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2009-11-23 - General

GMM Meeting Minutes, BYC, 22 Nov 2009, 6:00 PM

Roughly 50 CSCers in attendance.

Rebecca gave a heart warming memorial for the James Wai who died in March of this year.

The following elections had only a single nominee for each position and were approved overwhelmingly (in each case there were two or three Nay's versus dozens of Aye's):
Allan Champion, Commodore
Heidi Kearsley, Vice-Commodore
Michael Scalet, Port Captain
Mark Brody, 1st Vice
Rob Miller, 2nd Vice
Edward Anelli, 3rd Vice
Noah Salzman, Secretary
The election for Treasurer had two nominees: Jacqueline Philpott and Peter Kuhn. The vote was 16 for Jacqueline and 20 for Peter.

The election for Rear Commodore was contested between Todd Price (who was nominated but not present at the meeting) and a joint slate of Jennifer Kroon and Aaron Gutierrez. Todd received two votes and "Jennifer/Aaron" combo received in excess of 20 votes.


Dues Motion -- passed 35 to 15 after a twenty minute discussion.

Effective 1 Jan 2010,
• regular quarterly memberships will be $75,
• senior and student memberships will be $70,
• family memberships will be $100 for family members that sign up at the same time,
• regular annual memberships will be $225 (with no senior or student discount).

Wind surf locker memberships will remain $280 per year.

Racing associate memberships will be eliminated.

Membership dues for minors will be the same as a regular membership, with a $69 discount on quarterly memberships if they agree to teach on four Saturdays per quarter. In addition to the same responsibilities as regular members, minors and parents of minors will be informed that CSC does not provide childcare nor provide any special treatment for minors including screening them from exposure to adult situations.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30.