All Meeting Minutes

2009-07-12 - Excom


Excomm Members Present:
Heidi Kearsley, Vice Commodore
Mark Brody, 1st Vice Commodore
Rob Miller, 2nd Vice Commodore
Michael Scalet, Port Captain
Peter Kuhn, Treasurer


Club Members Present:
Matthias Roschke
Madrone Jack
Malu Lujan

Meeting called to order 5:12 p.m.
Officer Reports:

Treasurer's Report

The State just sent us a real check, not a warrant, for the first $12,258 of our $39,650 equipment grant, and the next reimbursement request will go in asap for another $25,000 for the 2 Bahias, sails, and PFD's we bought, leaving only 3 beginner windsurf boards to be bought for the grant.  Big thanks to all of you who have been holding onto your own reimbursement requests while we paid our vendors, you can now send those receipts in to me.

As of 7/12/09 we have $9,407 in the main accounts, down $27,557 from the last Treas report 5/17 /09 when we had $39,963.  We also have $18 in the CSC Xtras account.

Our income in the last eight weeks:

Regular memberships $33,989.98
DBW grant reimbursement: 9 beginner ws boards, 13 ws sails $12,258.72
Windsurf Locker Associate Memberships (thanks Isabella!) $2,800.00
UC workstudy reimbursement $2,412.38
OH BBQ donations 5/16, 6/22, 7/4 (thanks!) $157.00
Donations (thanks!) $94.52
Wetsuit, foulies, booklets $68.00
YRA Racing Associate memberships $0.00
Total: $51,780.60

Our expenses in the last eight weeks:
Windsurf--6 new beginner boards, 13 beginner sails (DBW reimbursed), 10 J boards, 2 J+, 1 Sr board , 12 sails 6.0 to 7.5 sq m., sail repair tape, 20 boom shims for skinny masts (thanks Rob, Sofy, Kev, Gary, et al!) $27,709.41
Dinghies-- 2 Bahias, 5 sets Bahia main & jib (DBW to reimburse), 2 Bahia masts, mast floats, paddles, line, cleats, shroud adjusters, glue, shock cord, dolly brackets, cable and swedges, anchor shackles, sail repair tape, grommets $24,019.79
Dayleader wages and taxes $5,825.19
Safety equipment--80 new red PFD's (DBW to reimburse) (thanks Saul!) $3,914.85
Parties, OH BBQ's, 5/27 General membership meeting (food and rental) $3,352.59
Lease payments (includes 2007& 8 hoist maintenance fees) $2,878.07
Sales tax--DBW items (DBW reimbursed) and other wholesale purchases w/o sales tax $2,606.00
Clubhouse--materials for new sail rack (thanks Bobby!), DSL fees, portapottie, dump fee, keys for windsurf rental locker, bamboo fence cover, safety strips for clubhouse steps $1,891.77
Keelboats--hull cleaning, haulout supplies (thanks Bobby et al!), jibsheet line, cabin lights (thanks Sheldon!) $1,662.23
Teaching expenses--Fasttrack, seminar, and Sat am dinghy and windsurf lesson snax $1,604.58
Accident--ambulance cost $1,395.39
Bank--credit card processing fees, stop payment fees on lost checks, bounce charge $810.22
Skiff and engine parts, gas $762.73
Insurance--workers comp quarterly premium $501.00
Wetsuits and foulies for sale to members (thanks Madrone, Jane, Jkroon!) $307.50
Office supplies--stamps for Treas, lesson credit slips $95.83
Total: $79,337.15

Thanks so much to everyone for getting us the stuff we need!

Other Officer Reports: Mark Brody said everything sorta works.


Approve Expenditures: Rob Miller moved to approve all the expenditures listed in the Treasurer's report for the last eight weeks, Michael Scalet seconded, passed unanimously.

Full Moon Sail: Heidi Kearsley moved to have a full moon sail, slumber party, and prom, Rob Miller seconded, passed unanimously.

Senior Project: Rob Miller moved to approve the Women's Sailing Clinic as Senior Project for Carla Co and Bria Morgan, Mark Brody seconded, passed unanimously.

Jr. Skipper single-handing restriction: Michael Scalet moved to prohibit Jr. Skippers from sailing boats alone in wind over 10 knots, Rob Miller seconded, passed  3-1-1.

Dinghy dolly sale: Michael Scalet moved to sell up to 4 of the dinghy dollies, Rob Miller seconded, passed unanimously.

Slow Track: Heidi Kearsley moved to have a slow track strip-tease wet suit demo, $900 budget, Peter Kuhn seconded, passed unanimously.

Guesting Privileges: Peter Kuhn moved to allow Matthias Roschke to supervise non-club members using club windsurfing gear, Rob Miller seconded, passed unanimously.

Adjourn: Peter Kuhn moved to adjourn, Mark Brody seconded, passed unanimously, meeting adjourned 5:16 p.m.