All Meeting Minutes

2009-06-14 - Excom

Excomm Members Present:
Heidi Kearsly, Vice Commodore
Mark Brody, 1st Vice Commodore
Rob Miller, 2nd Vice Commodore
Jennifer Kroon, Secretary
Michael Scalet, Port Captain

Club Members Present:
Ginger Hirschman
Bobby Arthurs
Dieter Best

Office Reports:
No Officer reports were made at this meeting.

Senior Projects

Senior Projects:

  • Jennifer Johnson will coordinate the Berkeley Girlz Windsurfing clinics.  Heidi moved, Rob seconded, passed unanimously.
  • Tyler Elliot has done numerous hours as the membership chair.  Heidi moved, Rob seconded, passed unanimously.
  • Javier has done numerous hours of teaching windsurfing and he coordinated and taught a waterstart clinic.  Rob moved, Jennifer seconded, passed unanimously
  • Dieter Best is helping prepare Donald for painting.  Michael moved, Mark seconded, passed unanimously.

Rob moved that we adjourn, Michael seconded.  4 yes, 1 abstention.