All Meeting Minutes

2009-08-23 - General


Vice Commodore Heidi Kearsley brought the meeting to order at 1:12:23 pm and adjourned it at 1:12:25 pm since there were no items on the agenda other than food.  Food included salad, burgers, dogs, and quesadillas.


Written Officers Reports

Allan Champion (Commodore)

I’d like to give a shoutout to all the teachers and students, because this club is more about teaching and learning than anything else, and to all the fixers and cleaners who keep this place going. I’ll let you in on a clean little secret.  In the last three years club revenues have gone up by more than 60% not counting grant money (which has also been wonderful) and we have a good chance to break $200k in revenue this year, again not counting grants.  How can this be in a club whose dues are so ridiculously low?  We’ve continually set records by attracting more members with our new toys, better service, programs and nonstop party.  What all this means is that you can expect even icier cool toys, more parties, more friends and more fun.  I would like to salute those hard working, imaginative, “yes we can” progressives in the club who’ve gotten us here (I've done very little) and implore each of you to ask yourself, “How can I increase the happy fun for everybody?”  Oh yeah, and go get that rating already!

Heidi Kearsley (Vice Commodore)

This summer has been a blast at CSC, we have a ton of new faces windsurfing and sailing. Our Introductory Sails at our Open Houses have had lines of people wrapping around the Marina and down the block. Our Saturday morning lessons, both windsurfing and sailing bring in new memberships every week. Berkeley Gurlz and the women's fast track have encouraged some great women sailors and windsurfers. Membership is at an all time high which means we have more money to spend on great equipment and most importantly we can have more parties!!! like PROM!! Get to know some of the new folks! Enjoy our club, teaching, fixing, being on the water, chilling out or shooting the breeze on the bench at CSC.

Mark Brody (1st Vice Commodore)

Our dinghy fleet is in pretty good shape thanks to the countless CSC members who have logged and reported problems, volunteered to do repairs, taught others (especially me) how to fix well-understood problems and experimented with solutions to new ones.  I'd especially like to thank Michael Scalet, Bobby Arthurs, John Mankey, Carl Caven, Alistair Boettiger, Dave Schwerin, Frank Waters, Oleg, Stefan, Nick and Kim Nguyen for their help.

Rob Miller (2nd Vice Commodore)

What I did on my summer vacation -rob_launching

Really, to get the whole story, one must look back on those nice windy days of spring.  The water was cold, the wind was strong and we windsurfed.  Sometimes we even had to walk through lots of mud to get out to the wind, but still we windsurfed.   Then came summer and summer vacation.  We windsurfed every day.  New boards arrived, and we sailed them.  New board racks were built and the windsurf container reorganized. More people got windsurfer ratings.  Week-in and week-out lots of people took windsurfing lessons from lots of instructors.  We learned about the tricks and traps of doing freestyle windsurfing from Wyatt Miller and Andy Brandt.  Then there were the Gurlz.  Even boyz had to get dressed (literally) to partake of the festivities at the Berkeley Gurlz Windsurfing Klynixs.  And yes, we windsurfed every day.

Edward Anelli (3rd Vice Commodore)

edward_is_popeyeAll (6) keelboats float, (5) are in service, and we are 1.5 -2 colors away from celebrating Gay pride on J-Dock, thanks to Bobby Arthurs, the ever-present Skittles and some dude name Dieter.

Jennifer Kroon (co-Rear Commodore)

I jennifer_snorkellingam easing into co-rear commodore with a fastrack!  Also look for a few "How to teach/Coordinate Lessons" seminars.  As soon as JY racing ends, we will also have another senior study group.  If you would like to participate in the fall senior study group, please start teaching Saturday, Monday and Thursday lessons in preparation. Gotta teach in order to participate!
Big Thanks to Virginia Luchetti and her fabulous Saturday morning crew for keeping the Saturday morning lessons running efficiently!  Big thanks also, to those of you showing up to teach on Mondays and Thursdays as well!  If you would like to learn how to help Virginia or to become a Monday or Thursday coordinator, please email Aaron and me at

Michael Scalet, Port Captain

We've been lucky to have a great group of student dayleaders, who are enthusiastic about the club, and have done a fantastic job of keeping the club running smoothly. I also want to thank all the volunteer dayleaders, and everyone who's helped out our regular student dayleaders, for helping keep the club open for Novice and Junior sailing and windsurfing.

Noah Salzman, Secretary

(He's in Tahoe, so you're just gonna have to wait.)

Peter Kuhn, Treasurer

If anyone's tired and needs a nap, the Quarterly Statement of Financial Condition appears below.   Nighty-night!

Quarterly Statement of Financial Condition August 1 2009

As of August 1st we had $12,920 in the bank, down $24,712 from May 1st when we had $37,632.  Thanks to the new website signup, income is well ahead of projections, and thanks to all the elves, we have plenty of new stuff and tons of happy memories.


Income last three months:


Regular and 1 YRA memberships


Cal Boating (DBW) equipment grant ($27k more to come)


Windsurf locker memberships (thanks Isabella!)


UC Workstudy reimbursement


Sale two busted Lasers & wetsuits & booklets, donation, interest


Total Income

Spending last three months:


Windsurfing fleet--25 new boards and sails, booms, masts, etc. (includes $12k already reimbursed by DBW)


Dinghy fleet-2 Bahias, 5 sets sails, 2 masts, sail covers, paddles, blocks, cleats, line, etc. (includes $20k to be reimbursed by DBW)


Dayleader wages and taxes


Open House BBQ's, General Membership meetings, social events


PFDs, sunscreen, flares, radio (includes $3.5k to be reimbursed by DBW)


Keelboat fleet--Pomodoro rigging, Merit bottom paint, 2 jibs, hull cleaning, wiring, line, etc.


Clubhouse/Yard--materials windsurf board and sail rack and JY platform, portapottie, DSL, garbage, dump fees, fence cover, etc.


City of Berkeley--license fee for space, 07 and 08 hoist maintenance fee


Use tax on wholesale purchases, sales tax, DMV registration, property tax


Seminars, clinics, fast track pizza/BBQ's, Sat am lesson snax


Accident expense (ambulance, medical co-pays)


Rescue skiffs--engine parts, steering cables, gas


Credit card processing, bank fees


Insurance--quarterly workers comp premium


Copying, paper, stamps


Total Spending


Big thanks to everyone who worked hard for the club!