All Meeting Minutes

2009-08-09 - ExCom

Excomm Members Present:
Heidi Kearsley, Vice Commodore
Mark Brody, 1st Vice Commodore
Rob Miller, 2nd Vice Commodore
Edward Anelli, co-3rd Vice Commodore
Michael Scalet, Port Captain
Peter Kuhn, Treasurer

Club Members Present:
Clayton Seward
Scruffy and Clyde

Meeting called to order 5:52 pm

Officer Reports:

Treasurer's Report

As of  8/9/09 we have $10,841  in the main accounts, up $1,434 from the last Treas report 7/12/09 when we had $9,407.  We also have $18 in the CSC Xtras account.

Our income in the last four weeks

Regular memberships $15,629.69
UC workstudy reimbursement $2,193.05
Windsurf Locker Associate Memberships (thanks Isabella!) $210.00
Wetsuit, foulies, booklets $60.00
Donations (thanks!), interest $45.73
Total: $18,138.47

Our expenses:

Dayleader wages and taxes $3,560.31
Keelboats--Donald haulout fees, bottom cleaning, haulout supplies, line, screws $2,624.27
Clubhouse--materials for new racks (thanks Bobby, Stephan, Steven), DSL fees, portapottie, dumpster, dump fees, ship BBQ parts, BBQ regulator, keys, food for workparty 6/19/09 $2,589.71
Windsurf--mast bases, universals, downhaul line, tape (Chinook), uphauls, harness lines (Dakine), wetsuit cement, spray paint, cling wrap $1,664.92
food for BBQ's/pizza/parties (windsurf gurlz nites, pancake bfast, pie party, BBQ, OH) cruise dock fees Angel I 7/19/09, thankyou cruise Donald haulout $1,509.71
Teaching expenses--Fasttrack, seminar, and Sat am dinghy and windsurf lesson snax & BBQ's $1,031.45
Dinghies--hiking sticks, boom end, line, cleats, cotter rings, carabiners $837.17
Taxes--ppty taxes on boats, land/buildings, filing fee $673.42
Insurance--workers comp deposit premium $510.00
City rent payment $485.10
Bank--credit card processing fees, stop payment fees on lost checks, bounce charge $366.17
Accident--copay medical expenses $321.97
Office supplies--printer toner cartridges (2), binders for rating cards (thanks Karen!) $190.68
Skiff engine parts, gas $187.91
Safety equipment--sunscreen, cocoa, cider $151.37
Total: $16,704.16

Thanks so much to everyone for getting us the stuff we need!


Approve Expenditures: Rob Miller moved to approve all the expenditures listed in the Treasurer's report for the last eight weeks, Michael Scalet seconded, passed unanimously.

Senior Projects: Rob Miller moved to approve the following Senior Windsurfer projects:

Stephan Walter, Steven Hadler, and Micah Schwartz:  Windsurf container rack replacement and redesign

Mara McMillan: Sat am teaching, water-start clinic and a harness/footstrap clinic

Michael Scalet seconded, passed unanimously.

Dinghy Maintenance: Mark Brody moved to spend up to $10,000, as funds become available, on parts and supplies to maintain the dinghy fleet.  Peter Kuhn seconded, passed unanimously.

Heidi Kearsley moved to adjourn, Rob Miller seconded, passed unanimously.  Meeting adjourned 5:59 pm.