All Meeting Minutes

2009-10-11 - ExCom

Excomm Members Present:

Rob Miller, 2nd Vice Commodore

Edward Anelli, 3rd Vice Commodore

Aaron Guttierez, co-Rear Commodore

Noah Salzman, Secretary

Peter Kuhn, Treasurer

Meeting called to order 6:32 pm

Officer Reports:

Treasurer's Report

We have $38,386 in the main accounts, up $25,420 from our last meeting 9/6/09 when we had $12,966. We also have $18 in the CSC Xtras account.

Income in the last five weeks:


DBW reimbursement $24,675.75
Regular memberships $14,471.00
UC workstudy reimbursement $4,004.94
Donations, interest, booklets $34.14
Total: $43,185.83
Spending in the last five weeks:
Dayleader wages and taxes $5,047.56
Keelboats--Merit 25 Dr Who haulout & survey & purchase, Commander rudder head $4,794.00
Windsurf--(2) Kailua beginner boards, gloves solvent brushes knives respirator coveralls sealant $2,079.61
Food for teaching & social activities: Sat am bagels Aug-Sept, Sat lesson BBQs 9/5 9/19 9/26, July/Aug Fasttrack party food, teaching BBQ 8/15, windsurf gurlz seminar 8/25, Sun pm BBQ 9/25 10/4, racing BBQ's 9/10 9/24 $1,596.75
Dinghies--(2) P15 mainsails, JY shrouds, P15 forestay, Bahia rudder pin stock, rope cutter blades, rivets $1,355.96
Clubhouse--materials for windsurf sail awning (thanks Bradley, Anton), DSL fees, portapottie, gallon of sunscreen, receipt book, 2 log books, 6 rating binders, 1000 green cards, 1000 white cards, 15 racing booklets (thanks Gary!) $887.61
City rent payment $485.10
Skiff sling, engine parts, gas $482.23
Bank--credit card processing fees $419.85
Tax form filing fees, register JY15 $321.00
OH BBQ 9/27 $296.03
Total: $17,765.70


Approve Expenditures: Rob Miller moved to approve all the expenditures listed in the Treasurer's report for the last four weeks, Peter Kuhn seconded, passed unanimously.

Senior Projects: Rob Miller moved to approve the following Senior projects:

Jonas Kellner: teaching

Anton Delwig, Bradley Block: windsurf mini sail rack awning

Saba Fazeli: teaching

Geoff Wycoff: padding noses of windsurfing boards

Clayton Seward: designing two windsurfing T shirts

Peter Kuhn seconded, passed unanimously.

Cruising Rating: Rob Miller moved to approve Sean Seward's cruising rating, Peter Kuhn seconded, approved unanimously.

Sale Ensign Dewey: Peter Kuhn moved to sell the club's Pearson Ensign "Dewey", Rob Miller seconded, passed unanimously.  (Dewey was sold for $500 after being advertised on craigslist and the club announcement list.)

Peter Kuhn moved to adjourn, Rob Miller seconded, passed unanimously.  Meeting adjourned 6:32:30 pm.