All Meeting Minutes

2009-09-06 - ExCom

Excomm Members Present:
Heidi Kearsley, Vice Commodore

Rob Miller, 2nd Vice Commodore

Michael Scalet, Port Captain

Jennifer Kroon, co-Rear Commodore

Peter Kuhn, Treasurer

Meeting called to order 6:46 pm

Officer Reports:

Treasurer's Report

We have $12,966 in the main accounts, up $2,125 from our last meeting 8/9/09 when we had $10,841. We also have $18 in the CSC Xtras account.

Income in the last four weeks:

Regular memberships $13,924.00

UC workstudy reimbursement $483.27

Trailer sale (thanks Michael and Ellen) $250.00

Donations--BBQ, escrip, extra $1 on $69 memberships $167.97

interest $1.50

Total: $14,826.74

Spending in the last four weeks:

Dayleader wages and taxes $4,393.60

Dinghies--anchors, rivets, cotter pins, clevis rings, JY rudder, JY hiking straps, JY mast parts, spool 6 mm line, carabiners, racing marks and paint, cleats, boom bails, fasteners (thanks Mark $1,621.73

Clubhouse--materials for lockers and windsurf container racks (thanks Bobby, Micah, Stephan, Steven, Michael, and the artists who painted the lockers), DSL fees, portapottie, dump fees, locks for windsurf rental containers $1,331.71

Windsurf--(2) 310 cm masts (3) 3.3 Ripper rigs, glue and gloves $1,263.99

Pizza/BBQfood/bagels for clinics, seminars, lessons (thanks JJ, Heidi, Virginia, Carla, Bria, Aaron, Veljko, Adam, and all the belles of the Windsurf Gurlz Klinikz) $1,039.98

OH BBQ's 8/16 8/30 (thanks Anton, Mikhail, Paul, all the Germans, ex-Germans, JP & mom and dad, and all the rest of the BBQ crew) $861.62

Skiff steering cables, engine parts, gas $588.21

Keelboats--bottom cleaning 9/1/09, extension cord, spare line clips, cable clamps, shackles, lanyard, fasteners $486.37

City rent payment $485.10

Bank--credit card processing fees $348.03

General Membership Meeting 8/23/09 $236.50

Office supplies--markers, poster board, paper $45.52

Total: $12,702.36

We should be getting a $24,675.75 check from DBW shortly as reimbursement for the last 2 Bahias, 80 PFD's, and 5 Bahia mains. We also should be getting the title to the 2 Hunters to sell, to use the proceeds for more sails (or other equipment) for use in teaching boating safety classes under our DBW equipment grant.

Muchos gracias y nachos tambien to everyone who's been getting stuff and working hard for the club.



Approve Expenditures: Rob Miller moved to approve all the expenditures listed in the Treasurer's report for the last four weeks, Jennifer Kroon seconded, passed unanimously.

Senior Projects: Peter Kuhn moved to approve the following Senior Skipper projects:

Steven Fleer:  Bahia gennaker pole modifications

Piero Verro: Teaching

Rob Miller seconded, passed unanimously.

Sale Hunter 146's: Jennifer Kroon moved to sell the club's two Hunter 146's and use the proceeds to buy sails and other equipment for use in our boating safety education program.  The boats were purchased with an equipment grant from DBW, but have proved unsuitable for beginners in our conditions--they sit too far forward going downwind in strong wind, resulting in frequent broach capsizes that damage and frequently break the masts.  Peter Kuhn seconded, passed unanimously.

Purchase Merit 25: Michael Scalet moved to purchase a used Merit 25 for $4,000 to replace one of the club's Ensigns.  Peter Kuhn suggested that the Ensign be donated to a new sailing club to be established in Richmond, if the City of Richmond is willing to provide support for it, since Cal Sailing Club may need to move in the future as Berkeley has no plans to dredge the South Sailing Basin.  Jennifer Kroon seconded, passed unanimously.

Lease Ultimatum Response:  The City lease specialist has given CSC until 9/8/09 to choose one of four options, which Peter Kuhn characterized as "more rent, still more rent, even still more rent, or spin the bottle."  The last (RFP) option involves parameters yet to be determined, and the City does not have a framework that values community service based on the quantity provided, just whether the type of service fits the City's acceptable categories; the only quantitative measure is for rent and value added to the City's capital assets.  The three options with fixed rent also involve capital improvements to the property, and provide a term of only five years.  Peter Kuhn moved to tell the City lease specialist that the club's least disliked of the four options given is the one  involving the least amount of rent, and to propose the following capital improvements to be completed over the next five years:

repave or carpet boat storage area and entrance way in yard
replace fencing (approx 100 ft fence in need of replacement)
landscaping on south facing planters (approx 50 ft of planters
between fence and walkway)
extend electrical service into yard: (approx 75 ft of conduit
and outlets)
install potable water line and faucet (contingent on City extending service
from Adventure Playground, club would install approx 150 ft of underground line)

Peter Kuhn also moved to propose donating a new hoist to the City in lieu of paying $1500 a year for five years in hoist maintenance fees.   The west hoist is over 30 years old, and the City pays its hoist maintenance contractor $96 an hour for maintenance.  CSC paid the City $2100 towards the cost of maintenance in 2007, largely due to breakage of the pendant switch, which was replaced with a box mounted control switch.  The hoist is severely rusted.  A replacement for the west hoist would cost less than $4,000, not including installation, and the club donating a new hoist to the City could save hundreds of hours of staff time.

Allan Champion will be asking the Waterfront Commission to recommend a lower rent and a longer term.

Jennifer Kroon seconded, passed unanimously.

Dinghy/Keelboat Overnight Cruise to Angel Island for Fleet Week: Jennifer Kroon moved for a 6 JY15 plus keelboat(s) cruise to Angel Island for two days of camping during Fleet Week, as follows:

"I move that I be allowed to do a 3 day/2 night dinghy and keelboat cruise with Bay Access to Angel Island during fleet week.  The cruise would depart Friday, return Sunday, with a Saturday cruise from AI to the golden gate bridge and back.  Because the cruise will happen during regularly schedule lessons, we would use 6 JYs, leaving all other dinghies available for lessons and regular use.  In order to participate on the dinghy part of the cruise, you must be a senior and have a radio on your person.  Every dinghy will have a cruising kit.

"The dinghies will be required to stay together, and to stay within 1/2 a mile and visibility of one of the club keelboats at all time.

"We will transport all camping gear on the keelboats and will be allowed to leave the keelboats at the docks in Ayala Cove overnight. Each cruise participant will be expected to pay $30 for the Bay Access fee and $40 for food.  Keelboat skippers will be exempt from  having to pay."

Peter Kuhn seconded, passed unanimously.

Heidi Kearsley moved to adjourn, Rob Miller seconded, passed unanimously.  Meeting adjourned 6:49 pm.