded, passed unanimously.

Surplus equipment sale: Michael moved to sell 2 Lasers and 2 windsurf boards to someone starting a school who is willing to take them in any condition.  Rob seconded, passed unanimously.

Chair Appointments

Heidi appointed Francis Smith and Ginger Hurschmann as Appliance Co-Chairs, Michel Dedeo as T-shirt chair, and Mikhail Haramati and Paul Ingram as Shopping Chairs.

Senior Projects

  • Clement Barthes: June Fasttrack
  • Zac Weiner: First Aid Training
  • Frank Waters:
  • Andre: Commander fixups
Jennifer moved these projects be accepted, Brian seconded, passed unanimously.


Michael moved to adjourn, Rob seconded, passed unanimously.  Meeting adjourned 6:35 pm.